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Mr H Challenge BC

This is a fun challenge which will develop your skills in hand eye coordination!
Let's see how many you can get :)

All Rounder Challenge

This tests all your skills and its good to have all the skills which will make you a world class Cricketer!

Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week: Friday - All Rounder Challenge

This is the final challenge of the week and its a tester! This will develop all your skills and be a lot of fun in the process! Let's see all your amazing attempts! Mr H will share his attempts later and those from in school and home who send them in :)

Smashing Top of off

My attempt of completing the legend Heather Knight's Top Of Off challenge! Let's see all your fantastic attempts!

Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week: Thursday - Top of Off with Heather Knight

The legend Heather Knight is taking us through how to become a world class bowler! Everyone give it a go and show us your fantastic skills!

Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week: Wednesday - Cricket Fit Session with Charlotte Edwards

Here is a session from England's most decorated women's player in history Charlotte Edwards! She is going to get us all up and active which will put a massive smile on our face! Get ready to smash it!

The theory activity for the National Cricket Week

This is the plan for the Last Batter Stands

Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week: Tuesday - Last Batter Stands with Michael Vaughan

The second challenge is now live! The legend Michael Vaughan is going to take us through a drill to make us the best batters in the world! Give it a go and remember to show us all at school!


Hi, it's International Olympic Day so the challenge this week is Olympics' related. The link below also takes you to some amazing, fun, exciting activities which are absolutely fantastic. The link will also guide you through how to win the school some EPIC PRIZES! So get smashing these challenges and have loads of fun!

Here's the link:

Strictly Come Catching

Hope you've all enjoyed todays first challenge and it's put a massive smile on all your faces! I know it did mine! Think we are close to our next tea break 😂

Arts and Crafts Cricket Style

Plan for Strictly Come Catching

Yorkshire Tea National Cricket Week: Monday - Strictly Come Catching

Hi everyone, this is the legends talking you through how the week is going to play out. Mark Wood shows you the first challenge of Strictly Come Catching. I will be giving this a go and looking silly! I hope you all give it a go and send in all your funny videos giving this challenge a go!
I will also share the plan on how the activity looks and the home learning challenge for arts and crafts.


Still image for this video
Hi everyone, I hope you are all super happy and smiling! If you haven't got a big smile on your face this is sure to make you smile! This week is national cricket week and legends of the cricketing world are giving us challenges to complete. I will be giving all the challenges a go and having loads of fun for you to see! Remember don't be strangers and send in your attempts at the challenges!

It's the final event, the Mini Relay Marathon and its live! Let's smash this final event like we have done the rest of the day!

I am super proud of everyone! The final push to get us to the top! 

Event 5 The Mini Relay Marathon 2-3pm- 

The Fourth event is now live! The final push lets get BFHA to the trophies!

Event 4 The Sock Putt 1-2pm -

The Third event is now live! I'm SUPER PROUD of you all! Let's keep going past half way now!

Event 3 The Sock and Spoon 12-1pm -

The Second event is now live! Same again upload your scores onto the form and get BFHA to the top!

Event 2 Hurdles 11-12am -

Hi guys! The first event is live! Lets get all our scores sent over before 11 so we score loads of points for BFHA!

We will smash this Sports Day!

Event 1 Triple speed bounce 10-11am-

Mr Harrison's Sports Day Challenge

Here is a video before the big day! Let's get practising and having loads of fun whilst doing it! Mr H is super proud of all your efforts, let's smash this sports day👊😁

Virtual Sports Day Timetable

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On the 10th of June the big day is here! The virtual sports day will be taking place from 10am-2pm. In each of the hour time slot there will be a different event which will be taking place. Each event has its own link which will be shared via the school website, purple mash blog pages and text.
You have two days to get practising! Have loads of fun and try your best.

The Mini Marathon

Still image for this video
Guys this is the biggest sports event yet. It's The Mini Marathon, lets get practising and show the trust we are the best!

Team BFHA smashing The Sock Putt

Hope you have all had a brilliant holiday practising The Sock Putt! Here's team BFHA smashing the event!

The Sock Putt

Still image for this video
Hi everyone! Mr Darby has got us another sports day event to practise. Let's get busy and show the trust we are the best!
Hope everyone has a fantastic week off and stay safe :)

The sock and spoon

Get practising everyone! Have loads of fun over the holiday and stay safe!

The Sock and Spoon

Still image for this video
This is event 3, The Sock and Spoon. Remember to keep practising and let us know how you are getting on.
Let's smash it guys!

Team BFHA smashing the Hurdles

Get practising guys! Let's show the trust how amazing we are!

The Hurdles

Still image for this video
This is the second event of the virtual sports day. Lets get practising woooooo!

Triple Speed Bounce

The BFHA team giving the Triple Speed Bounce event a go!

Week 2- Fielding

Each week we are getting close to a full game of cricket on the BG! :)

The Triple Jump Speed Bounce

Still image for this video
The first event for our trust virtual sports day. Get practicing guys, lets show everyone we are the best!

Virtual Sports Day

Still image for this video
Alongside Mr Harrison's challenges there is even more! The Trust are holding a virtual sports day on the 10th of June.
Mr Darby will be uploading new events each week to practice so keep on the look out across social media and the website.
Let's have fun, practice and show everyone we are the best! :)

Lets Play Cricket in the BG

Hi Guys, over the next couple of weeks the videos will be around fun cricket games to play in the back garden. By the end of 3 sessions Mr Harrison will be able to show you how to play a full game of Cricket in the back garden using equipment from home. Have loads of fun and let Mr Harrison know how you get on! :)

Fitness Challange w:c 27 04

Hi, you can adapt the times of activity and rest and this will just increase the amount of rounds you do within the 10 minutes. You can identify the corners however you like (favourite footballer, favourite songs, ANYTHING!). Let me know how you get on. Have loads of fun!

Mr Harrison's knock down challenge

Still image for this video
In this video, Mr Harrison explains how to setup and play your own knock down challenge; helped by his sister, Miss Harrison (a special guest from Ladybrook FHA).

The knock down challenge - more challenging!

Still image for this video
In this video, Mr Harrison shows how you can change the rules to the knock down challenge, to make it more challenging!

Dodge ball challenge

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In this video, Mr and Miss Harrison will show you how to set up your own dodge ball challenge.
Look back with pride and forward with confidence