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Academy CLOSED - Thursday 1 March 2018

Dear Parents,
We have taken the tough decision to close Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy School tomorrow (Thursday 1st March). 

Many local headteachers have consulted and come to a joint decision based on all the information we have available.


Considering further snow forecast overnight, temperatures of -7 degrees and the possibility of treacherous road conditions during the start of the school day, it feels that closing is reluctantly the correct decision to make.

I have been back to school this evening and the surrounding roads and immediate school grounds are already very dangerous.
We would prefer to wait until the morning but we understand that this can also cause problems for families trying to organise childcare.

This has been a very difficult decision to make but ultimately we put the safety of all children, families and all staff first. 
We are sure that families will understand our plight and despite the inconvenience caused they will support our decision wholeheartedly.

Kind regards,
Anne Ingle

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