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Moving Schools

Finding a school because of a house move.


It is really important that you first find out if there are spaces in the school and year group you are interested in. This isn't always as simple as it sounds as applications for places can come from different sources and occasionally it takes time for information to flow from one source to another if children are moving schools.


Do not assume that by moving near to a school there will be a place made available for your child.


First, phone the school: 01623 870772 who will be able to tell you whether or not there are places available on that day and if they expect places to be available in the future.


Then, Phone School Admissions: 0115 8041237 and ask for Primary Admissions, then explain the situation. They will know if there are any formal applications for places already in the pipeline (that the school may not know about).


Once both parties have agreed that there are places available you will need to fill in a 'Transfer Form' which is available from School Admissions (phone number above). This constitutes a formal application for a place.


Places are given on a 'first come first served' basis and once the school is full we will not offer places to pupils even if they move into catchment.


Changing school because you are unhappy with your current school.


We generally advise against changing schools unless you are completely sure that there is no other course of action open to you.


Before considering a change of school you need to be satisfied that you have followed all avenues open to you in order to resolve any differences you have with your current school. Most applications for changing schools occur because parents believe their child is not making enough progress in e.g. reading, etc. Before changing school you must be sure that being in a different school will make a significant difference especially considering that all primary schools, including Academies, Like Bilsthorpe Flying High follow a similar curriculum and all follow the primary frameworks for literacy and numeracy and so on.


Before changing schools consider:


The impact of moving to a different timetable, e.g. learning how to do vertical addition may have been previously taught in the school to wish to go to and yet you child's current school plans to teach it in the future. Your child in this situation will miss this aspect of learning.


Friends. The relationships your child forms with her friends can be incredibly strong considering they spend as much time in school with them as they do with you at home.


Have you spoken to your current school to sort out any issues you have - that's with the class teacher and the headteacher.


Have you spoken to the new school about your issues - it may be that you will be told 'we have the same policy as the school you wish to leave.'


Once you have considered all of the options and have decided that you still feel it best to move school then you must speak to the Head of School of your current school and tell them of your plans. 


The next thing to do is to follow the advice above in the section "Finding a school because of a house move" as the procedure is exactly the same.

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