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Welcome to Mandela Class

If you want to learn more about who Nelson Mandela is, here are some interesting links:

Times tables!

This year we are having a whole class focus on our times tables. Here are a few great websites for children to use at home:


Year 5


Miss Hodkinson



  • Please ensure reading books and diaries are in every day.
  • Each Thursday, Miss Gregory will be checking our reading chart. Every child that reads at least 4 times will receive a sticker and be entered into a special raffle. Let's set ourselves this target and thrive towards getting that sticker!
  • PE kit must be in school on a Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
  • Homework celebration will be on a Monday.
  • Spelling homework will go home each week. Please practice these everyday. Spelling tests are each Monday. 
  • is a fantastic new website we are using to help with spelling, punctuation and grammar skills at home. The link to this site is
    Please let a member of staff know if you have any problems signing in. 
  • Mathletics is a great way to have fun practicing our Maths skills at home. The link is 
    If you have any issues with using this website, please let a member of staff know. 


Things to report home:

  • Every child has now got a school book with their correct book band to take home. They were all very excited to get reading, please encourage them to read at home. Every Friday, reading diaries will be checked and classes are competing to collect the most reading miles. Let's see how far Mandela class can get!

Our star of the week this week is...

Cayden Auld.



This week Cerys Racher received a certificate for responsibility!

Achievement celebration

  • 16.06.2017 - Well... what can I say about Cerys Racher! Cerys deserves a certificate every week for the effort, enthusiasm and confidence she shows in every single area in school. She is focussed and determined and never gives up. Her certificate this week is for responsibility which involves responsibility for her own learning, the learning of others and responsibility around our school. 
  • 09.06.2017 - Marissa Jefferies stood out this week to both Miss Hodkinson and Mrs Tuck in a guided reading session. She participated fantastically, shared ideas well with the group and involved herself in debates and discussions. She showed confidence in her ideas and work and we were so proud of her!
  • 26.05.2017 - Another person who has been persevering in lessons to improve her handwriting, Chanelle finally recieved her pen licence and we are all so proud of you! She has been working extra hard on remember when to join her letters and her line discipline and now this has become natural in all her writing. Keep it up Chanelle! We are all so proud of you!
  • 19.05.2017 - Each week Alfie Johnson "WOWS" us with his self confidence and determination in our swimming lessons. At the beginning her was nervous around the water and was too afraid to put his face in the water. This week Alfie finally was able to put his face under and retrieve a weight. He came up with a massive, well-deserved grin on his face and everyone cheered! Everyone in Mandela class is so proud of you Alfie, well done!
  • 12.05.2017 - What a fantastic week for Abbie Cooper! Since the beginning of the year, Abbie has been working exceptionally hard to improve her handwriting. She persevered through every handwriting sessions and was self assessing her work at each point. This week all of that hard work finally paid off! She showed off her fantastic work to Mrs Pavier who agreed that she deserved her pen licence. What a fantastic achievement! Well done Abbie we are all proud of you!
  • 05.05.2017 - This week we recognized a member of our class who has made amazing progress since the start of the year, Riley Scott. He has an increased confidence in his understanding in all areas of school life. He always works hard and produces beautiful work. Every member of staff who has worked in our class has recognized this difference and we are so proud of how far you have come!
  • 28.04.2017 - After a tough week we thought the only person to recognize for perseverance was Joseph Watson. Despite a broken toe, Joseph persevered with his learning and was responsible and mature. Whenever he had to move around school he asked others to help him and managed to go outside for some fresh air and sit outside enjoying the sun. We couldn't think of anyone else who deserved to be congratulated this week for such a mature attitude. Well done Joseph!
  • 21.04.2017 - This week in school we began our "Take five" training sessions. Amy Collins in our class volunteered to take the lead and be our minute writer and to be in charge of training in case anyone was away. This shows just how mature and responsible she can be. Amy always shows this in class and around school, we decided it was finally time for her to be recognised and congratulated. Well done Amy!
  • 31.03.2017 - Oliver Monington has been working hard recently to develop his learning and become an independent learner. We have all noticed a huge difference in Oliver recently and he has become a mature and confident learner. His attitude to learning has improved and he has show determination and aspiration in lessons. Well done Oliver!
  • 24.03.2017 - This week Ms Hodkinson, had too much of a hard time choosing just one person. After our amazing trip to the White post farm I decided that the whole class deserved the certificate this week. On our trip all of our class listened to our guide Polly,followed instructions and were positive roll models for our school. I was very proud of everyone's behaviour and responsible attitude. Well done to the whole of Mandela class.
  • 24.02.2017 - What a fantastic week for Ben! Since starting our new system of handwriting, Year 5 have seen some dramatic improvements. The biggest improvement has been seen in the work of Ben. This improvement is solely down to Ben's hard work and dedication in lessons. Ben always strives to do his best and takes on board any hints or tips that are told to him. We are so proud of his improvement and look forward to seeing it continue. Well done Ben!
  • 10.02.2017  - Jack Winn has continued to wow us since joining our class. His attitude, enthusiasm and kind nature has been recognised by ALL members of staff who come into our class room. He consistently works hard and produces work to the best of his ability. He always wants to help his peers in their learning and works brilliantly as part of a team. We are so lucky to have gained such a thoughtful person to our class. Well done Jack! We are very proud of you. 

  • 03.02.2017 - A fantastic week for Oliver Quick-Mee! Oliver consistently amazes Miss Hodkinson with his positive attitude towards learning and the extensive work he even completes at home. He is always so proud of his efforts and so are we! This week, because of his dedication, Oliver moved up a book band. He even came up to Miss Hodkinson the next day and said "Miss that was easy!". This achievement comes from constantly reading at home. Well done Oliver we are very proud of you!

  • 20.01.2017 - Well done Cayden! We were so blown away by your attitude this week and the improvement you made in such a small time. Cayden has been working tirelessly in lessons to improve his understanding and presentation in Maths. He has challenged himself and continually pushed himself to achieve his goal! Cayden has never given up even when finding things hard and has wowed us all this week! We are so proud of you and hope you are as proud of yourself, keep it up! 

  • 13.01.2017 -  Since the start of the year, several lunchtime staff members have noticed an incredible change in Leon Jones-Bark's behaviour. We are all so proud of him for turning his behaviour around at lunchtimes and becoming a helpful and kind individual. He has shown that he takes pride in himself and shows others how to make the right choices. Well done Leon! 

  • 06.01.2017 - First week back and I have already been overwhelmed by one person in particular, Joseph Watson! Joseph has been recognized by all members of staff in Mandela class for being enthusiastic and participating in lessons. Joseph used to shy away from questions however since being back he has been confident and believed in himself and it has definitely paid off! It is fantastic to see him taking responsibility for his own learning and become  a confident learner. Well done Joseph!

  • 16.12.2016 - Finally we were able to give Leo his certificate after he was poorly the week before. Leo Stevens was given a  certificate for perseverance for his fantastic improvement in his handwriting. Leo has been working hard over this term to improve his handwriting, he set himself challenges and took ownership of his own progress. Everyone in Mandela class were very proud of Leo for his achievement and recognized how far he had come in such a short time! Well done Leo. 

  • 18.11.2016 - Wow! What a fantastic week it has been for Marisa Jefferys! 

    Marisa deserves this award as she is always a caring and kind member of our class. She consistently excells herself with recognizing her learning and the learning of others and taking responsibility for this. We are extremely proud of you, well done Marisa!

  • 21.10.2016 - This week, Oliver Monington received an award for Creativity! In our recent writing assessments, Oliver wrote some fantastic, imaginative sentences that 'wowed' us all. He used imagery, creativity and perseverance to produce lovely sentences with atmosphere and depth. We were so proud and Miss Hodkinson ran around school showing them off to other teachers! Here are a few examples:
    "I stood in sadness as my hopes fell like rain dripping around me." 
    "A small man came running to the bag,  but then he saw me ... "

    "Then it broke, what should I do?"
    Wow! Well done Oliver! 

  • 14.10.2016 - Jessica Dennis received an achievement certificate this week for Pride. She has wowed us this week with her amazing handwriting! Jessica has been working unbelievably hard to improve her handwriting and all of that hard work has definitely paid off! She is hoping to get her pen licence soon and we are all really proud of her. Well done for your amazing achievement and not giving up even when it was hard Jessica! 

  • 07.10.2016 - What another fantastic week in Mandela class! This week it was very tricky to choose somebody for our achievement assembly as everyone was so amazing! However Grace Redmond shone through with her perseverance for a lesson that challenged us all. 

    Grace recognized a challenge in maths and worked hard to achieve her target in that lesson. Her perseverance and “can-do” attitude paid off in the end and everyone in class was really proud of your work! Well done Grace!

  • 23.09.2016 - This week we gave Abbie Cooper the creativity award in Mandela class, she created a fantastic piece of homework based on our "Would you go to space?". It showed hard work, creativity and enjoyment. We were so proud of it and couldn't wait to show it off! Well done Abbie!

  • ​09.09.2016 - This week it was very hard to choose just one person for our achievement assembly as the whole class have come back and embraced our new school year. One person stood out, however, as a brand new person in our class. Jack has settled into our class brilliantly and we have all really enjoyed getting to know him and hearing his fantastic stories. He was awarded the enjoyment certificate as he has had a go at everything and participated fantastically! Well done Jack. 

This half term, our big question is "Would you rather live in Ancient Greece or in the Mayan empire?":

These websites have some fantastic information all about Ancient Greece. It breaks down the new terms into language we can understand. It will also be a great resource when it comes to homework which will be given out at the start of the year. I am really looking forward to this topic as it is an interesting time period and I'm sure the children will look forward to learning about it too! 



Assessment week - 07.07.2017

The children have had lots of tests this week and I wanted to say how amazing they have all done. They have powered through even the trickiest tests and I have been so proud of all of them! Even with the mountain of tests to get through, they still worked hard and came out the other side with a big grin on their face! 

Here are some of the inspiring things they have said about tackling tests:

Amy  - "We always look back through our tests, work on any we got wrong and learn from our mistakes."

Keaton - "Sometimes they are tricky but the best way is to keep working through them. I knew I could miss some and come back to it later." 

Cerys - "Some people found it easier to be in a smaller room so we split up and sat in test conditions to get a feel for the SAT's."

What fantastic attitudes to have!

Innovative innovations - 03.07.2017

Another fantastic week of learning in Mandela class. We wrote our very own innovations based around the learning we have done on instructions and our model text. We have been learning all about concrete nouns, imperative verbs, adverbs and time connectives. Have a look at our fantastic examples below:

Fantastic prime number investigations - 26.06.2017

This week we have had a focus on prime numbers. It was tricky to begin with but we persevered and have enjoyed investigating them! Here are a few examples of our work from Monday which helped us to understand the key terms and prime numbers a little bit better. 

I think you'll agree, these pages prove how fantastic we are and how we persevere with our learning even when we are finding it tricky!

We began by identifying prime numbers in a hundred square grid using a set of rules on the board. Here is Connor's example:

After that, we continued our learning with green, pink and purple tasks to ensure we have deepened our understanding through a variety of different tasks. Here are Daisy's, Chanelle's and Keaton's work. 

Instructions page treasure hunt and ping-pong - 19.06.2017

Today, we had quite an exciting English lesson outside on the playground! We got outside and the steps used in our model text were all over the place! We worked in teams to scramble and find each step and put them in order. Then we used this to recite the set of instructions through a ping-pong game with tennis balls. We took it in turns to throw it to our partner whilst reciting the model text. It was lots of fun and we even got chance to enjoy the beautiful weather! Not for long though!!


Marvelous Mayan hot chocolate - 14.06.2017

Today we headed to the art room, here we mixed up the ingredients to create our very own Mayan hot chocolate. This recipe is a night-time drink that the Mayan's created when they discovered the cacao plant. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed trying their interesting recipe which included: milk; ginger; paprika; honey; cacao powder and chilli! 

Here are some photos and you can find the recipe below!

Understanding codes within a computer - 07.06.2017

Today we began our new computing topic - codebreakers!

We learnt that the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of the computer and only understands binary codes. Therefore we spent the lesson becoming code breakers for James Bond! We had top decipher a code for a secret password that was "HAWKINI". 

Here are some examples of our names in binary code... see if you can decipher them! 

Name 1: 
01100  00101  01111  01110  01010  01111  01110  00101  10011  00010  00001  10010  01011

Name 2: 

00011  00101  10010  11001  10100  10010  00001  00011  01000  00101  10010

Name 3:

01011 01111  10010  00101  11001  01101  00101  00101  00010  01101  01111  10111  00101  10010

Good luck! 

Our second trip to the Dukeries innovation room - 18.05.2017


What another fantastic trip! All of year five were fantastic and behaved brilliantly, I am always so proud to take them out on trips.We were fortunate to take another trip to the Dukeries innovation room. We started off the day by getting up close and personal with some strange mythical creatures using the 3D technology there. We could hear the sounds of the creatures and room in and move them around, it was fab! From this we wrote our very own diary entries as if we were the heroes in our very own story!

After lunch we went on to explore and Ancient Greek village and walked around the town. Then we created our very own Greek buildings which we will then be creating next week.


Making our own news reports! - 17.05.2017

Here is an example of one of our fantastic news reports we have been working on in ICT over this half term. I am so proud of the hard work and effort that has gone into these! Well done Year 5.


Still image for this video

Feeling safe in year 5 - 10.05.2017

Today we chose to work on what being safe means, when we feel safe/ unsafe and what strategies do we have to make us feel safe?

This involved discussions in groups, graffiti on the tables and scenario work. The children were very sensible, spoke with a mature attitude and showed real initiative in their answers. We had a great session. The work came about by children mentioning e-safety issues at home and worries about the upcoming fun fair. I felt it worked so well and I was so proud of the class. Here are their masterpieces!

Reading as a reader - 28.04.2017

Today we analysed our new model text, Persephone, as part of our new topic, myths and legends. We have spent a week playing exciting games to be able to recite the text so now was the time to get into the nitty gritty of the story. 

Here are some examples of the children's work. They had three tasks (green, pink and purple) where they were asked to summarise, clarify and infer information from the text. They did a brilliant job and this will enable us to identify the grammatical features in next weeks lesson. 

Ancient Greek day! - 18.04.2017

What a fab way to start off the summer term! We have thoroughly enjoyed our immersion day into our new topic all about Ancient Greece!

To begin our day we learnt the Greek alphabet, it's quite tricky to learn as there are some very peculiar names but a song helped us! We then used this to write our names in Greek (as best we could) and had our new name badges on all day! 

Just before lunch we had a go at preparing a Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, olives and feta and everyone had great fun chopping up the ingredients. We even made a Greek dip called Tzatziki using Greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic! 

We had great fun and enjoyed our feast with pitta bread and extra olives! 

Here are some photos from our morning activities: 

Getting to know our enable table - 28.03.2017

Today, we introduced our new enable table. This was something that Miss Hodkinson magpied from another school she visited and we then had a vote on whether or not they think ti would help them in their learning. Of course it was a unanimous vote of YES PLEASE and we began to explore it in today's Maths lesson. An enable table is a table full of resources that we can use to help us in our learning. In Maths lessons it will also have the answers on. We had a chat about how we can use these to our advantage and most effectively. Here a few examples of us using these answers to check our understanding half way through the lesson and make any necessary edits. 

More fantastic homework! - 28.03.2017

Wow! Again we have been blown away by the dedication to learning that someone in Mandela class has shown us. Jack has clearly thought hard about this 3D arctic scene that is made out of plastercine. As you can see he has made some lovely penguins, an iceberg and a polar bear. He even demonstrated the water using the blue plastercine. Well done Jack!

Our fantastic trip to White post farm - 23.03.2017

On Thursday we visited white post farm. When we arrived we were greeted by Polly our tour guide for the day. Firstly we went to visit the animals in the paddocks, these animals included some cheeky llamas, racing sheep, a massive bull and some confusing types of sheep (that looked like goats!). We got to feed these, they were cute BUT some did slime on our hands. Then we were lucky enough to have a cuddle with the baby lambs. Here are some photos from our exciting trip! 


Mad Hatter's tea party at the Dukeries Academy! - 15.03.2017

Wow! What a fantastic day! 

The Dukeries created a real life wonderland for the children today and we were so excited to visit the school. The activities we did included:

Mad march hare kung fu and circus tricks,

Magical potions,

Creating boxes with sweets in, 

Playing around with the green screen so we were IN the film AND

Creating our own portmanteau (port-man-toe) words like in the Jaberwocky poem. 

It was fantastic and our class behaved exceptionally well! It was noted by several members of staff and we were all really proud of them.

Here are a few photos of our fantastic day!



Becoming great problem solvers! - 14.03.2017

Today we have been applying the skills we have been working on in Maths over the past few weeks. Our topic is fractions, decimals and percentages and now we are ready to start looking at percentages. Our decimals understanding is top notch and we used today's lesson to apply our knowledge with some tricky problems! Here are some examples of some fantastic work in our lesson today!


Analysing our information text - 09.03.2017

This week we have been pulling apart our model text in English. This half term we are looking at creating our own information page. Our model text is all about crocodiles and alligators and we have loved getting out teeth into it!

Here are some photos to show the fantastic work we have done as a class so far!

Here we completed a shared write to help the children learn our text and the key vocabulary. This is the introduction of our information page. 

This is our traffic light of words to show words we are confident with (green), not sure about but have maybe seen before (amber) and words we haven't seen before (red). 

Here is our page to help us understand the structural features of an information page based on our model text.

Here is our set of "class rules" we created for when we come to writing our own information page. It is a list of things we must be doing and including in our writing to ensure it is the best that it can be!

World book day - 02.03.2017

Wow! What a fantastic day we had! I was so impressed by the fantastic costumes that the children came in. Thank you to all the parents that helped put them together :) 

Today the classes split up and visited a different room for the day. Each room had been transformed into a different book! The Year 5 classroom had been magically made over into the amazing wizarding world of Harry Potter. To enter the children had to throw flue powder into the fireplace outside and say "DIAGON ALLEY". In this room we read the book "Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone" and completed lots of exciting activities such as: creating the rules of a duel; writing a diary entry as if you are Harry Potter when he first found out he was a wizard AND creating our very own wands! It was great!
Here are some photos of the room: 


Amazing homework- 27.02.2017

Wow... I don't know what to say about these pieces of homework. I am so impressed with the hard work and dedication that has been shown by these two amazing individuals! 

Here are some 3D models of the Arctic made in cake form...


Handwriting superstars - 24.02.2017

This half term began with a big change in the way we practice our handwriting. We have been introduced to some new terminology and new rules to show our posture is ready for handwriting!

The examples of work below show the "straight line family" of letter: i, j, t and l. 

The straight line family is made up of a variety of lines called: short line; tall line and tail line.

Then we moved onto another family of letters called the "bridge" family. This family includes: n, m and r. 

Here are some more examples. 

Everyone in Mandela class are working so hard in their handwriting and it is really paying off! We can't wait to showcase our new handwriting style in practice on the website soon!

Our trip to the innovation room! - 09.02.2017

What another fantastic day for Mandela class. Every single person did our school proud! From walking to the bus stop to conducting themselves on the bus, the children did so with maturity and pride for our school. When we arrived at the Dukeries we were met by two men who worked for Gaia technologies. They were there to create a promotional video for the amazing technology we used. We were blown away! We got to put on 3D goggles and explored the rain forest. The surround sound immersed us in the setting and allowed us to imagine what it would be like to walk around the rain forest. We even saw squirrel monkeys, a sloth and a tapir. After this we used our experience to write down our five senses and how they were effected on our journey. We are now going to turn that into an exciting piece of creative writing. Look out for our new board! A big thank you to the Dukeries staff, especially Ms Ferris, and the staff from Gaia technologies for making our experience extra special! 

Safer internet day 2017

Here is a video form safer internet TV which helps us to better understand the dangers of the internet. The children will be watching this on Friday and discussing the issues it presents. 

The bigger picture

Still image for this video

Reading challenge got us all slimy! - 31.01.2017

As part of our new whole school reading challenge, each child who has read four times or more gets a sticker on our chart and raffle ticket put into a special prize draw. 

Last week Korey was our lucky winner and he asked for a science lesson. 

As part of this science lesson we got flour and water and mixed it together. Then we added salt to the mix and had to predict what effect this would have. Most of us predicted that it would EXPLODE!!! But I think this was just wishful thinking.  

British values week - 23.01.2017

To launch the start of British values week, we first of all answered the question "what does it mean to be British?". The children came up with some brilliant ideas and we had some fantastic discussions. Here is our brainstorm we created on the board from all of our ideas!

Then we talked about what each value meant: individual liberty, mutual respect and democracy. We all had a key word and had to argue our points as to which value they came under, most of them could be argued in more than one! 

Finally we put a current moral dilemma on the board to debate "Are the current anti-Trump protests fair?" We had two teams, one who thought it was fair and the other who said it wasn't. Each team had five minutes to come up with five points. Then they went head to head in a real life debate. It was fantastic and both sides did a brilliant job to use the correct terminology and argue their side. Here they are about to head into battle.

Our trip to the library - 20.01.2017

This week we were lucky enough to have the oppurtunity to walk to the local Bilsthorpe library and be entertained by the lovely staff there. We started off with an interesting quiz based on the Guinness world records book and she told us we even beat the year 6's! Then we had a chance to explore the library and all found exciting new books we would enjoy reading. We even had time to start sharing our books with our class mates. It was a lovely afternoon and everyone participated fantastically! Mandela class have done the school proud yet again!


Creating flip books - 16.01.2017

Today marked the start of our new focus in computing - let's change the world. In this topic we will be exploring the world of movie making. It's very exciting as we start of looking at sequencing and then build on our understanding each week to eventually create our very own animated movie! Today we focussed purely on the sequencing aspect and specifically how a series of images can be made to create a moving picture if shown rapidly. Here are a few flip books we created to help us understand this aspect.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

The tank explosion!

Still image for this video

Hot seating - 09.01.2017

Today in Mandela class we began our brand new topic in English - film narratives. This half term we will be revisiting a specific video over and over again and writing our very own version of it. In today's lesson to hook us into our new topic we had a go at hot seating. Here are our fantastic characters answering burning questions from the class in role. They were all brilliant!

Leon was the hunter once he had turned into the monkey. 

Keaton was the monkey who was shot by the arrogant hunter - he doesn't look too impressed!

Here is Grace in the role of the very quirky, crazy old magic man!

Amy did a great job answering questions as the ignorant hunter from the beginning of our story. 

Finally here is Connor as the disgruntled driver who wasn't treated very nicely by the hunter and was bit upset about it!


Competition winners - 20.12.2016

In Mandela class we were set a challenge... 

Who could design the best rocket? 

After weeks of wondering the winners of our competition were finally revealed. A manufacturing engineer at Rolls Royce chose his favourite three designs and put them into the special software they use. These designs were then created for those three special winners to take home. A special laser even wrote their name, year group and date on them. It was very exciting! Here is a picture of our lucky winners!

Christmassy breakfast bars! - 16.12.2016

After investigating our favourite christmassy flavours using line graphs and interpreting the data, we have finally made our breakfast bars! 

We had lots of fun: melting marshmallows; breaking up the chocolate and zesting the orange. Then we mixed it all together and used cookie cutters to shape them. Promise we didn't eat any!

Eagerly, we waited until they were set to enjoy them just before our Christmas lunch! 


Hour of code! - 07.12.2016

Today we took part in an hour of code. The Hour of Code started is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science.

We really enjoyed having a go at coding on the iPads and learning more about the wonders of code! It was really fun as there were lots of different things to try! Here we are getting to grips with the activities and working together with our great iPads!

Christmas carol service practice - 28.11.2016

This week we began practicing for this year's christmas carol service. We were lucky enough to have Mr Reaney come in and play the piano so we could have a go at learning the songs we will sing. Both Mrs Pavier and Miss Hodkinson were incredibly impressed with the singing, concentration and effort put in by all of year 5 and year 6. It's very exciting and lovely to hear traditional christmas songs being sung in school in the run up to christmas. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possibly on Wednesday the 14th December!


Our new reading corner - 01.11.2016

Welcome to our new reading corner! The children all helped to create this wonderful beach scene to encourage learning for pleasure. Our caption "relax in a good book..." sums up how relaxing and enjoyable reading can be. We also love the idea of having our own private beach to lounge on and delve into a fantastic story. 

Innovating our diary entries - 24.11.2016

This week we have been innovating our model text in English. We have been looking at recounts and specifically diary entries. Our model text talked about an astronaut arriving at the international space station. We were challenged to changed specific parts of our text to make it our own. Here is a picture of our ideas on the interactive whiteboard. From this we then wrote our own diary entries and Miss Hodkinson was blown away! 

Anti-bullying week - 18.11.2016

This week was anti-bullying week and we have been having some fantastic discussions all about what bullying means and how it makes others feel. Everyone in Mandela class was very mature and supportive during our discussions and participated brilliantly. We were all really proud of them. 

Remember these points!

  • Always tell an adult if you are having issues with bullying. 
  • Report any online comments/ messages and print them off. 
  • If you see someone being hurt/ bullied report it to an adult. 
  • Bullying is any hurtful comment/ action that is persistent. 
  • If you see bullying and do not say something it will be making things worse for the victim. 



Fantastic homework! - 10.11.2016

Yet again Mandela class have been wowed by some brilliant pieces of homework from their peers! We are so proud of these children as they have shown a love of learning, creativity and aspiration. Even at home!

Leon created a model of a satellite that would be used in space to detect radio waves. His in depth understanding of the world around him has meant that he can create this lovely piece of homework he is proud of!

Grace and Daisy created amazing model rockets including a launch pad and some very exciting features. The girls were very eager to show off their accomplishments and we were all incredibly proud of them. 

Aliens invaded Mandela class! - 31.10.2016

A massive thank you for everyone who sent in fun photos of our alien in interesting places in your house. The kids were very shocked and it was a great way to start our new topic. This week we are looking at description and in particular, describing a setting. Today we created aliens to help us with this. It was very fiddly but we persevered and managed to make them all and were really proud of them! Later on in the week we will be taking our aliens around school and using these pictures to investigate description. 

A great, big thank you!

Thank you for another fantastic half term Mandela class! You have settled into Year 5 brilliantly and I am so proud of how hard you have all worked! Everyone in school has recognised the fantastic work you have all been doing and you know I've been incredibly proud of you all.

This half term we have: 

  • investigated exciting language to describe a character,
  • written persuasive letters about various interesting topics,
  • read the book called "The Iron Man", 
  • recapped place value and developed our addition and subtraction knowledge, 
  • made it onto the news,
  • got very messy with chalk and
  • investigated the National Space Centre and discovered the wonders of our solar system. 

Thank you again,

let's make the next half term another to be proud of!

Miss Hodkinson, Mrs Tuck and Miss Brocklesby. 

Halloween dress up fun! - 21.10.2016

What a fun day to end this half term! The children who dressed up looked amazing and we enjoyed doing some fun, light-hearted Halloween and autumn activities. We enjoyed looking at an autumn picture and wrote some lovely descriptions about it. Then we did some reading comprehension all about how we stay safe at Halloween. We also discussed safety surrounding fireworks. This is a very exciting time of year but it is very important that we stay safe so that we enjoy them to our fullest! Here is a photo of us some of our costumes!

Our fantastic final outcome! - 20.10.2016

To finish off our lovely topic - "would you got to space?" we created our very own virtual art exhibition! We used a special app on the iPad mini's to layer videos on top of pictures we have scanned, it was very tricky but we managed it. We were very proud of ourselves! We also showcased our art work, work throughout the topic and subject knowledge! We even had a mini quiz and we aced it! Thank you to those who came, we loved showing off our work to you!

Getting messy creating planet pictures - 13.10.2016

This week we got very messy (sorry to whomever washes their clothes). We created fantastic pictures of the planets based on our research and discussions. Here are our pieces of artwork:

Showing off how fantastic we are outside of school as well! - 07.10.2016

Cerys recently completed a 5 mile walk in Clumber park for an Alzheimers charity which is very close to her heart. She was reminding us every day in the lead up to the event and when the day finally came, she did us proud! 

In sponsorship money, Cerys' family beat their target and raised over £300! 

Here she is showing off her very well deserved medal. 

Homework celebration - again! - 07.10.2016

Wow... well we have been blown away by the homework that has been coming into Mandela class recently. We have been showing it off all around school! 

Here are a few examples of the pieces of homework from this week. 

Well done guys!

Our visit to the National Space Centre! - 30.09.2016

What an amazing trip! On Friday we visited the National Space Centre. The centre itself was fantastic, on arrival we had a space briefing and were told all about an exciting space probe that was due to complete its journey on that day! We had no idea and it was so exciting. 

At 11 o'clock we were invited to a talk where experts from the space centre told us all about the work that the space probe Rosetta had completed in space. We also saw some fantastic images she had captured. We learnt all about what comets are made of and that Rosetta was due to land on the comet she had been studying at 12.20pm. After watching the talk some of us were even lucky enough to talk to several news crews from channel five news, central news and CBC news (a Canadian news channel). I was one of the proudest teachers when I got home that day, each student did a fantastic job and showed the news crews how brilliant Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy is! They made us all at school very proud and hopefully those at home proud as well!




Our trip to the National Space Centre!

Still image for this video

Homework celebration - 28.09.2016

We had to show off these fantastic solar system models that we are incredibly proud of! 

Roman numerals on the playground! - 28.09.2016

Today we recapped our roman numerals work from year 4. We went out onto the playground and drew giant roman numerals clocks all over the playground! We used the numbers 1-12, if we completed this we then added the numbers 15, 30 and 45. It was hard but we worked together to figure it out!

We were given a topic (chosen by Miss Hodkinson) and we had to think on the spot to create a persuasive speech! - 22.09.2016

Connor's enthusiasm was brilliant!

Still image for this video

Grace was nominated by Mrs Tuck, she did not disappoint!

Still image for this video

Amy did a great job!

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Persuasive games! - 22.09.2016

To kick start our English topic all about persuasive writing we played some "persuasion games". Firstly we had to write down any random item onto our piece of paper. Our partners then had to ask us lots of questions and we did our best to answer them incorrectly. It was very hard as we struggled to keep straight faces! 

Then we had to create persuasive speeches based on our passion. We wrote our passion on a piece of paper and we had create a speech to suggest we do not like that passion. It's sounds confusing but we were fantastic at this! Our language was brilliant and we it really made us think about and develop the words that we used. 

Aliens invaded Mandela class! - 15.09.2016

We began the week with a bit of a different English lesson. To begin our description topic we created interesting aliens to use. We used lots of different materials that we could find around school to make very imaginative aliens. 

Amy Collins "they all look really different, but that is the best part!"

Jessica Dennis "my alien is a cube with no legs, it moves around by hovering through the air!"

Jack Winn "my alien moves around by the metal in its body and it has blades for legs!"

Connor Turner "my alien is based on a dog but has glittery fur."

Here they are!

Blindfold sitting volleyball! - 08.09.2016

This week we learnt all about the Paralympic games, everyone in Mandela class were intrigued by the difference in the sports that they play and the adaptations that are made. 

So in our PE lesson we thought we would have a go! We all (including Miss Hodkinson) put on blindfolds and used a ball with a bell in it. We had great fun listening out for the ball and experiencing what it would be like to compete in the Paralympic games.


Look back with pride and forward with confidence