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Van Gogh's Sunflowers

6.6.16 This week we have been reading the book Dear Greenpeace about a little girl called Emily thinks she has a whale in her pond so she writes a letter to Greenpeace to ask for help. 
We have been mixing different shades of blue to paint our blue whales. 
We have been using different coins to pay for items.
We used shells and different beads with dough to express our own ideas.
20.5.16 Our achievement certificate this week goes to Dexter Straw for Aspiration, he has been solving sharing problems and continuing get to do them in his own independent learning time.
16.5.16 This week we have been reading the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we have been looking closely at our own caterpillars grow. They have now turned into cocoons.
Mrs Jackson and the children have been planting potatoes in the garden and we have beans and carrots to plant soon.
Our achievement certificate this week goes to Nathan Dale - Brailsford for great progress in phonics and joining in with group activities.
9.5 16 This week we have been reading the story The Very Lazy Ladybird and thinking about how we should always have a go at things and not be like the lazy ladybird who didn't even try to fly just hopped on passing animals to get to places. 
The children have been exploring sounds and the way they can be changed using different objects.
We like to write new sounds we are learning in phonics.
2.5.16 This week we have been looking at information books about bugs and different mini beasts.
We looked at how an information page is set out and matched text to pictures.
18.5.16- 29.5.16 We are reading the story The Enormous Turnip and have been rebelling the story using story maps and actions.
We made vegetable soup handling the tools carefully. We enjoyed eating it very much!
11.2.16 We have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We have read the story about how the animals were chosen to have the New Year named after them. We have learned that red and gold are lucky colours.
We have been trying to use chopsticks,Louis has been showing us how to do it.
Chinese writing is very different to ours and we have had a go at writing the animal names.
We celebrated Pancake day by eating pancakes!
We have been putting eyes on our monsters to match the number.
 5.2.16 Our achievement certificate this week goes to Louis Cheng for writing his name so beautifully.
Our theme this week has been castles and we have been looking at an information book about castles.
We have been finding the heaviest items by weight and beginning to measure short periods of time.
We used Simple City to create buildings on the computer.
We having been holding a shape on the apparatus and balancing using one foot or hand on the apparatus. We have been jumping from the A frames and travelling across the bench.
29.1.16 George Watson receives our certificate this week for enjoyment in PE listening carefully, following instructions and making creative shapes on the apparatus. 
We have been reading the story Snowballs which has given us some great ideas for our own snowman creations.
We have been continuing patterns and creating our own.
In PE we have been using our bodies to create shapes and holding them on the apparatus.
Our achievement certificate this week goes to Amelia Hessey for responsibility for helping Nathan in the unit and encouraging him to do the right thing.
18.1.16 This week we have been reading the story Penguin Small by Mick Inkpen about a penguin who travels from the North Pole to the South Pole by hat and whale because he thought he could'nt fly but found he could.
We found different ways to pay for items using 1p,2p, 5p and 10p coins.
The children loved their PE lesson today with Mr Brown they used the apparatus to balance on with their hand or foot and jumped from idifferent sized A frames. They travelled along beams improving their balancing skills and confidence.
15.1.16 Our achievement certificate for enjoyment goes this week to Nathan Dale - Brailsford for settling so well into a full day at school, sitting and joining in and really enjoying himself! 
11.1.16  We continued with our theme Stickman creating him indifferent ways.

We talked about our own family and made our own family with sticks, pets included.


We looked at money and found the coins to pay for different toys.

  8.1..16    Happy New Year, welcome back to school!

We are enjoying our learning times in our new classroom and we have all settled really happily into our new routine. We are all getting used to our reorganised FSU offering more opportunities for independent learning.

This week and next we are reading the story Stickman a lovely story by Julia Donaldson  with lots of rhyme. Stickman has lots of adventures being used as different items but desperate to get back to his family home.


Our achievement certificate  for enjoyment this week goes to Harry Georgiou for  settling in so easily to BFHA, always having a big smile and being so enthusiastic about all we do.

Foundation Stage Presents ' A Wriggly Nativity' : Meet the Cast

Welcome to F2!     



We are the Van Gogh Sunflowers.


  Our achievement certificate this week was awarded to Dexter Straw for being so enthusiastic about learning and pushing himself that little bit further.




PE is on Thursday your child needs a white t-shirt and a pair of black or blue shorts.



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23.11.15 This week our theme has been weddings.We have been reading the story The Scarecrows Wedding. We have designed our own wedding cakes using different materials.
We having been using the language of time and had a go at making o'clock times.
16.11.15 This week we have been reading The Little Yellow Chicken a story about a chicken whose friends won't help her prepare for a party but when it is ready they are all hungry! The Chicken is kind and so lets her friends come even though Grandma tells her to eat it all herself! We dressed in party clothes on Friday and followed instructions to make a jam sandwich for the party.

12.11.15 This week we having been learning about Divali the Hindu festival of light. We read the story of Rama and Sita and how they were sent into the forest for 14 years. They returned, after defeating the evil ten headed monster Ravana and were guided by diva lamps. We made diva lamps from salt dough.


Padi came to talk to us about how Hindus celebrate Divali and brought lots of special food that is eaten to celebrate.
We looked at rangoli patterns and created our own symmetrical patterns.
This week our theme is bonfire night. We have been reading the story 'Owl Babies'. In numeracy we have been finding separating 3 or 4 objects in different ways. 
We used number lines to find 1 more than a given number.
We found things that were taller and shorter than a ruler
We had a go at writing numbers and making marks to represent numbers.
We made sparklers from chocolate fingers dipping them in chocolate stars and hundreds and thousands yummy!
This week we have been learning about patterns how to follow them and create them.
We made spotty biscuits for dotty day
We made pumpkin soup which was yummy!
We made spider web plates using our hands as spiders and improved our finger grip to thread the web.
We have great fun investigating the inside of pumpkins and squashes.
We had our Harvest Festival and collected food for the local food bank. We read the story The Gigantic Turnip and estimated and counted to check in Numeracy.
Here are our pictures from today's Forest Walk as you can see the children had a great time travelling through grass and mud just like the family in We're going on a Bear Hunt !
Look back with pride and forward with confidence