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Year 3


Welcome to year 3. Our class teacher is Miss Newman. Mr Harrison takes us for our PE lessons. Mrs Vernon is with us at lunchtime.

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Summer term Key Driver Creative Arts 

Key Concepts Interpretation, Expression, Empathetic Understanding, Communication, Structure


What is truth? What is beauty?

Our work for the first half term will link to this piece of artwork by the French painter Georges Seurat (1859-1891)


We will learn about the artist, where he lived and the period of history he lived in. In our art lessons, we will recreate his art and use his techniques to create our own masterpieces. 

In the second half term ,we will compare Seurat's work to that of the English painter LS Lowry. 

In our music lessons we will be using French music from the second half of the 19 century to help us learn about different musical terms.

In science we will begin by learning about forces, focusing on magnets. After half term we move on to learn about skeletons which will link to bone inspired music lessons. 

We will be continuing to work on the school allotment, planting out and caring for our plants. Here's hoping for lots of lovely warm sunshine, with just the right amount of overnight rain to save us having to water!  



Spring term Key Driver: Geography

Key Concepts: Structure, Interpretation, Problem Solving, Causation and Consequence, Empathic Understanding


Why Move? 

To answer this question we will be learning all about physical features on the landscape including rivers and volcanoes. We will look at how they change the landscape and the impact they have on humans who live close to them. 

In our history lessons we will be learning about the ancient conflict between Athens and Sparta, the Ancient Greek Olympic Games and the impact that the gods had on the Greeks. 

In our science lessons we will be learning about plants; how they move nutrients from the soil and what they need to survive. 

Week beginning 5th July

Week beginning 28th June

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Newspaper reports

Week beginning 25th January

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Week beginning 30th November

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Find our description of a location here. How many of the actions can you remember?

Our cave paintings

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Week beginning 12th October

Here is the copy of the letter we received from the Iron Man. How many mistakes can you find?

Advice to the Iron Man

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Today we received a letter from the Iron Man. We were very excited to hear from him. When we read his letter through we realised that the Iron Man clearly didn't understand homophones, apostrophes or how to use capital letters. We corrected his work and then wrote him letters back


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Week beginning 5th October

Week beginning 28th September

Week beginning 21st September

Achievement assembly

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Achievement assembly 18th September
Look back with pride and forward with confidence