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Our enquiry-based approach takes children on a journey of memorable learning through rich and purposeful experiences, culminating in authentic outcomes which leave a legacy on the wider world. Our curriculum ensures we are teaching for long-term memory. Our key purpose is for our children to know more and remember more.

Fluency in the core subjects, with reading at the heart, enables access to the full curriculum and is therefore integral to our approach. The curriculum is carefully designed through the subject drivers of History, Geography and Creative Arts.  These projects ensure coverageprogression and retention of transferrable knowledge and skills by linking to prior knowledge and building on these solid foundations to accumulate more.

It aims to provide inclusive and aspirational environments where learners thrive and build the cultural-capital they need to make aspirational choices about their own future, overcoming any barriers.

In order to achieve this our curriculum is underpinned by our Trust principles:

A curriculum that is:

  • Relevant and current
  • Empowers children 
  • Promotes character and heart 
  • Memorable
  • Provides Opportunities 

Each enquiry lasts roughly 10 weeks and are driven by a subject as outlined below:

Autumn: Explore (Geography)

Spring: Discover (History)

Summer: Imagine (Art)


Bilsthorpe Flying High's curriculum is:

The following acronym of WAVE sums up our curriculum intent and was developed by all staff based on the needs of our local community.

W - Wider world

A - Aspiration

V - Vocabulary rich

E - Enjoyment