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Important information 

  • Spelling lists are sent home with the children at the start of each half term and can be found on our class page. The children are tested on their spellings on a Friday.
  • Reading diaries and books need to be in school every day. Diaries are checked every morning. As a school we expect that the children will read at home at least 4 times a week. When a child has a reading signature, they will be able to move up the class reading graph and will also get to write their name on the reading window. In class we share a class story at the end of the day and take part in 3 Guided Reading sessions during the week. We also have Mrs Gillies who comes into school once a week to read with the children. 
  • During Autumn 2 we are very lucky because we have 3 PE lessons each week, on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Remember to have your PE kit in school every day just in case this changes. Also, make sure that you have warm clothing as PE may take place outside.  
  • Homework grids are sent home at the start of each half term. There will be a homework celebration every Friday afternoon where the children will have the chance to share their work with their peers.



Following our letter from the Iron Man, where we learnt that he doesn't go to school himself and that he doesn't understand homophones, we decided to contact him. The following films show our tour of the school and part of the homophone lesson. The full film along with our letters will be posted to the Iron Man. We look forward to his reply.


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Week beginning 5th November

Welcome back. I hope that you all really enjoyed the half term holiday.

This week we finished our class story, The Iron Woman, just in time for the first Iron Woman model to appear in class. Amelia's model, with it's pink hair, looks amazing on display especially when the breeze from an open window blows her hair! 


In maths this week we moved onto multiplying by 3 and 4. We have used lots of models and equipment this week to help us understand what is happening. We have even been able to move onto applying our new knowledge to allow us to solve 30 x 4 and even 160 x 4!


In English we have been looking at performance poetry. Monday's lesson on the poem Chocolate Cake made us all very hungry!

Week beginning 22nd October


This week our biggest Iron Man so far arrived in school. Darryl's model was almost as tall as him!

This week has been assessment week and all the children have worked really hard with their spellings, maths and reading. 

On Tuesday afternoon with Mrs Perkin, we created our own Stonehenge pictures showing the stone circle at sunset. Our artwork is on display outside our classroom.

On Wednesday afternoon as a treat for completing the 100 square the children decorated their own biscuits with Mrs Butt.

A big well done to all the children who have been reading lots at home. George became the first child this week to reach the top of the reading signature graph. 

We have also been working hard on Mathletics. Miss Newman set us the tough challenge of reaching 2000 points each in only on week. We will see on Friday how many children reach this target. 

Week beginning 15th October 

Aspiration Day

It was lovely to see the children dressed in their aspiration outfits. In class we had police dog handlers, hair dressers, footballers and teachers. 


As well as thinking about future careers, we also thought about the type of person we want to be; kind, helpful, hardworking.


During the day we had the chance to try out different careers from engineers through chefs to actors. 

Week beginning 8th October


We are continuing to work on adverbs this week. Our spellings to learn for Friday are; 

lively, lately, exactly, orderly, urgently, promptly, famously, actually, loudly, proudly


In our English lessons this week we have been writing instructions focusing on imperative verbs, conjunctions to extend our sentences and sentence openers. We wrote instructions on how to display Stone Age paintings. 


In Maths we have been learning all about addition and subtraction. We have been using equipment to help us understand exchanging. 

Week beginning 1st October


This week we are moving onto adverbs. Our spellings to learn for Friday are;


sadly, completely, finally, comically, ideally, totally, expertly, quietly, lovely, friendly


We have enjoyed searching for adverbs this week and playing our new favourite game, Guess The Adverb, where we take it in turns to enter the classroom acting out an adverb. We have learnt that while some adverbs end in ly, not all of the do (fast not fastly)


We received our Mathletics codes this week. We have been set the challenge of being the top scoring class in school. Please let me know if your child cannot access the internet at home and I will ensure that they are given time in school.


Yet more Iron Men have been arriving in school. What has really impressed me is how different they all look. What a creative class we are!! I'm looking forward to the first Iron Woman to appear.


We had an amazing time on Friday when we visited Creswell Crags. When we first arrived, we worked as part of a team to build a Stone Age shelter using branches, rope and animal skins. We learnt that Stone Age people used wee to treat the animal skins and that they used to chew the skins to soften them!!!


We then practiced spear throwing (pretend ones of course!) to catch our dinner; reindeer.

Back inside, we got to see a range of animal bones from creatures who once lived on the site. there were some very big, scary looking teeth on display.


After this we learnt about rocks. None of us had realised there were some many different rocks. Our guide, Ian, was super impressed with our ability to identify different rocks.


After lunch, Ian arrived back with us in a strange new outfit. He looked just like a Stone Age man. We went with him to the caves. The location is beautiful, you could understand why Stone Age people made the caves their homes. While in the caves, we sat on animal skins while listening to a story. The children had the chance to join in with the story with a range of instruments. 


Our visit ended with a trip to the gift shop where pencils and rocks were purchased. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all


Week beginning 24th September


We are continuing to look at homophones this week. The spellings we will be learning this are;


meet/meat, medal/meddle, peace/piece, rain/rein/reign, berry/bury, scene/seen, weather/whether, whose/who's


This week started with the exciting arrival of a letter from the Iron Man. It didn't arrive in an envelope, it came in a metal tube. It soon became clear that the Iron Man doesn't understand capital letters and that he needs help understanding homophones. The children thought it would be a great idea to send him a letter back. In the letter we explained to him what homophones are and suggested places he might like to visit on his next trip to Earth. 

We look forward to his reply.


We started to read The Iron Woman this week and have enjoyed comparing this book to The Iron Man. On Friday, we watched the film version of The Iron Man, The Iron Giant, and compared to see which we enjoyed the most. 


In maths we have moved onto addition and subtraction. This week we have been looking at adding single digits to 3 digit numbers and adding multiples of 10 and 100 to 2 and 3 digit numbers. We looked at which digits changed and which remained the same. 


In PE this week we have continued with tag rugby. Our sports coach was so impressed with our passing skills that he said we were the best year 3 class he had taught. 


Cian is in Achievement Assembly this week. During Guided Reading  we had the word atop and he was able to not only explain what the word meant but also put it into a sentence. 


Another Iron Man model appeared in school this week. George's model has now joined Olly's model by our Iron Man display. 


The children have continued to read lots at home. George was the first child to reach the target on our class reading graph so got a treat from the prize box. Who will be next?

Week beginning 17th September


Our spelling test on Friday is on the following homophones. The children will be tested  on the spelling of the words and on whether they understand the correct meaning. 


great/grate, hear/here, he'll/heel,heal, plain/plane, missed/mist, main/mane, grown/groan, knot/not


Well done to Olly who  was in Achievement Assembly this week for his amazing Iron Man model built at home. I look forward to seeing other models appearing in school and to displaying them in class. 


We finished reading the book The Iron Man this week. We have all really enjoyed the book and are looking forward to starting our new book, The Iron Woman next week. It will be interesting to compare the two books.




Our topic lessons this week linked to The Iron Man. We searched maps to locate key countries mentioned in the story. We also used Google Earth to firstly find Bilsthorpe then zoomed out to Nottingham, Europe and then the rest of the world. Along the way, we planned future foreign holidays.


We have been continuing to read The Boy With the Bronze and in our English lessons we have been acting out conversations between the two main characters which we have then written with a focus on inverted commas. 


In maths we have continued to learn all about place value, moving onto number sequences and patterns this week. Next week we move onto addition and subtraction. 


We ended the week with the exciting news that the Iron Man has sent us a reply to our letters. Fingers crossed his letter should be with us Monday.

Week beginning 10th September


Wow, what a great first week.


In Maths this week we have started our topic on Place Value and have been learning all about the importance of counting in 10s, 100s and 1000s. We have used a range of equipment to help us make different 3 and 4 digit numbers. The children have really impressed with their ability to make connections between different numbers facts.


We began English this week with a new book, The Boy with the Bronze Axe. Having read the opening paragraph, we were challenged to use what we had learnt to build our own Stone Age settlement. We have also looked at different word classes (adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs) We have moved onto look at noun phrases and prepositions. On Friday we wrote a description about a scene from the book.


Our Reading this week has linked to The Iron Man. We have been looking at the use of language within the text and the fact that the words don't always mean what they say. The sea chewed at the beach, had nothing to do with the sea gaining teeth, instead it was telling us that the tide was coming in. Most of the children feel sorry for the Iron Man even though he keeps eating the farmers tractors! As a class we are loving the story and can't wait to find out what happens next. 



We had a great tag rugby lesson with Mr Cook this week. Leanie impressed with her throwing skills and Olly, Cody, James and Skyla impressed with their moving to find space.


We have made a great start to our reading signature graph. Our target is to read at least 4 times in a week. Diaries are checked daily and as well as moving up the graph, the children also get the chance to write their names on the classroom window every time they have read.

We welcomed Mrs Gillies this week to our class. She will be reading with the children on a Thursday afternoon 


A massive well done to Louis who is the first person in Achievement Assembly. I could have picked any of the values for Louis but decided to settle on Pride. His smile after the Beat That tables test was amazing and his epic score was due to all his hard work learning his tables facts at home. 

Look back with pride and forward with confidence