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At Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy we believe that reading  skills are important factors towards every child's success in school and their future. In addition, reading can be a fun and imaginative activity for children, which opens doors to all kinds of new worlds for them.

Across school we expect children to be reading at least four times a week at home. In school, we provide a variety of reading opportunities in all areas of their learning. Guided reading lessons run 3 times a week in classes and involve a variety of text types. We also focus on key skills each half term, our current reading focus is:

Understanding the whole text!

This involves:

  • Identify main ideas and themes in a wide range of books and understand how these are developed over a text.
  • Identify how structure and presentation contribute to meaning.
  • Make comparisons within and across texts.
  • Identify how language contributes to meaning.
  • Evaluate the text.

Feel free to use these skills to question your children when listening to them read. 

So far this year we have also looked in depth at:

  • Skills and strategies to read for understanding.
  • Inferential understanding.

For more information on reading throughout the school, please find our reading guide for parents document below. 

What is reading comprehension?

A child's development in reading comes down to two parts: reading the words & understanding what they have read. 

To help your child read the words, throughout Key Stage 1 and even into year 3, children are given regular phonics sessions. At Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy we follow the LCP phonics scheme. For help understanding this or for more ideas, head to our phonics page using the link below: 

For help with understanding the words, it is important to ensure children are predicting what might happen, reflecting on what has happened and discussing key parts of the text. to help with this at home, please find helpful reading comprehension guides and links below:


Reading for pleasure

We understand that sometimes children may be reluctant to read at home, to help overcome this we have some top tips to help engage readers and create a positive reading atmosphere at home. 

  • Introduce a reading rewards chart at home, celebrate when your child is reading with them and work towards a goal or reward. There is an example reading chart below for you to download and use at home if you want! 
  • Encourage them to read to animals if possible, sometimes readers may be reluctant as they are self-conscious of their reading ability, sometimes reading to an animal who is not going to "judge" them can help to build their confidence. 
  • Creating a quiet, comfortable reading space. Giving children a special area all to themselves helps to make reading fun and pleasurable, in Year 4 the children like to dim the lights, put their feet up and put on some calming music. 
  • Encourage reading in lots of setting, who doesn't love to relax in the park/ on the beach with a good book? 

All staff at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy are eager to hear your amazing ideas and celebrate every child's achievement. If you try out one of these ideas take some pictures and bring them in so we can celebrate with the children! 

Look back with pride and forward with confidence