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Digital Leaders

Who We Are

We’re the Digital Leaders. We’re a team of Key Stage 2 pupils who are the most skilled, confident and talented users of technology at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy. We all love computing and technology, and our goal is to inspire our classmates and the community.

What We Do

Every week we meet to discuss our latest projects and share ideas. We lead assemblies, organise competitions and visit classes to support our friends and classmates.

We never stop learning, because technology is always changing. Because of this, we attend training to develop and improve our programming skills.

Each summer term we also organise applications and interviews for the next wave of Digital Leaders. Being a Digital Leader is a popular role, and so there is always great interest amongst the rest of the school! We have a very high profile, with important duties in assemblies and computing lessons, and everybody wants to be part of our important group.

Our Aims

  • To support our classmates in computing lessons and assemblies.
  • To be technological role models for our classmates.
  • To represent our school in the IT community.
  • To help make our school the leading school in computing.
  • To promote the importance of e-safety and help our classmates to understand what this means and how they can keep safe.

Future Projects

We have lots of projects and ideas for the future. Here are just a few:

  • A Digital Bilsthorpe - We plan to use a 3D design model to recreate our school in 3D, allowing visitors to tour our school building without ever leaving their armchair!
  • Online Safety - As part of raising awareness of online safety, we aim to run assemblies and competitions.
  • Coding in Industry - We plan to visit software developers, universities and/or secondary schools in our local cities to find out how we can prepare for a career in programming and technology.