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Year 2 - Hamilton Class

Welcome to Hamilton Class

Year 2

Miss Clarke


PE kit on Monday and alternate Wednesday.

Homework Celebration on Monday.

Read and practise your spellings everyday.

Star of the week

Ella Richardson


Welcome back everyone.  We hope you had a good Easter and are refreshed.


27.4.17 - Forest Walk

On our first forest walk of the summer term we collected nature items on our walk and then used these items to create a summer scene.  Some people chose a sun, a beach or a park.


18.4.17 - Easter writing

During our first week back we have been writing about our Easter holidays.  What an amazing amount of exciting things everyone has been up to.  The class have remembered lots of things that they need to get into their work including adjectives, commas in a list, contractions and conjunctions.


SPRING TERM BIG QUESTION - Would you rather...?

British Queens


20.3.17 - Rufford Abbey


We had a great time at Rufford Abbey on our trip.  We managed to eat our lunch in the sunshine, we sketched different things round the park, looked in the Abbey and found how it linked to Queen Elizabeth I.


13.3.17 - Final outcome

This week we had parents and family in to take part in our final outcome.  Children led a masterclass in how to create a portrait - something that they have been working on in Art lessons.




Freya returned from her holiday this week and has completed homework about her visit to Mauritius.  We snapped a twig that was from the Botanical Gardens and it smelt of mint.  Here are some other things that Freya shared with us:


20.2.17 - English poem

In English, we have been learning the poem using a text map to help.  The class have created the text map themselves to help them remember the poem.  Here is our text map:



We have been working hard on our assessments this week and have the children have really demonstrated resilience.  They have tried their best and persevered.  Well done Hamilton Class!


30.1.17 - Forest Walk

This week we used leaves, twigs and other natural items to create a person using split pins.  Here are some great examples:




23.1.17 - Homework

Jessica's Buckingham Palace model is great!  She followed the instructions to create the model with some help from Granddad.  Well done!


16.1.17 - English

We have been looking at the features of a non-fiction text and re-organising our original text.


9.1.17 - Forest Walk and Maths

This week on Forest Walk we created 'winter journey sticks'.  We looked for items that represent winter and tied these on with string.

In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing using objects.



5.1.17 - Beginning our new topic.

Today we got immersed in our new topic for this term. Our Big Question is 'Would you rather...?' We started by dressing smartly and reenacted parts of a wedding.  We will be exploring two British Queens from the past and understanding what they did for Britain.  After that we will make comparisons to modern royalty, what religious values they followed and compare Royal weddings.  

BIG QUESTION - Would you survive...?

The Great Fire of London.


14.12.16 - Hedgehog houses

On our forest walk, we had team leaders (who became team leaders from finding the longest stick) who helped their team make hedgehog houses.  The winning team included Milla, Ella, Lewis and Jasmine.  Here is their hedgehog house:



9.12.16 - Class reward

Woohoo! We have filled our pasta jar this week as we have worked really hard this term.  Next week the class have chosen to have a PJ and DVD afternoon. We can't wait!


30.11.16 - Pirate forest walk

On our forest walk this week we became pirates who had to scavenge for different items.  Most of us found a hook (bendy stick), an eye patch (a big leaf) and a plank to walk.  There were plenty of 'Ooh arr' in the forest.

Billy also found something interesting on a branch.  What could it be?


21.11.16 - English

In English, we started off our lesson pretending we were in a Formula 1 race.  We discussed what it would feel like to be Lewis Hamilton if he was in pole position and if he wasn't.  We discussed feelings and emotions and began to use our text map to learn all about a diary entry.


18.11.16 - Anti-bullying week and library visit

During anti-bullying week we have looked at cyberbullying and what this actually means.  We discussed what we had to do if we needed to deal with a bullying incident online.  

This week we also visited the library and listened to some great stories that were read to us.  We then got a chance to look around the library and decide what books we would like to read.


7.11.16 - Maths

In maths, we have been using number lines to add and subtract.  We had to remember that when we add the biggest number goes at the start of the number line and when we subtract the biggest number goes at the end.  Counting forwards and backwards in 10s has become something we can do really well!



4.11.16 - Achievement

Before half term, Milla was chosen to represent Bilsthorpe library at a special awards ceremony at Mansfield.  This was in recognition of The Big Friendly Reading Challenge that she completed during the summer holidays.  There were over 10,000 children took part in Nottinghamshire.  Well done Milla!




17.10.16 -Art


This afternoon we have been testing what colours and styles work best for when we create our own fire of London picture.



We have continued to look at the replies to the emails sent last week.  The children have really enjoyed waiting for these and we will do this again to share what we are doing in school.  We looked at St Paul's Cathedral and family members helped us find adjectives that would describe it.  There has been some amazing homework again this week - check out the pictures.  Lastly, a massive WELL DONE to everyone this week as we managed to get 100% attendance!  We will look forward to our non-uniform day as a reward.




30.9.16 - Computing

This week we have been preparing for our computing lesson.  We have discussed what an email is, how to stay safe when using these and why people are using email.  Next week we will be using an app to send emails to you at home.


23.9.16 - Science investigation

This week we have set up our science investigation to see where the best place for seeds to grow will be.  We have put one outside, one at the front of the classroom, one on top of a cupboard, one on a window sill and one that is covered up.  We will let you know what happens.


16.9.16 - Introduction to The Great Fire of London.

This week we have found out more about our topic.  After building our houses last week, we put all our houses together to create our street and witnessed our own FIRE!  We spoke about how the fire spread and how we felt about it.  

8.9.16 - Homework and holiday.

Today we have been sharing what we have been doing over the holiday.  There has been a wedding, quad biking, visits to the beach, lots of ice-cream eating, fishing and even some homework going on.  Here are some examples:

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