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Year 1

Our teacher is Miss Dodsworth.

Our teaching assistant is Miss Monger and Mrs Brown will also be work with us everyday.


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 What does art say about emotions?


Key Driver: Creative Arts

Key Concepts: structure, interpretation, expression, communication and empathetic understanding.

This term our learning will be supported by our focus piece of art, 'The bathers at Asniéres' by Georges Seurat. 

In creative arts, we will be learning about primary and secondary colours and how mood and emotions are portrayed through artwork and music. We will then learn how we can use our art skills to create artwork to portray different emotions. We will be using mixed medias to practice our skills, including ICT, paints, pastels and pencil drawings. All our hard work over this term will then be showcased in a large version of our focus piece made up of a section of each child's work. 

In DT, we will be creating bridges, just like the one in the painting. We will then be completing trials and texts to check their strength and to find out ways in which we can make a stronger structure. 

In science we will be learning about our bodies and plants. We will have the opportunity to go the the allotment to plant some seeds and look after them at they grow. We will also be dissecting flowers and completing nature walks to find out all about flowers and their natural habitats. 

In PSHE we will be talking about keeping our bodies healthy, growing and changing and money. 

In RE we will continue to explore different faiths and beliefs.


 What makes an environment?


Key Driver: Geography

Key Concepts: Structure, Interpretation, Problem solving, Causation and Consequence, Empathetic Understanding.

This term we are learning all about different environments. 

In Geography we will be looking at the seasons that we experience, identifying them by their features. We will be learning about the earth and the equator which will help us with our understanding when we explore hot and cold places.

In science we will begin by learning about the weather and link this to our knowledge of the seasons. We will then move on to learning about organisms and animals that we find within the environment. We will learn about their structure and the food they eat by grouping them into categories including herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. This will enable us to think more deeply about how the environment benefits us and the animals that live within them. 

In PSHE we will be discussing the factors that can cause problems in the environment and how we can reduce the harm caused by these on our local environment. 

We will use our music lessons to enrich our learning about the weather through experimenting with different instruments and sounds. 

In RE we will continue to explore different faiths and beliefs to gain a greater understanding of our place within our environment. 




Our amazing project learning but at home!


 What does it mean to belong?


Key Driver: History

Key Concepts: Law, empathetic understanding, causation and consequence, interpretation, equality


In Year 1, we will be looking back at key events in our lives and sequencing these events on our own timeline. We will also be observing how things have changed over time, thinking about the materials they are made from and the uses that they have. We will be talking about how toys have evolved over time, highlighting the key differences between toys that we play with today and toys that our grandparents may have played with.

Achievement assembly

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Achievement assembly 18th September
Look back with pride and forward with confidence