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Year 5


Our teaches are Mrs Atkin (Mon & Tues) and Mrs Pavier (Weds-Fri)


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Welcome to your penultimate year of primary school and what an exciting year we have in store!

You will need:

A pinch of 'the ability to laugh at yourself'

Handfuls of responsibility

Spades of confidence

Bucket loads of aspiration

A lorry load of perseverance

A boat load of laughter


This year you will achieve things both in and out of the classroom that you never thought were just have to give it your all and make every day count!

Should we accept our place in society?

Key Driver: History

Key Concepts: law, empathetic understanding, causation and consequence, interpretation, equality


This term we will be exploring our project question through looking at the Victorians. We will be combining this with reading our class text ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty to help us imagine what life would have been like as a pauper in Victorian Britain.  This will help us to understand the different roles which form a society…


In History we will be using the Victorians as our focus for exploring primary and secondary sources which we will use to encourage further enquiry about the Victorian era.


In Geography we will be looking at trade between the UK, Europe & Wider world as well as natural resources and fair/ unfair trade distribution.


In Science we will be exploring Earth and Space followed by friction and air resistance in the second half term


Science- learning about the order of the planets in our solar system

How will 2020 be remembered?

Achievement assembly

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Achievement assembly 18th September
Look back with pride and forward with confidence