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At Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy, music is so important. We often use it as an enhancer to aid our driver. Music is celebrated throughout school in our immersive displays, assemblies, choir and musical performances.    

In FS the children begin by learning simple songs, rhythms, and instruments. This is further developed throughout school until Y6 were the children learn to sing in harmony, ensembles and play a range of musical devices. Playing an instrument is a key part of our musical curriculum, therefore, years One to Six are taught the ukulele. We have an external provider come in to do this, helping to enhance teacher subject knowledge further.  

In order to prepare the children of BFHA for the wider world, our Music curriculum exposes the children to a broad range of genres allowing the children the opportunities to develop an appreciation for different music. The use of Charanga aids us in doing this, as it provides us with an extensive range of music and genres. The musicians that our children learn about represent a range of protected characteristics, ensuring that our children are exposed to and are learning to build respect and tolerance for people from a range of different backgrounds. This will equip them with knowledge and understanding to support them in becoming citizens prepared for the wider world.