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Year 3 - South America

Welcome to South America class. 



Mrs Reynolds

Year 3


    Class notice board.

Key dates:

  • Monday 7th May Bank Holiday

  • 15th May Trip to Magna

  • Friday 25th May Inset

  • Monday 4th June Inset

  • Wednesday 11th July Sports day Tuesday 17th July 

  • 19th July Trust Award Ceremony

Important information:

  • Spellings go out on a Monday and are tested on a Friday. If ever spellings get mislaid, there is a copy of the spelling booklet for year 3 where you will find all spellings for this academic year. 
  • Children must come to school everyday equipped with their reading book (from our library with appropriate book band) and reading diary. We endeavor to check these daily but will be checked a minimum of every other day. It is crucial to your child's development and learning that they read 4 times a week, this is our target and we have some incentives to keep us going!
  • Our PE day is Thursday and Swimming on Friday. Please ensure your child brings their PE kits every day in case of last minute changes. and swimming kit on Friday.
  • The school office is going "cashless" and will therefore only be accepting payments via "Parentpay". For more information please visit the "Parentpay" page of our website or contact the school office.
  • Homework grids went out at the beginning of term, this includes 9 tasks based on our topic and involve a range of activities. We love to celebrate homework and we will now complete homework celebrations on Thursdays. 
  • For any other information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and speak to Mrs Reynolds


News letters.

Each half term we will send out a class newsletter with lots of information regarding our learning, exciting dates and things to remember. A copy will also be available to download below.

Star of the week 

Our star of the week this week is:

Jasmine Hughes

Well done!


Achievement certificates.

15/09- Ebony was our star of the week this week for aspiration. Well done! 

22/09- Jayden B was our star of the week this week for perseverance. Great work! 




20/10- Hunter was our star of the week this week for perseverance. Well done!

3/11 Emily was our star of the week this week for perseverance. Super work!

10/11- Callum was our star of the week this week for enjoyment. Great work!

12/01- This week was a whole class certificate for creativity. This children created some great algorithms during our computing work. 

                                    19/01- Billy for responsibility. Well done Billy!        

                                           2/2- Kiah for confidence. Great work Kiah

9/2- Ashton for creativity. You have completed some fantastic writing this week, well done!

16/2- Maisey for confidence. Well done Maisey! 

16/4 Billy for superb concentration in fractions!

23/4 Lilly for outstanding effort in writing and reading aloud!

30/4 Emily for giving 100% effort in all tasks!

7/5  Lexie for trying hard in improving punctuation in her written work 

14/5 Whole class 3 for a wonderful effort in dressing up for our Lottie adventure book!


4/6  Leilani Johnson for dedication and perseverance in all her work. Well done!

18/6 Maisey for being a real trouper and always giving her best. Well done!

25/6 Jayden C for continually using a dictionary for researching homophones.Well done!

4/7 Jayden B for being so enthusiastic, polite and helpful at all times!

13/7 Jasmine Hughes for 100% effort and being a real trouper on Sports Day well done!











Homework grid Summer 1

Year 3 Spring 2 Newsletter

Year 3 summer 1 newsletter

summer 2 newsletter

 Big question 

Spring 2

Would you survive without a skeleton and muscles? 

This half term we are learning all about the body. We will be looking at the nutrients that both animals and humans need. We will also focus on the skeleton and muscles and why these are important. To help the children learn new information we will be looking at information texts and using the internet to research. 


Spring 1

Would you survive the Stone Age?

This half term we are learning all about the Stone Age. We are exploring a range of different books relating to our topic included non- fiction.

W/B 8th January- The children have been using the internet this week to research what the Stone Age is and they have found some fantastic facts! 



Autumn term.

"Would you go and work in the mines?" 



What are Year 3 getting up to in school?

Spring term

26th February 2018This week we have been focusing on instruction writing. We have been reading the story 'How to wash a woolly mammoth,' which we then changed into instructions making sure we included a title, subheadings and imperative verbs. 


WB 15th January 2018- This week is assessment week and the children are showing real perseverance. Well done year 3! 

During our PE lessions we are learning about Irish dancing! Our first lesson was on Tuesday and the children really enjoyed it.



WB 8th January 2018- We have had a very busy first week back! In our English work this week we have been focusing on the story Ug. We have been learning all about speech and inverted commas in writing. The children have created some fantastic pieces of work this week, pictures to follow.



Autumn term

Our fantastic Christingle service - 13.12.2017

A massive thank you to everyone who helped to organise our Christingle service. An extra special thank you to the scouts for donating the Christingles themselves, they were beautiful! 

The children again did us all proud and did a fantastic job of singing and thank you to everyone who came to make this a special evening for them. 



Planting poppies - 10.11.2017

Today, was a very special day at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy. The children all made poppies and wrote lovely messages on them, we then went out and completed a 2 minutes silence. All of the children made me incredibly proud and were respectful when stood there. The poppies look amazing and the children did us all proud. 

 Summer Term

The Big Question is would you have liked to live as an Ancient Egyptian?

wc 16/4  We discussed living near the River Nile and how important it was to the Egyptians. In maths we learned how to measure perimeter and In English we enjoyed imagining what it would be like to live in the British Museum

wc 23/4  Class 3 have been learning how to make direct speech more interesting using adverbs. We learned about numerator and denominator in fractions. We have also discussed the features of a Christian church

wc 30/4 The children enjoyed learning about Tutankhamun and Howard Carter and why pyramids and death masks were so important to the Egyptians.. Class 3 know the meaning of Sarcophagus and Shabti dolls too!  We have learned how to find a tenth as a fraction and decimal.

wc 7/5 We have written a newspaper report on Howard Carter's discovery of the tomb  Tutankhamun. In maths we used our fraction skills to solve word problems.

wc 14/5 Class 3 enjoyed researching Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and why the Egyptians worshipped them. In science we looked at the important things a plant needs to grow. Class 3 went to Magna and had a super time learning about the elements!

wc 21/5 Class 3 have enjoyed writing a narrative about The class book on Lottie's adventures in the British museum.and can now add and subtract fractions too!

w/c 4/6 Class 3 have been learning all about Time and how to write a diary extract, including researching Egyptian Pharaohs. 

w/c 11/6 We have been discussing mummification and how it was a very important job for the servants of the Egyptian Pharaohs and made some clay Shabti dolls. We can use our knowledge of time to work out how long to bake a cake for!

w/c 18/6 Half of class 3 were at Conkers residential and had a fantastic time! The rest of us discussed an enterprise scheme for making money at the School fair by icing buns, learned how to write  a persuasive letter and painted our Shabti dolls!

25/6 Assessment week and sooo hot ! well tried all year 3!

2/7  Learning about 2D /3D shapes, writing a persuasive poster and visiting St Margaret's Church. Lots of interesting facts to find out about this beautiful historic church.. Thank you to all parents who helped accompany us on such a hot day! 

9/7  Making an Egyptian holiday leaflet using persuasive features, learning about grams and kilograms,. using theses skills to bake Egyptian Flat bread! Thank you to all who helped make it a success and it was lovely to see so many parents for the final outcome afternoon!

16/7  Year 3 have been making Egyptian holiday brochures using persuasive features, learning about capacity and volume  We have also been creating  funny Limericks to share with the classsmiley




year 3 Maypole dancing

Visit to St Margaret's Church

Bruce Butt came to visit!

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