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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 


Our class teacher is Miss Newman and she will meet us on the playground every morning if you wish to speak to her. 


Important Information 


We have PE on a Monday and Thursday. 

Homework sheets are sent home at the start of each term. Copies of the homework sheets can be found on our class page. There will be the opportunity for completed homework to be shared with the rest of the class during the week.

Spellings are set weekly and can be found in the children's reading diaries as well as on our class page. 



Week beginning 11th November


In English on Monday we shared wrote a new section for the book The Fantastic Flying Books. We were focusing on using conjunctions to extend our sentence but also remembering to use impressive verbs, noun phrases and sentence openers. You can read our extract below;



On Wednesday, having watched another section from the Flying Books, we amazed with our narrative writing. 

Amy wrote; Hearing music, the books scattered from shelf to shelf. Sweet piano tunes echoed through the halls.

Riley wrote; Suddenly, he flew into the evil eye of the tornado and afterwards walked out of the spooky house. All of a sudden, the sky turned blue. 


We have finished reading the book The Iron Woman. We have all really enjoyed reading the book despite a few concerns towards the end that the main characters might have met a sticky end! It was lovely watching the changing expressions on the children's faces as we read the story. We find out at the end of the week what our new class read will be.


On Wednesday we began to plan a new village sign for Bilsthorpe including important images of the village. Photos of the signs will be appearing on here soon


In Maths we have been applying our times table knowledge to help us solve division problems and word problems. Well done to all of those children who have been using Times Table Rockstars. Remember that you can come to school from 8:30 every morning to use the computer suite in school. 


This week Theo was in Achievement Assembly. Deacon was our Times Table Rockstar and the whole class were Writers of the Week for all their epic writing. 


Week beginning 4th November


The spellings we will be learning this week all end in the suffix ation 


information, adoration, sensation, preparation, admiration, station, location, creation, education, estimation 


A big well done to our writer of the week Scarlett Parkin for her sentence;


Silently, he dropped a hundred tears because he was all alone and he just wanted to write his books. 


Farrah is in Achievement Assembly this week and Elliott is our Times Table Rockstar. 


This week we have challenged the year 5 class. Remember that Maths club runs every morning from 8:30 and is an excellent time to score more points.


Faith was the winner of the first Best Sentence Award for her sentence;


Underneath the upside down, rusty houses are tiny rocks scattered across the floor while soaking into the ground. 


In English this week we have started to look at the story, The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. The children are really enjoying the story. They have written their own new scenes for the story and made predictions about what they think will happen next.







Week beginning 14th October 


On Friday we worked as part of a group and went on a subtraction hunt. When we found the sums we had to solve them using the most efficient method.



Our class Iron Man/ Woman gallery




A big well done to Faith who was our Times Table Rockstar this week. Not only was she the top scorer but she also worked hard encouraging others to use the site. Elliott was our Writer of the Week for his amazing diary which made Miss Newman laugh so much she couldn't stop laughing!! Summer was in Achievement this week for all her hard work which she completes with a smile on her face.  








Week beginning 7th October


This week in English we used the film clip, Clock Tower, from Literacy shed.



We began the week by creating a feelings graph showing the character's feelings throughout the story. We then used the feelings in a diary we wrote in character as the girl. As a class we then wrote a narrative version of the story. I was so impressed with the children's understanding of the story and their use of descriptive language as you can see in the text below.  

Deacon was our Writer of the Week for his sustained writing and for the pride he showed in his work. Faith was in Achievement for being an all round super star and inspiring ours. Katie was our Times Table Rock star.


As a class we have challenged the year 4 class; here's hoping that this week, through team work and determination we win!


Week beginning 30th October


This week in science we have been learning all about soil; where it comes from, what is made from and why it is so important. We wanted to find out if all soil is the same and having studied different soil samples we can confirm..... that it is very different. 

We have also been drawing different rock and fossil samples.


In maths this week we have been continuing to learn all about addition and subtraction. It was amazing to see the children's excited faces on Wednesday at the thought of doing another addition lesson. Riley quite rightly described himself as an addition expert! 


In English we have been using the Literacy Shed film, The Shoe Maker and we have written our own version of the story focusing not just on impressive adjectives and verbs but also on fronted adverbials. Mrs Pitts loved working with a group of children on Wednesday for a Guided Write. 


We are continuing to read the book The Iron Woman. Some of the children weren't so sure about the book when we first started to read it but the arrival of Hogarth on Wednesday changed all that. Aiden's face was a picture of excitement at the thought that the Iron Man was going to appear in the story. While some are still hopeful for romanceheart, not all are no

Week beginning 23rd September


We had a great time at the Coal Mining Museum on Wednesday. Every single child made the 140m descent in the cage into the mine. Elliott collected the Confidence award in Friday's assembly for the whole class. We learnt a great deal about what life was like for miners. The children were a real credit to our school and made me feel very proud to be their class teacher.smiley



We have started to read the book, The Iron Woman. The children have already begun to make their own predictions about what might happen next; will she meet the Iron Man? If they meet, will they get on? Some are even predicting romance between the twoheart


Ahead of our visit on Wednesday to the National Coal Mining Museum, we have been learning about chronology by placing national events linked to mining along a timeline.


In a Guided Reading lesson, we used the book Town is by the Sea to help us to visualise a scene. The book linked to our project work on what makes a community and in the story the boy's father works in a mine which runs under the sea.  

We all loved the book especially the illustrations which we felt really brought the story to life.


A big well done to Faith who was our Writer of the Week. She always produces writing of high quality that is beautifully presented. Amy was our Times Table Rockstar champ for scoring highly in our competition against the year 6 class.   



Week beginning 16th September 


This week we have looked at maps and compared a map of Bilsthorpe with a map of the centre of Nottingham. We found it far easier to find differences than to find things that were the same. When asked where they would rather live, most of the children said a village because it is quieter and they prefer the green space, but some felt that a city would have more to offer. We then looked at a map of Bilsthorpe from the 1890s. It was a much smaller village before the opening of the mine. 


In our English lessons we have learnt a piece of text from the book The Iron Man, the part where he was trapped in the pit.

We used a text map to help us and then added our own actions. The children picked up the words and actions really quickly. We then altered the text map so that the Iron Man was trapped in a cage instead. 


Our BIG challenge this week is to beat the year 2 class in the Times Table Rockstars Challenge. We have until 8:45 Friday morning to score more points than them. 

Remember that the before school maths club runs every morning from 8:30 and there is no need to sign up, just arrive blush

Week beginning 9th September 


In Art this week we looked at a range of different ways to shade. We will be using these when we move onto drawing our own mining images later in the half term.

On Wednesday we finished reading the book The Iron Man. All the children have really loved the book and were very excited to discover that there was another book in the series, The Iron Woman. We will be moving onto read this book next. 

On Thursday we received a letter from The Iron Man. Having read the letter we discovered that he doesn't understand homophones or the need for capital letters for proper nouns. When we write to him on Friday, we will be including information on how to correctly use homophones and capital letters for proper nouns. 

Wednesday was Aspiration Day. In class we thought about what we want to do when we get older and the type of person we would like to be. We then went to other classes in school to experience different carers. During assembly we were visited by firefighters who told us all about their job.


Week beginning 2nd September


It was lovely to welcome all the new year 3 pupils into class this week. 

In English this week we started our new book, The Iron Man. The children are really loving the book and can't wait to find out what is going to happen next.

In Maths we are working on place value; looking at how much each digit is worth and what happens to the digits when we add 10 and 100.

On Wednesday afternoon, we visited Bilsthorpe Museum.

We began the visit by watching a film showing a re-enactment of a fire in the Bilsthorpe mine. The children asked lots of questions when we had finished watching it. We all enjoyed viewing the objects and trying on a mining outfit.  

Look back with pride and forward with confidence