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Design and Technology

  • In Early Years, the key knowledge progression document takes reference from the following documentation: Early Years Framework, Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters.
  • At Key Stage 1 and 2, the Key Knowledge Progression Document takes full account of the National Curriculum’s requirements and groups these into the following strands:
    • Design
    • Make
    • Evaluate
    • Using Technical Knowledge
    • Cooking and Nutrition
  • These strands have been selected to reflect the key knowledge and skills in the National Curriculum subject content.
  • Children should work in a range of relevant contexts, for example in Year 1 the pupils prepared and made afternoon tea for their parents, but in Year 4 the pupils designed and made outfits for dolls that represented Roman-inspired outfits.
  • Skills are dependent on specific knowledge. A skill is the capacity to perform and, in order to perform, a deep body of knowledge needs to be acquired and retained. These knowledge statements should be what pupils retain forever. In other words, this knowledge is within their long-term memory and will be retained.
  • When considering pupils’ improvement in subject-specific vocabulary, pupils could be provided with a knowledge organiser which contains the relevant words used for design and technology for their age group.