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Modern Foreign Languages

Through the teaching of our Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy, we not only allow our children to experience the Spanish language, but we also try to encourage them to understand the language and culture of other European countries during our Culture/Languages Day. Through the delivery of Spanish we hope to instil a sense of intrigue and curiosity amongst our children. We hope that this will sew the seed for children wanting to travel and our children will aspire to explore the wider world themselves one day.  

Through the delivery of our Spanish curriculum our children are exposed to a plethora of vocabulary, we ensure that not only do we expose them to this orally but we also ensure they have opportunities to read and write using their new vocabulary too.  In our Spanish lessons we ensure that we approach the curriculum in a variety of ways in order to engage our children and allow them the opportunity to develop a love of Spanish and enjoyment for the discovery of a new language. We hope that this will continue to develop as they progress through school and onto secondary school. 

Our language learning begins in Nursey, Foundation stage and Key stage 1 where pupils start to speak in Spanish and work on building up their memory skills, from topics such as ‘Animals’, ‘Musical Instruments’, ‘Fruits’, ‘Vegetables’, ‘Shapes’, ‘Ice-Creams’ etc.  

In lower Key Stage 2 pupils build up a larger bank of spoken vocabulary. Pupils further their knowledge by learning how to create longer and more complex spoken and written sentences within a topic, in units including: ‘Pets’, ‘Family’, ‘My Home’, ‘Habitats’, ‘Romans’, ‘The Date’, ‘The Weather’, ‘Clothes’ etc. 

Upper key Stage 2 Pupils develop spoken, writing and reading fluency further by increasing the amount of language they attempt to use and focus on the accuracy of their pronunciation. This expansion of spoken, written and reading tasks takes place in a number of our Progressive units including: ‘At School’, ‘The Weekend’, ‘Me in the World’, ‘Healthy Lifestyles’, ‘The Planets’, ‘WWII’. 

To support our school in teaching foreign language lessons, we have subscribed to the ‘Language Angels’ platform. As part of the foreign language lessons we now provide at school, we are able to give your child access to fun and educational interactive language games and karaoke song videos for them to play at home. This is a really great way to help consolidate and embed the language teaching we are doing in class, so we’d love as many children as possible to use the online resources within Language Angels to help develop their foreign language skills. The games and karaoke videos can be accessed safely and securely through either the Language Angels app (available from the Apple App store or the Google Play store) or via the Language Angels website

Your child’s login details, to access Language Angels, will be put in their diaries. Access to these areas is completely safe for pupils, as there is no way for children to be able to contact or interact with anyone else.