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At Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy, History is so important that we designate a whole term to the subject. In the autumn term History is the driver subject but it is also taught throughout the year to enhance our other subjects. History is celebrated throughout school in our immersive corridors and displays which reflect the learning and the history of our local area. To further enhance local history learning we have close links to the local Bilsthorpe Mining Museum.  

In FS the children begin by learning about their family history then move onto learning about the history of the last 100 years. KS2 learning begins in the Stone Age then moves chronologically through the Romans, Anglo Saxons, before ending with the World Wars in Y6.  

Interpreting sources of information is a key part of our disciplinary knowledge. We start in EYFS knowing that stories can tell you about the past. As children progress through KS1 they learn how to ask a range of questions about artefacts and sources from the past. In Y4, children learn how to compare both primary and secondary sources of information considering the positives and negatives presented and evaluate the usefulness of different sources of information. In Y6, the children learn know how to offer some reasons for different versions of events explaining which is most accurate and why  

By the end of their time in our school, children will have a good understanding of chronology and leave with a breadth of knowledge and understanding of different historical periods and how they link together.


During the autumn term our Enquiry homework links to the history learning and children are encouraged to complete their own creative projects which are showcased at the end of the term. In class learning is supported by visits which enhance the children’s learning. Lessons are planned to allow hands on learning; be that acting out the Roman invasion of Britain or recreating the Great Fire of London using models the children have built themselves.  









Take a look at some of our History driver displays: