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At Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy we use LCP for the teaching and learning of phonics.  This is a structured programme that takes children through their phonics learning from making and hearing sounds in the early years, through learning 44+ phonemes during Reception and Year 1, leading onto learning more complex spelling strategies in Year 2.

Phase 1-5 Guide for Parents

What is Phonics?

At the end of Year 1, all children have to undertake the Year 1 Phonics Screening.  Working 1:1 with their teacher, children will read 40 words, some of which are real and some of which are pseudo (made up/'alien') words containing the 40+ phonemes they have learned during their first two years in school.  The pass mark is usually around 32 and children who do not reach this standard will receive extra phonics support in Year 2 and resit the screening at the end of the following year.

There are lots of websites that you can use with your children to support their phonics learning at home. Each week, we will update you below on which sounds we are looking at. We will also try to add some videos of each sound to help at home, sometimes of the children and sometimes from YouTube.

Look back with pride and forward with confidence