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Hello guys, while we can't be at school, our learning moves online.


Every Monday a new weekly learning grid will be added to our class page of the website and to the blog on Purple Mash. You can then decide on which day you want to complete the learning challenges that have been set. You can let everyone know on the Purple Mash blog how you are getting on with the work. Any photos of your work can be emailed to me and I will add them to our class page and to the blog. 


Every morning I will post on the class blog on Purple Mash challenges and work for the day. Some of this work will be done online using Purple Mash, Timestable Rockstars and Spelling and Maths Shed. Some of the work I set on the blog can be done in the books the children brought home with them in their packs.  


Online learning and daily lessons can be accessed via BBC bitesize at


All of the work that I receive on Purple Mash will be marked and children will be able to read my comments on their work. They will be able to see some of their work displayed on the class display board in the sharing section of Purple Mash. 


The children will be able to respond to challenges set by leaving comments on the blog. Other children will be able to respond to these. If the children have any questions, they can ask them me on here as well. It would be lovely to hear as well about all the other things the children get up to; gardening, cooking, baking, learning new skills. 


The children have also got work to complete in their packs.


It is really important that they read. They should be reading from a range of different book types. They can read on their own, to their siblings, over the phone to Grandparents, to parents, in the garden, in a den, even in the bath as long as they don't drop the book!!!


If you have any questions about any of this, please get in touch either via email

or by calling school who will then transfer the call through to me.

Miss Newman

Purple Mash - Class blog tutorial

Dear Diary...

Still image for this video


Week beginning 20th July 


Hello all and welcome to your final week in year 3.. This has been a very unusual year, one that I know we will remember for a long time. I have loved being your teacher both in person and virtually online. You have made me very proud. 

In our final week, we are going on a virtual class trip and the great thing about doing a trip virtually, is that we can go anywhere in the world! There are links at the end of the grid to a zoo and museums but there's also a link where you can explore other locations from around the world. I look forward to hearing all about where you end up. 



Week beginning 13th July 


Welcome to a brand new week. We are continuing the theme of forces this week. Due to transition week last week, I have left the same DT and science work on the grid, but have added extra challenges for those who have completed the work already. These are shown in red on the plan. 

Our Once Upon a Picture this week is


Who are the characters in the picture? What do you think they are doing? Where might they be going to next? What might they be saying to each other? 

You can access the White Rose maths worksheets by clicking here.



Week beginning 6th July

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of online learning.

Check out our amazing TTR score from last week

I am super proud of every single one of you who went on and contributed towards that epic score.


This week we will be learning about why boats float and we will be designing our own boats. 

I am also challenging you to write about this picture

Describe what you can see, how you might feel if you were there. What you think might happen next.  

Remember to take part in the online maths lessons by visiting the White Rose site. Click here to access the worksheets. 



Week beginning 29th June

Hello all and welcome to a new week. 


I don't even have the words to describe how well as a class we did last week at TTR.

This was the total at 3pm Friday afternoon

We achieved this total by working together as a class. Well done guys. You have made me super proud.


You can access this weeks White Rose worksheets by clicking here


This weeks writing is based on a Literacy clip that was sourced for us by Aiden. I think he has done a really good job and I look forward to reading the writing you produce based on this.


Landscapes is the theme of our Art work this week and it also links to our music and geography lessons. I have added some pieces of artwork for you below to find your favourite from, but feel free to do your own internet research to see if you can find a better one.





As always there's Purple Mash activities and Spelling and Maths Shed tasks.


Get in touch if you have any questions and remember, I love to receive emails showing me all your hard work and learning from home



Week beginning 22nd June 

Welcome to a new week everyone. 


Click here to access the worksheets for the White Rose worksheets to go with your lessons.


Our artwork this week is to create your own landscape picture. Here are some examples to inspire you.



Week beginning 15th June

This week in Science we are looking at all types of different forces. The learning grid has a link to the Bitesize site where you can learn all about forces and how they impact on our everyday lives.

In Art we will be learning about drawing using perspective 

I look forward to seeing your artwork and creating a class gallery.

You can access the White Rose maths lessons by clicking here and the worksheets by clicking here.

New Purple Mash, Spelling Shed and Maths Shed tasks are available online. Lets see if we can beat our amazing TTR score from last week. 

Remember to get in touch if you have any questions. Email me any photos of your work or adventures. I love receiving your messages and sharing your photos. 




Week beginning 8th June 

Welcome to the second week in June everyone. Last week's TTR score was epic. Let's see if

we get can score even more this week.


Don't forget that there's also the Spelling Shed and Maths Shed activities as well as the Purple Mash tasks. 

This week's White Rose maths lessons can be found by clicking here and the worksheets by clicking here

As well as continuing to write our diary, our writing task this week is to write a conversation between two of the characters from the film clip 


Things to remember;

Speech starts with a capital letter

Inverted commas go round the spoken words

Don't use said (screamed, shouted, bellowed, exclaimed) 

Start a new line when a new person starts to speak

Use adverbs (loudly, excitedly)

Use while and whilst to explain what the characters are doing while they speak 


Click here to visit a site for more information on how to use inverted commas 


Get in touch if you have any questions either via email, telephone or on the blog. 



Week beginning 1st June

Alongside our diary writing, this week's writing is a short story based on the picture below. It's up to you whether you tell the reader where the path leads to or if you leave it as a mystery. You will need to use noun phrases to describe what can be seen, fronted adverbials to start your sentences and a full range of punctuation. 


To access the maths worksheets for this weeks White Rose lessons click here 


Week beginning 18th May

Hello and welcome to another week of home learning. i hope that you are all well and that you had a lovely weekend safely enjoying the sunshine. 

This week alongside the diary writing for English, we are introducing another piece of writing and this week we are beginning with writing instructions. You can write your instructions on anything you want to. Just remember that you will need to include an opening paragraph saying why the instructions are needed; Have you ever wondered how to build a  ____________,  well wonder no more because here's where you will find a step by step guide to help you. 

You also need to include the materials you will need. Remember that numbered steps make the instructions easier to follow and you can use diagrams alongside your writing. 

As always, remember to get in touch if you have any questions or are struggling to access any of the online learning; Purple Mash, TTR, Spelling and Maths Shed. 

There will be a daily blog which will contain the link to your online maths lesson and the worksheets that go with it. 

You can access all the week's White Rose maths worksheets by clicking here.


Week beginning 11th May

Welcome to another new week learning online. I hope that you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and managed to safely get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Our learning grid for this week can be found below. Remember to also check out Mr Harrison's PE challenges which you can find on the classes page of the website. You can let him know how you get on with the challenges by writing to him on the blog. You can also let Mrs Butt know how you are getting on by writing to her on the blog. 

Remember that if you have any questions you can contact me either via the blog, email or by phoning school. 

Miss Newman


Week beginning 4th May

Welcome to a new week learning online. There are lots of exciting learning opportunities on the learning grid including another Literacy Shed film and a song to listen to on You Tube. Let us know on the class blog what you think of them. In Science this week we are looking at what the human body needs to survive and linking this to our DT work on designing menus. In Art I am challenging you all to draw your own portrait inspired by the work of Lowry. By the end of the week we should have a class gallery to be able to share.

We did so well last week on TTR. Our target for this week is to beat that score. I'll keep you updated each day on the blog with daily targets. 

Keep sending me photos of your work and projects from home.

As always, get in touch if you have any questions.

Miss N 


Week beginning 27th April

This week we are continuing to look at skeletons both in our science learning, DT and music. I love the music clip, makes me smile every time I watch it. Let me know on the blog what you think of it. There's also an online music lesson for you to watch. Why not use what you learn in the lesson to create your own skeleton inspired piece of music. You could even use objects found in your home as instruments. 


There's a lovely Literacy Shed film all about the Day of the Dead. Again let us know on the blog what you think of it. 


In Art this week we are visiting the Lowry Museum in Manchester and in Geography we are using Google Maps to plan our journey to Manchester looking at places we would pass through 


Week beginning 20th April

You will find below the learning grid for this week along with other resources for the week. Go to Purple Mash for a daily blog. Remember to get in touch if you have any questions and to share your work with us all either via email or through the Purple Mash blog. 

Have a great week, Miss N 

Welcome to Year 3 


Our class teacher is Miss Newman and she will meet us on the playground every morning if you wish to speak to her. 

You can contact Miss Newman via email 

Follow us on twitter    @BilsthorpeFHA


Important Information 


We have PE on a Monday and Thursday. 

Homework sheets are sent home at the start of each term. Copies of the homework sheets can be found on our class page. There will be the opportunity for completed homework to be shared with the rest of the class during the week.

Spellings are set weekly and can be found in the children's reading diaries as well as on our class page. 

Please make sure your child has their reading diary in school every day. The diaries will be checked regularly for reading signatures so please ensure children are reading at  home.


We have two guinea pigs who live in our class. The children help to take care of the animals, feeding them and changing their water and helping to clean them out. 

15th January Perseverance day

14th February Kindness Day

14th February Break up

24th February INSET Day

25th February Return to school

3rd and 4th March Parents Evening

5th March World Book Day

25th March Enjoyment Day

3rd April Egg Rolling

3rd April Break up




Why move?


Key Driver: Geography


Key Concepts: trade, region, environment, settlement, location, resources, population, migration


In Art and Design we will creating our own volcano model linked to our work in Geography on natural disasters. This work will link to our Guided Reading lessons where we will be learning all about the features of instructions. 


In History we will be learning all about the Athens, including the gods they worshiped, the Olympic Games and their battles with Sparta. 


In Geography we will be learning all about countries within Europe and their capital cities. We will be creating our own capital city applying what we have learnt about other cities including London, Paris and Rome. We will be following the journey of a river through its source to its arrival in a city. Linking to our big question, why move? we will be looking at natural disasters considering why some people move from their homes while others decide to remain. 


In Science we will be learning all about plants, focusing on what they need to enable them to grow and how the nutrients are transported from the soil to the rest of the plant. We will be carrying out our own investigations to help us learn more about the functions of the different parts of a plant. 


In RE we will be learning about different Christian festivals. We will also be looking at how the Creation story is told in the Bible. In all our lessons we will be taking part in discussions, sharing our views, asking questions and listening to the views of others.  



We are lucky to have our specialist sports coach Mr Harrison teaching all of our PE lessons.


Find out more about our curriculum here


Art challenge 

This is a piece of art by Lowry.

Can you recreate this picture?

What do you think the people in the picture are talking about? Where do you think they are going? 

What does the picture remind you of? 

Let me know your answers to these questions on the class blog on Purple Mash


As promised year 3, here's a picture of Zac



This week we have been reading 


  • Use the internet to find the strangest looking mushroom
  • What do you think will happen next in the story? write your own ending to the book.


In our Guided Reading lessons we have been reading a poem by Spike Milligan.


  • Perform the poem to a member of your family. 
  • Find another poem by Spike Milligan. How are the poems the same/ different? 

This week we have looked at instructions. On Thursday we showed lots of perseverance when we attempted to create the boat shown in the book Float. Can you make it using the instructions shown below?


On Friday, we worked as part of a group to make a volcano which links to our project question, Why Move?



This week we learnt a newspaper report based on the Ancient Greek Olympic sport of running. We then recreated the Ancient Greek sport of wrestling, deciding to remain fully clothed, unlike the Greeks!  We used what we had learnt to write our own newspaper reports about the event. 



This week we have been learning all about the Greek goddess Athena. We have used clay to create 3D models of her head and in English we have written non-chronological reports about her. 


Week beginning 10th February 



Well done to our footballing star 

Great piece of homework from Scarlettsmiley


Tommy's homework showing a new creature 

On Wednesday we looked to see where the food in Miss Newman's shopping bag had come from. We discovered that some of the food had traveled a long distance; the gherkins had traveled all the way from India! We realised that while we can grow salad in this country, we can't in winter so the lettuce, cucumber and peppers all came from Spain. We then thought about how the food had been transported to us and decided that it was based on how fresh the food was. 

We then got to taste some of the food. While most of the children weren't keen on the olives, Esmai and Connor were really brave, tried every item of food and even came back for seconds!

Lots of the children really loved the houmous. 



Week beginning 3rd February


This week in Maths we are learning all about money; identifying coins and adding. We have been using the bar model to show the problem then using equipment, number lines and column addition to find the answer.


In English this week we have been looking at descriptive writing. Using the book, The Treehouse and the film clip Zahra, we have created word banks of descriptive language about trees. We went outside to photograph and draw trees on the school grounds. We also took bark rubbings which we turned into a tree in the classroom. Following this, we then used these words to write a description of our own tree. This has linked to our Science work on the function of different parts of plants because we included in our description, information about the roots, truck and leaves. 


 The creature, designed as part of our homework project, was designed to survive in a different environment. Can you tell which animals inspired his model? 



Other children have been using Purple Mash to complete their homework. 



In Science this week we set up an experiment using celery to look at the function of a plant stem. We will be observing what happens over the next few days. We ensured that our test was fair by only changing one variable which in this case was the amount of water we used. 


In Geography this week we have continued to learn all about Europe, looking this week at what makes a capital city. We went on an online tour of Paris and London and used what we saw to design our own new capital city which we then wrote a description about to persuade people to not only visit but also to move to our new location. 


Week beginning 27th January


We have continued to read from the class story, Where my Welles Take Me. We are all enjoying reading about a village walk, learning about the creatures seen along the way and reading the poems that link to the journey. We have especially enjoyed hearing the poems by Ted Hughes as we so enjoyed his book The Iron Man at the start of the year. 


In English this week we have continued with our work linked to Zahra, the film clip all about a girl struggling to cope in her environment. The children were challenged to write their own version of the story. They really impressed not only with their ideas during the shared write but also with their ability to take those ideas and then improve them still further in their independent writing. 


Week beginning 20th January 

Spellings for the next 2 weeks 


On Friday we created our own sums using Chinese numbers. We all really enjoyed writing on the desks.


We created our own non-chronological reports all about Rhinos using our own notes. We looked at other books for ideas about how to layout our pages and make them interesting for the reader.


In our spelling lesson this week we used dictionaries to find other words that followed our spelling pattern. 





Week beginning 13th January 



In Guided Reading this week we looked at the book Whales. We had to decide what the genre of the book was  just from the front cover. Having read the first page, we decided that it was non-fiction. We have written our own questions that we would like to answer about whales.

How long do whales grow?

How old is the oldest whale? 

How long have there been whales?

What is the smallest whale? 


On Wednesday, as part of Perseverance Day, the children visited year 1 and 2 to hear different stories linked to perseverance and then carried out maths and reading tasks based on the stories. In the afternoon, the children had to write up one of the stories they had heard in their own words. We were all really impressed with our handwriting 


In maths we are continuing to multiply a 1 digit number by a 2 digit number. We have been partitioning the 2 digit number first and remembering that when we multiply 30 by 5 it is the same as 3 x 5 x 10.


In PE this week we have been learning how to do forward and backward rolls both from a standing stance and from a kneeing stance. Katie, Aiden and Riley real stood out and impressed Mr Harrison. In our Thursday PE lesson we will be looking at what makes a good game and throughout this term we will be working towards designing our own games. 


Sharing homework linked to the class story, Where My Wellies Take Me. Written all about a family walk in Derbyshire including what she had seen and done during the walk. It was an amazing piece of work which earned a round of applause from the class afterwards. 


The children have started to use Purple Mash this week. They really enjoyed their first session and are looking forward to using it again both in school and at home. 

Week beginning 6th January

Happy New Year 


Spellings for week beginning 6th and 13th January


This week we will be using these books in our English and project lessons 

In English on Wednesday we had to work as part of a group to create our own page for a non-chronological book all about brown bears. We were given a series of facts which we had to cut up and place on the page, grouping related facts together. We then had to peer mark our work giving each other suggestions for improvement.




Week beginning 16th December


We have had a busy time this week. Every morning we have focused on maths, practicing how to divide and multiply by 10 and 100 and halve odd numbers. We have also been solving addition and subtraction questions including those that involve missing numbers. 

Katie has been working hard to extend our square number knowledge so we now know 13 and 14 squared.

On Tuesday we recapped all the spelling rules we have learnt so far this term. We had to sort the words and then describe how they had been sorted. We then used dictionaries to find other words that fitted the rules. 

We have been really enjoying reading our class story, The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch. We have loved predicting what might happen next 


Week beginning 9th December


The year 3 and 4 pupils gave an amazing performance during the Christingle service. Their singing voices were beautiful and their behaviour was a credit to the school.



In our maths lesson, we worked with a partner to solve problems. We had to use perseverance to find all the possible solutions  

In our science lesson this week we investigated how light can change direction by using mirrors and prisms. We continued this work on Friday when we learnt about periscopes and in the afternoon we had a go at making our own to allow us to see round corners. 







Week beginning 2nd December


What a busy week we have had!


Tuesday, for Creativity Day, we painted snowy scenes using water colours. You will be able to see some of our artwork during the Christingle service next Tuesday. We also created a wreath for our classroom door and learnt about the history of wreaths during our reading lesson. 


Throughout the week, as part of Talk for Writing, we have been learning the following letter



We have learnt lots of actions which have helped us to be able to recite the letter off by heart. We then used the structure of the letter on Friday when we wrote a letter from Cinderella to the Ugly Sisters. Deacon was really proud of himself because he wrote 3 pages, the most he has ever completed. Elliott added in humour to his lettersmiley


On Thursday, we had the most amazing trip to the pantomime. We all had the most wonderful time; dancing, singing and being amazed by the magic, including flying horses!


Amy was our Times Table Rockstar for scoring the most points this week. 


Week beginning 23rd November 


This week has been assessment week. The children have really impressed with all their hard work and determination. Millie was our Writer of the Week for her amazing score in the grammar test.

Josh was our Times Table Rockstar for his hard work and determination to score more points.

Poppy was in Achievement Assembly for her amazing attitude towards the tests. She read the questions carefully, took her time and as a result she scored highly.


We have also been continuing to learn the songs for our Christingle performance. Actions have been added and next week instruments will be introduced.


In our reading lessons, we have been using the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. In our lessons we have been predicting, clarifying and questioning. We have created a feelings graph showing how Lucy's emotions changed when she walked through the wardrobe. We have also compared extracts from the book with a film clip and a stage performance of the story. 



In maths this week we were challenged to sort the questions in order of their 'hardness'

We then had to decide on the most efficient method we could use to find the answers. 

We are continuing to work on learning the square numbers up to 12 squared. Katie challenged herself to find 13 squared. 

We are also learning how to halve odd numbers and then using this information to solve other sums 

Half of 3 is 1.5 

Half of 30 is 15 






Week beginning 18th November 


Spellings for this week and next week are words that end in the suffix ous


poisonous, dangerous, mountainous, famous, courageous, various, tremendous, serious


This week we have been writing our own adverts for a new cereal bar. As a class we made the bar then we individually designed our own wrappers thinking about the purpose of the advert and who the target audience was. 




Week beginning 11th November



In Science this week, as part of our topic on Light, we looked at how we can change the colour of light. We discovered that by adding tissue paper to the lamp we could change the colour. We also discovered that if we overlapped the tissue paper, a new colour would be created. We decided to decorate the lamp so we now have a multi coloured lamp shade. 


In English on Monday we shared wrote a new section for the book The Fantastic Flying Books. We were focusing on using conjunctions to extend our sentence but also remembering to use impressive verbs, noun phrases and sentence openers. You can read our extract below;



On Wednesday, having watched another section from the Flying Books, we amazed with our narrative writing. 

Amy wrote; Hearing music, the books scattered from shelf to shelf. Sweet piano tunes echoed through the halls.

Riley wrote; Suddenly, he flew into the evil eye of the tornado and afterwards walked out of the spooky house. All of a sudden, the sky turned blue. 


We have finished reading the book The Iron Woman. We have all really enjoyed reading the book despite a few concerns towards the end that the main characters might have met a sticky end! It was lovely watching the changing expressions on the children's faces as we read the story. We find out at the end of the week what our new class read will be.




On Wednesday we began to plan a new village sign for Bilsthorpe including important images of the village. Photos of the signs will be appearing on here soon


In Maths we have been applying our times table knowledge to help us solve division problems and word problems. Well done to all of those children who have been using Times Table Rockstars. Remember that you can come to school from 8:30 every morning to use the computer suite in school. 


This week Theo was in Achievement Assembly. Deacon was our Times Table Rockstar and the whole class were Writers of the Week for all their epic writing. 


Week beginning 4th November


The spellings we will be learning this week all end in the suffix ation 


information, adoration, sensation, preparation, admiration, station, location, creation, education, estimation 


We were challenged to put jumbled up letters back into words. It helped us that all the words ended with the suffix ation. 


A big well done to our writer of the week Scarlett Parkin for her sentence;


Silently, he dropped a hundred tears because he was all alone and he just wanted to write his books. 


Farrah is in Achievement Assembly this week and Elliott is our Times Table Rockstar. 


This week we have challenged the year 5 class. Remember that Maths club runs every morning from 8:30 and is an excellent time to score more points.


Faith was the winner of the first Best Sentence Award for her sentence;


Underneath the upside down, rusty houses are tiny rocks scattered across the floor while soaking into the ground. 


In English this week we have started to look at the story, The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. The children are really enjoying the story. They have written their own new scenes for the story and made predictions about what they think will happen next.







Week beginning 14th October 


On Friday we worked as part of a group and went on a subtraction hunt. When we found the sums we had to solve them using the most efficient method.



Our class Iron Man/ Woman gallery




A big well done to Faith who was our Times Table Rockstar this week. Not only was she the top scorer but she also worked hard encouraging others to use the site. Elliott was our Writer of the Week for his amazing diary which made Miss Newman laugh so much she couldn't stop laughing!! Summer was in Achievement this week for all her hard work which she completes with a smile on her face.  








Week beginning 7th October


This week in English we used the film clip, Clock Tower, from Literacy shed.



We began the week by creating a feelings graph showing the character's feelings throughout the story. We then used the feelings in a diary we wrote in character as the girl. As a class we then wrote a narrative version of the story. I was so impressed with the children's understanding of the story and their use of descriptive language as you can see in the text below.  

Deacon was our Writer of the Week for his sustained writing and for the pride he showed in his work. Faith was in Achievement for being an all round super star and inspiring ours. Katie was our Times Table Rock star.


As a class we have challenged the year 4 class; here's hoping that this week, through team work and determination we win!


Week beginning 30th October


This week in science we have been learning all about soil; where it comes from, what is made from and why it is so important. We wanted to find out if all soil is the same and having studied different soil samples we can confirm..... that it is very different. 

We have also been drawing different rock and fossil samples.


In maths this week we have been continuing to learn all about addition and subtraction. It was amazing to see the children's excited faces on Wednesday at the thought of doing another addition lesson. Riley quite rightly described himself as an addition expert! 


In English we have been using the Literacy Shed film, The Shoe Maker and we have written our own version of the story focusing not just on impressive adjectives and verbs but also on fronted adverbials. Mrs Pitts loved working with a group of children on Wednesday for a Guided Write. 


We are continuing to read the book The Iron Woman. Some of the children weren't so sure about the book when we first started to read it but the arrival of Hogarth on Wednesday changed all that. Aiden's face was a picture of excitement at the thought that the Iron Man was going to appear in the story. While some are still hopeful for romanceheart, not all are no

Week beginning 23rd September


We had a great time at the Coal Mining Museum on Wednesday. Every single child made the 140m descent in the cage into the mine. Elliott collected the Confidence award in Friday's assembly for the whole class. We learnt a great deal about what life was like for miners. The children were a real credit to our school and made me feel very proud to be their class teacher.smiley



We have started to read the book, The Iron Woman. The children have already begun to make their own predictions about what might happen next; will she meet the Iron Man? If they meet, will they get on? Some are even predicting romance between the twoheart


Ahead of our visit on Wednesday to the National Coal Mining Museum, we have been learning about chronology by placing national events linked to mining along a timeline.


In a Guided Reading lesson, we used the book Town is by the Sea to help us to visualise a scene. The book linked to our project work on what makes a community and in the story the boy's father works in a mine which runs under the sea.  

We all loved the book especially the illustrations which we felt really brought the story to life.


A big well done to Faith who was our Writer of the Week. She always produces writing of high quality that is beautifully presented. Amy was our Times Table Rockstar champ for scoring highly in our competition against the year 6 class.   



Week beginning 16th September 


This week we have looked at maps and compared a map of Bilsthorpe with a map of the centre of Nottingham. We found it far easier to find differences than to find things that were the same. When asked where they would rather live, most of the children said a village because it is quieter and they prefer the green space, but some felt that a city would have more to offer. We then looked at a map of Bilsthorpe from the 1890s. It was a much smaller village before the opening of the mine. 


In our English lessons we have learnt a piece of text from the book The Iron Man, the part where he was trapped in the pit.

We used a text map to help us and then added our own actions. The children picked up the words and actions really quickly. We then altered the text map so that the Iron Man was trapped in a cage instead. 


Our BIG challenge this week is to beat the year 2 class in the Times Table Rockstars Challenge. We have until 8:45 Friday morning to score more points than them. 

Remember that the before school maths club runs every morning from 8:30 and there is no need to sign up, just arrive blush

Week beginning 9th September 


In Art this week we looked at a range of different ways to shade. We will be using these when we move onto drawing our own mining images later in the half term.

On Wednesday we finished reading the book The Iron Man. All the children have really loved the book and were very excited to discover that there was another book in the series, The Iron Woman. We will be moving onto read this book next. 

On Thursday we received a letter from The Iron Man. Having read the letter we discovered that he doesn't understand homophones or the need for capital letters for proper nouns. When we write to him on Friday, we will be including information on how to correctly use homophones and capital letters for proper nouns. 

Wednesday was Aspiration Day. In class we thought about what we want to do when we get older and the type of person we would like to be. We then went to other classes in school to experience different carers. During assembly we were visited by firefighters who told us all about their job.


Week beginning 2nd September


It was lovely to welcome all the new year 3 pupils into class this week. 

In English this week we started our new book, The Iron Man. The children are really loving the book and can't wait to find out what is going to happen next.

In Maths we are working on place value; looking at how much each digit is worth and what happens to the digits when we add 10 and 100.

On Wednesday afternoon, we visited Bilsthorpe Museum.

We began the visit by watching a film showing a re-enactment of a fire in the Bilsthorpe mine. The children asked lots of questions when we had finished watching it. We all enjoyed viewing the objects and trying on a mining outfit.  

Look back with pride and forward with confidence