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School Council

Welcome to our school council page!

We have just elected our new school council representatives for this year.  After learning what the British value of democracy is, classes voted for their own representatives. 

Year 6 children have the opportunity to represent the whole school at the Flying High Trust Children's Parliament meetings.  Those that wanted to, wrote a speech and presented it to the school in an assembly.  The children in the school then had a week to vote for their favourite. 

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We are currently having a focus on RESPECT from our Bilsthorpe HERO: 

Respect everyone and everything at all times. 

School council members will be rewarding pupils with a special sticker if they see them showing respect around school. 

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We meet as a school parliament every week.  During our meetings we discuss what things are going well, what things we could improve on and what new and exciting things we could get involved with!  We do this by making a stand for our school values:








Once we have made decisions we decide whether it something we need to solve it as a group, take it back to our classes, share with Mrs Pavier or raise it as a whole school issue during the weekly whole school assembly.