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A Day In Nursery

No day is the same in Nursery, there is always something new to learn and memories to be made. However, a typical day at Bilsthorpe flying high nursery would include:


  • Morning self-registration and name writing practise. A recap of our number of the week.
  • Child initiated provision through free flow between the indoor and outdoor environment.  
  • A interactive phonics and maths session.
  • Additional free flow indoor and outdoor provision where the staff will work closely with the children observing the children leading their own learning, which allows for assessments to be made.
  • Children will come together as a group for snack time, where a story or rhyme will be shared together.
  •  Another group session to support our communication and lanuage skills where we will explore and learn though our big enquiry question.
  • To finish our session, we always reflect on our day and share our favourite moments and learning. 
Look back with pride and forward with confidence