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School Council 2022 - 2023


Welcome to our school council page!  


We have just elected our new school council representatives for this year.  After learning what the British Value of democracy is, classes voted for their own representatives. 


Year 6 children have the opportunity to represent the whole school at the Flying High Trust Children's Parliament meetings.  Those that wanted to, wrote a speech and presented it to the school in an assembly.  The children in the school then had a week to vote for their favourite. 

If was extremely close but a huge well done to Deacon and Amy who were elected.





The school council display is complete

We are currently having a focus on RESPECT from our Bilsthorpe HERO

Respect everyone and everything at all times. 


School council members will be rewarding pupils with a special sticker if they see them showing respect around school. 


School Council members were pleased to receive their special badges today and have already begun to make plans for the school Christmas Fair in today's meeting!

Today we met to discuss a sustainability project that we are starting in school: paper recycling. We agreed some actions and can't wait to launch the project in assembly next week.

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Our School Parilament representatives had the privilege of visiting the Flying High Trust HQ today- they enjoyed meeting representatives from other schools and sharing ideas for their sustainability project. The sweets and biscuits were a bonus too!

The recycling project was launched in assembly today...we can't wait to see how much paper we can recycle as we begin to do our bit to save the planet.

During our meeting today, we made posters to remind everybody what can be put into the recycling bins.

We have written some letters to local businesses asking for some donations to help us to improve our quad area. We hope they can help!

Wow! We have already had a reply from Tesco in Ollerton who have kindly given us £200 towards improvements to our outdoor area! Amy wrote the letter so she went to collect the cheque along with George who has already done a lot of work improving the quad area

School council 2021 to 2022


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We meet as a school parliament every week.  During our meetings we discuss what things are going well, what things we could improve on and what new and exciting things we could get involved with!  We do this by making a stand for our school values:










Once we have made decisions we decide whether it something we need to solve it as a group, take it back to our classes, share with Miss Hodkinson or raise it as a whole school issue during the weekly whole school assembly.


In the past year we have discussed and attended some exciting issues and events. 

Look back with pride and forward with confidence