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Year 5


Our teachers are Mrs Atkin (Mon & Tues) and Mrs Pavier (Weds-Fri)


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Welcome to your penultimate year of primary school and what an exciting year we have in store!

You will need:

A pinch of 'the ability to laugh at yourself'

Handfuls of responsibility

Spades of confidence

Bucket loads of aspiration

A lorry load of perseverance

A boat load of laughter


This year you will achieve things both in and out of the classroom that you never thought were just have to give it your all and make every day count!


Key Driver: Geography 


This term we will be exploring our project question through looking at the Amazon Rainforest.  We will be combining this with our class text ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell which tells the story of a group of children whose plane crashes into the Amazon Rainforest.


In geography we will be consolidating our map work skills and looking at continents and oceans.  We will also be taking a closer look at South America – in particular the Amazon rainforest and the impact of invasion and deforestation.


In history we will be using the Romans as our focus for exploring invasion and some of the factors that may cause uprisings.  We will also be looking at the changes to society between the Roman era and the Battle of Hastings.  


In science we will be looking at the life cycles of insects, birds, mammals and amphibians.  Next half term, we will learn about animal and plant reproduction as we as the changes to humans as they get older. 

Should we accept our place in society?

Key Driver: History

Key Concepts: law, empathetic understanding, causation and consequence, interpretation, equality


This term we will be exploring our project question through looking at the Victorians. We will be combining this with reading our class text ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty to help us imagine what life would have been like as a pauper in Victorian Britain.  This will help us to understand the different roles which form a society…


In History we will be using the Victorians as our focus for exploring primary and secondary sources which we will use to encourage further enquiry about the Victorian era.


In Geography we will be looking at trade between the UK, Europe & Wider world as well as natural resources and fair/ unfair trade distribution.


In Science we will be exploring Earth and Space followed by friction and air resistance in the second half term


Cobie's fantastic leaflet about Brazil

Well done Year 5- we just earned an epic book badge for reading 50 books

Look at the mythical creatures that Nathan and Scarlett designed.

Charley's great maths work

Scarlett's super maths and an amazing piece of writing from Cian

Well done Cobie- you were the first to send us pictures of your work . Keep it up!

Have a look at Cobie's notes from the Romulus and Remus animated myth, Scarlett's Roman timeline work and Nathan's poster about living things.

Here is a super Romulus and Remus story map from Isaac

Nathan has done his Roman timeline on the computer

Cian sent lots of work in- here is some of his maths

Its beginning to look at lot like Christmas !

We enjoyed making Victorian gruel and sweet thick milk.

We enjoyed investigating the gravitational effect on different objects using force meters.

We presented our diary entries this week.

We were very excited to "receive" a letter from the DFE today asking about our thoughts on extending the school day. We worked in groups to create text maps to help learn the text

Look at some of our amazing self-portraits:

We re-capped the different types of conjunctions and when/where to use them within sentences. Using the strips of paper, we could vary the position of them within sentences.

We have had a brilliant Victorian Day today- chanting, reciting poetry, saying the Lord's Prayer, learning about Victorian money and taking part in Victorian playground games and drills. Hands were inspected regularly and people were not allowed to write with their left hand!

Geography -

To know the names and be able to locate capital cities.

We have been locating European countries on the map and naming the capital cities . We can tell you the capitals of England, Irleand, Scotland,Wales , France, Italy and Germany . 

We also linked this to our History topic of the Victorians to looking at the countries of The British Empire. 


HISTORY -To know about the key events that occurred during the Victorian period 

FHT: To select and organise historical information. 

We have been researching and making timelines . 

If anyone asks us we can tell you some fingertip knowledge about Queen Victoria and the events that happened from 1837 -1901.

Science- learning about the order of the planets in our solar system

How will 2020 be remembered?

Achievement assembly

Still image for this video
Achievement assembly 18th September
Look back with pride and forward with confidence