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Year 6

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PE days will be on Thursdays and Fridays.  We will be swimming for the first half term on a Friday at Southwell so don't forget your swimwear.



Homework Celebration will be on a Friday this half term so don't forget to bring your Homework book- one piece is expected each week. 


Reading diaries will also be checked on a Monday and at least 3 signatures will be expected.  It is also important that you discuss what you have read with an adult and ask for words to be clarified if you do not know the meaning.  Please share any new vocabulary you have learnt with the class.


Spellings should be learnt each week ready for a test on Fridays- 5 words a week will be given but the test will also include words with a similar spelling pattern as well as some from the statutory spelling list in the reading diary.


Times tables need to be learnt up to 12 x 12 so practise, practise, practise!





SATs Parents' Meeting







This question is a Science based topic.

In Art and Design we will be designing T-shirts modelling the human circulatory system.   Your child will require a white T-shirt for this activity please.

In Science we will be learning about the human circulatory system, light, gravity and air resistance. We will also classify living things dependent on their characteristics.

In Design Technology we will be learning about diet and will be preparing some snacks to share with you at our final outcome.

In Computing we will continue to improve our coding skills. The children will also have a brief introduction to stocks and shares- investing in chosen companies and deciding whether to sell the shares and invest elsewhere during the unit of work. At the end of the topic, all the children will sell their shares to see what the total value is. We will use Halifax Fantasy Trader for this.


Useful websites:

Circulatory System

Living Things

Light and the Human Eye

Fantasy Stock Exchange

Maths Investigations

w/b 17th July

Wow!  What a week: afternoon tea on Monday, Darwin Rocks performances on Thursday and a Wheelgate Trip on Friday.  A huge thank you to the PTA for organising a tea party for us on Monday.  Everyone loved the amazing home-made food- a selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls, cheese straws, lots of cakes and scones with jam and squirty cream.  




w/b 10th July

On Thursday we had our final outcome with parents- a quiz linked to our topic along with pizza and cheese straw snacks that we had made in the morning.  They were delicious and we had a great afternoon taking part in the pub quiz with the adults that joined us. 

Thank you to everyone that came :)






w/b 3rd July

This week has been transition week.  Those children going to Dukeries were lucky enough to spend the full week at their new school.  Everyone is really excited about starting their new learning adventures in September.  Well done to everyone for their brilliant SATs results- you should all be extremely proud of what you have achieved and how much progress you have made.


w/b 26th June

In maths this week, we completed a range of activities involving reasoning and problem solving.  One of our favourite lessons was logical reasoning where we had to use clues to decide what activities were done, on what day, at what time and with who.  We learnt that not all clues are helpful and sometimes, the most important clue is at the end so it's important to read all the information carefully.




w/b 19th June

We enjoyed a talk from a bee keeper on Wednesday this week after discovering a bee's nest in the quad.  It was a really informative session and we were able to see all the equipment as well as taste some honey if we wanted to.







w/b 12th June

In maths this week we set up our own sports shop and had to decide what to stock, how much to sell the items for and how much profit we made.  To calculate the overall profit, we needed to take into consideration rent, bills and staffing costs too.  It was great fun! 

We have also started rehearsals for our end of year performance of 'Darwin Rocks.'


w/b 5th June

We have been busy learning the songs for our production this week.  There's some really fun, catchy songs that we are having great fun singing.  Some of the songs involve solo parts too.  In English, we wrote and typed up some letters to pupils in year 5 informing them about what year 6 will be like next year.




w/b 22nd May

We have done some AMAZING story writing this week based on the film clip from 'Titanium.'  We have focused on using a range of punctuation and vocabulary as well as making sure the writing has a good flow.  Louie recieved the achievement certificate for his work- look at the huge improvement from January to now...

                             January:                                                           May:



w/b 15th May

We have been busy auditioning for parts in the end of year show “Darwin Rocks” this week. It is the sequel to last year’s performance of “Shakespeare Rocks” so it is definitely going to be a good one! The songs sound great and there are a number of scenes full of good humour so I am sure that we will all have lots of fun performing it.


w/b 8th May

Year 6 have completed their SATs this week and we are so proud of every single child. The perseverance and determination to do their very best during the week has been incredible to see. They have all arrived bright and early each morning to enjoy their delicious breakfast (thank you Mrs Butt for going shopping for us!) There were lots of smiles and there were even a number of children that seemed to really enjoy the week! 

Well done year 6, you are all amazing and did yourselves proud.


Here are some pictures of our SPAG graffiti revision session on Monday afternoon:




w/b 1st May

To give us all some light relief from revision, we have been enjoying the lovely weather and played a couple of games of bucket rounders on the school field.  We also created some mathematical themed art work involving digital roots. 

Year 6 have worked so incredibly hard over the last few months and are now ready to show off what they can do next week. 



w/b 24th April

There are only a few days left before our special week so we have been revising hard this week.  We are all really proud of our learning and the progress that we have made.  Here are some pictures of us taking part in a grammar treasure hunt in the quad:







w/b 17th April

We have been doing lots of reading and maths revision this week.  In Maths we played a fun game in the hall as part of our revision where we had to work in teams of 4 to answer all of the questions before the other teams.  We were only allowed to run and get the next question once we had answered the previous question correctly.  It was great fun and there was a brilliant buzz in the room!




This question is a Geography and Science based topic.

In Art and Design we will be designing and making an earthquake proof structure.

In Geography we will be locating countries and continents, learning about longitude and latitude, the eight points of the compass and grid references. We will also learn about the impact of earthquakes both on the landscape and on humans.

In Science we will be doing some more work on electricity by creating a warning siren or light. We will also investigate levers for moving rubble after an earthquake.

In Computing we will be learning how to code and will begin some work using the computer language of Python.


Useful websites:


Interesting Facts

Earthquake related games


w/b 27th March

Our favourite day this week was certainly Wednesday afternoon when we invited parents in for our final outcome.  We all had great fun trying to create the largest earthquake proof structure in jelly using marshmallows and cocktail sticks.  It was great to see so many different designs and ideas- everyone worked well as a team so well done to everyone!  Huge thanks to all of the parents too that joined us.






w/b 20th March

We've had yet another fun week this week.  The Maths revision on fractions, decimals and percentages has gone really well and we have also been improving our reading comprehension skills.  We really enjoyed playing some Maths games with our parents on Friday afternoon.  We played a dice game and completed some number maze challenges.  It was great to see so many parents- thanks everyone for coming!




w/b 13th March

This week was Science week.  We really enjoyed the gummy bear challenge: we worked in groups to see if we could grow the biggest gummy bear.  Each group changed one thing to ensure the investigation was a fair test: type of liquid, amount of liquid, position and colour of the gummy bear.  We really enjoyed watching the bears grow over the week.


w/b 6th March

In our topic work this week, we learnt about plate tectonics and can explain how volcanoes, valleys and earthquakes form.  In Maths, we now feel much more confident with transformations and we've learnt how to reflect and translate complex shapes.  We have begun writing a balanced argument in response to Mr Wheatley's (pretend) letter about Saturday morning school.


w/b 27th February

The highlight this week was World Book Day on Thursday.  Everyone dressed up as book characters and spent the day in different classrooms.  Each classroom was transformed into the setting of a book:

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Traction Man

The Way Back Home

The Gruffalo

Where the Wild things are

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone



w/b 20th February

We received a (pretend) letter from Notts County Council this week stating that they were due to buy the school field to build a Tesco.  Our task has been to write a persuasive letter- we started planning it this week and are looking forward to writing it next week.  Even though we now know it is not real, it made us engaged and enthusiastic about our writing!  As part of our topic work on natural disasters, we watched a film clip showing people experiencing an earthquake.  This stimulus was then used to write a diary entry as if we were one of those people. 


w/b 6th February

On Tuesday we took part in the e-safety day.  We started by considering whether cyber bullying is more serious than other forms of bullying and what makes it different. We had a class debate. Through the debate, we decided that cyberbullying is different because it can occur 24/7 and invade home/personal space, the audience can be very large and be reached rapidly, people who cyberbully can attempt to remain anonymous and some cyberbullying is unintentional (eg. meant as a joke). 

Then we discussed the terms ‘bully’, ‘bystander’ and ‘accessory to bully’ before watching a film clip. Whilst watching the clip, we had to identify what role the different people played in the bullying incident.

After that, we watched some interviews with the different characters and split up into teams. Each team focused on a different character from the film and had to consider a range of questions. One person from each team was then chosen to be hot seated.




w/b 30th January

On Friday we all dressed up in our PJs and enjoyed 'snuggle up with a book' in the school hall.  Quite a few members of our family came to share a book with us in the hall which was great.  We've learnt about circles and how to find the mean in Maths and have begun a unit on poetry in English.



w/b 23rd January

This week was British Values Week- we started the week considering what it means to be British. We sang the National Anthem and thought about how we would feel if we had to pledge allegiance to our country every day like they do in America.


We were given some statements and had to sort them into whether we feel they absolutely make us British, undecided or definitely don’t make us British. Some examples are:

You should know the National Anthem

You eat English breakfast

You wear clothes that are British

You speak excellent English

You have a British passport

You have a good sense of humour.

Some of these led to interesting discussions in our classroom.


Our focus this week has been on individual liberty which means we have the right to do as we choose as long as we are not breaking the law. However, we also need to consider the responsibilities that we have. We were given some scenarios and had to write how the main character showed individual liberty but hadn’t shown responsibility. We then gave suggestions for how the character could have acted more responsibly.



w/b 16th January

Everyone seems to have enjoyed English this week because we have been writing our very own suspense stories.  Due to us using the learnt text and modelled/shared writing displayed on the working wall, our writing is amazing!  The focus has been on punctuation, particularly brackets, speech and semi-colons.  Our topic work had a Maths focus this week and we learnt about giving directions using the eight points of a compass.




w/b 9th January

On Tuesday, we enjoyed the afternoon which was spent with a specialist music and PE teacher.  We have also been looking at time zones this week in our topic work and calculated what the different times were around the world.  In English, we have learnt our new text 'The Nightmare Man' and have enjoyed doing some drama activities related to it.  We began a new topic on measures in Maths and we have found conversions a challenge! 


w/b 2nd January

It was only a 3 day week this week but we have launched our new topic and began to think where in the world we would like to visit.  We colour coded the places depending on the continent they were in.  Using atlases, we enjoyed creating our own maps and then wrote about the place we most wanted to visit and why.  Hopefully one day, we will be able to vist.





This is a History based topic where we will be considering whether we would rather be a child during the Victorian period, WWII or a present day refugee.   Science work will focus on electricity and pullies, levers and gears.  We will look at the British Empire as part of our Geography work. In Computing, we will be creating an e-book and learning to program.  We will create poppies using different medium in Art.


Useful Websites:




Victorian Britain


Spelling games- scroll to the bottom for more challenging activities

Y6 Primary Games for all subjects

w/b 12th December

We've have a fantastic end to the term this week.  On Wednesday we had our Carol Service at St Margaret's Church- the singing was brilliant so well done everyone!  We then sold our truffles, cards and christmas decorations after school at the Christmas Fair.  The truffles sold really well and were delicious.  On Thursday we invited parents in to see our final outcome.  We have really enjoyed the WWII and Victorian topics and are looking forward to our new topic beginning in the spring term which is all about natural disasters.





w/b 5th December

Staff from the NSPCC visited us this week and delivered a workshop about staying safe and what to do if we ever have any worries.  We learnt about all of the different types of abuse and know to tell a trusted adult if we are worried about anything.




w/b 28th November

This week we started our rehearsals for the Christmas Carol Service.  Mr Reeney from St Margaret's Church came in to play the piano.




w/b 21st November

On Thursday, some pupils from year 6 visited Eversheds (an international law firm) in Nottingham.  The children had a tour of the offices and were in awe of the 1,346 page document that was being printed!  After the tour, everyone was put into teams and worked with volunteers from the company to present a case:

Top Trains vs The Wigglestock Bird watchers or

Mega Movies vs Elmington Estate Residents.

The day was spent gathering evidence and it culminated in the children presenting their case and reaching a compromise with the opposing team.  The children had a fantastic, inspirational day and as a school, we hope to work with the organisers more in the future.





w/b 14th November

We have really enjoyed imiating and innovating a newspaper report this week based on the Highway Man poem.  Thank you to Mrs Jones for the wonderful text map that she made for us to help us learn the text.  We can't wait to write our own version of the newspaper report next week- our focus will be punctuation and connectives.


w/b 7th November

Wow- what a great week we have had at Kingswood!  We did the leap of faith, bouldering, 3G swing, Jacob's ladder, nightline, archery, outdoor laser quest, problem solving, a campfire and disco.  We all had a great time and it even snowed on Wednesday! 

Sorry to all the parents who now have a lot of muddy clothes to wash- it was all worth it!

We came up with these key messages from our experiences:

Believe in yourself

Never give up

Be determined

Push yourself to the limit

Anything is possible











w/b 31st October

In Maths, we have been working really hard on long multiplication and long division and have made great progress with these skills.  Numicon and place value counters helped our understanding.  In English, we have reached the end of the Highwayman poem and it made a few of us a bit tearful but we really enjoyed the poem! 

We are looking forward to using it in our newspaper reports. 


w/b 17th October

The highlight this week was visiting the exhibition at the Holocaust Centre entitled “The Journey.” We followed the life of Leo, who was a 10-year old German Jewish boy growing up in Berlin.  Leo's story unfolded through a series of rooms which represented a six-week period from November-December 1938.  We were able to handle objects within the museum exhibition and listen to recounts from survivors .  We enjoyed viewing real documents, artefacts and watching and listening to testimonies.  In the afternoon, we had an opportunity to listen to the testimony of a Holocaust survivor.


w/b 10th October

We had a special visitor this week- Mrs Laura Hallam came to talk to us about her life as a child during WW2.  We asked lots of interesting questions and really enjoyed hearing about Laura’s memories of air raids and how her family would have to rush out to the air raid shelter in the middle of the night.  She shared her experiences of growing their own food in the back garden and even eating the family chickens when they stopped laying eggs!  We enjoyed looking at some of the artefacts that she brought in...


w/b 3rd October

We appeared in the newspaper this week for our Victorian day!  Have a look at the Nottingham Focus newspaper online.  This week we enjoyed watching some videos about children during the Victorian era.  We compared them to children today. 


w/b 26th September

This week we learnt about the reliability and validiy of different historical sources and linked it to the work we did at the Heritage Museum.  We compared how the same event in different newspapers had been reported from WW2 and decided that primary sources were much more reliable than secondary ones. 


w/b 19th September

The highlight this week was our Victorian Day. The day started with the boys and girls lining up separately for a hand inspection.  In the classroom, the children listened to the National Anthem before completing the register.  Throughout the day, the children learnt about the British Empire, chanted times tables, practised handwriting, recited poems and took part in cooking and washing activities.  The day ended with the Lord's prayer and eating the cakes we had baked.  Everyone had a great day and really got into character.  Well done everyone...and to parents/carers for sourcing the amazing outfits smiley






w/b 12th September

We lauched our topic with a trip to the Bilsthorpe Heritage Museum this week.  We had a great time and really enjoyed looking at all of the different artefacts that they have on display there.  On Friday, we had our first swimming session which went well- everyone got into the water despite some children being nervous so well done to you all!


w/b 5th September

We have all had a great first week back and have been busy preparing work for the display boards in our classroom- they are all looking great!  The highlight of the week was looking at the fabulous homework projects created over the summer holidays.  Here are some examples:





Look back with pride and forward with confidence