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Year 4

Our teachers are Mr Brearley-Ince and Mr Harrison, the sports coach, who supports the class until dinner. On Wednesday afternoons, we have Ms Perkin  and Mr Harrison.

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 Is Creativity Ever Wrong?

Key Driver: Art

Key Concepts: expression, communication, interpretation, structure and empathic understanding.

This term in Year 4, we will be looking at the big question ‘Is Creativity Ever Wrong?’ We will be learning about artists, musicians and their varying styles throughout history to help us mull over this conundrum.  In Year 4, our art focus will be on pointillism and sculpting, while our music focus will be on classical compositions. 

Week commencing 21.06.21

Week commencing 14.06.21

Week commencing 17.05.21

Week Commencing 10.05.21

Week Commencing 03.05.21

Week Commencing 26.04.21

 Are the Fearless Brave?

Key Driver: History

Key Concepts: Law, empathetic understanding, causation and consequence, interpretation, equality

This term in Year 4, we will be looking at the big question ‘Are the Fearless Brave?’ We will be learning about courageous people throughout history to help us mull over the this conundrum; spanning from the Anglo-Saxon and Viking warriors to modern day justice seekers.


Week Commencing 14th September, 2020

Week Commencing 21st September, 2020

Week Commencing the 5th October

Week commencing 12th October

Week Commencing the 9th November

Week Commencing 16th November

Week Commencing the 30th November

Week Commencing the 7th December

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