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Welcome to Monet class page!




It's the summer term! 

This half term we are going to be looking into "What are natural disasters?". 

We will be looking at lots of different natural disasters and where they occur in the world. 


Things to remember:

Please make sure your P.E. kit is in school Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Swimming kits must be in school every Friday!

Homework celebration is on Friday.


Star of the Week!

Connor Turner is our star of the week this week for perserverance! 



Each week your children will be set:

  • A topic challenge - they will choose this from the grid of 9 activities and complete it in their homework book ready for Friday's homework celebration.
  • A 'Mathletics' task (If you do not have access to the internet at home please let me know and alternative maths tasks can be set).
  • Spellings - which will be tested each Friday.



15.07.2016 - This week I was blown away by the amount of work produced by one individual in particular, well done to Connor Turner. This week we wrote our narratives and Connor worked particularly hard to create a masterpiece! Connor worked tirelessly at his story and took pride in his work. He perservered through a bit of writer's block and even refused some extra play time to create a piece of work he could be proud of! We are very proud of you Connor!


08.07.2016 - Cayden Auld was our star of the week for enjoyment. Cayden always enjoys his learning even when they are a little bit tricky and he always woks hard! He always makes us giggle in school and has a lovely cheeky smile on his face which demonstrates his positive attitude! We are very lucky to have you in our class.


01.07.2016 - This week we gave our star of the week to Marisa Jefferies. Every day Marisa tries her hardest in lessons and participates brilliantly to encourage us all to think outside of the box. Marisa consistently aspires to improve in maths and works hard. This week Marisa has wowed us with her scores in arithmetic and reasoning in our recent tests, well done Marisa!


24.06.2016 - Our star of the week this week has shown this value throughout the year and in all aspects of school! Jessica is always eager to come to school and participates fantastically in lessons! Her enthusiasm and pride in all subjects sets a fabulous example to the rest of the class. Miss Hodkinson, Mrs Perkin and Mrs Pavier have commented on how happy Jessica looks in school and how she always has a smile on her face! We are really proud to have you in our class Jessica, Well done! 


17.06.2016 - Joseph is always a fantastic member of our class and we are very proud of how hard he works in lessons. Joseph received the confidence certificate this week as he has been working hard on his targets and taking ownership of his work. This has meant that his confidence has excelled and he is now eager to try new ideas as he believes in his own ability more. Well done Joseph!


20.05.2016 - This week's star of the week has been a bit of a background star for a while as he is always showing this value, it was about time he got recognised for it! Well done to Leo Stevens for being our star of the week this week for aspiration! Leo consistently takes pride in his work and works hard to achieve his own personal targets. Leo always takes ownership of his work and is always keen to challenge himself and reach new levels of work! 


13.05.2016 - Over the past few weeks, Mrs Perkin and myself have noticed a massive difference in this persons confidence, well done to Alfie Johnson! Since the production we have noticed Alfie participating more in lessons, giving new things a go and generally being more confident in school. This is brilliant and we are so proud of him for this! His work has definitely improved too as it has meant he has been trying lots of new ideas. 


29.04.2016 - Congratulations to Riley Scott for being this weeks star of the week for aspiration! Each lesson Riley works really hard to do his best, recently we have noticed that Riley has been setting himself personal targets of where he would like to be by the end of the lesson. This is fantastic as it means he is taking ownership of his own learning and responsibility for achieving his own goals and targets. 


22.04.2016 - Wow! What an amazing first week back for Isaac Blackbourn. We have all struggled being back at school and getting back into the swing of it again, but not Isaac. He has been enthusiastic during lessons and helpful to others. He has also been super responsible with our ladybirds and has ensured they have fresh leaves and are in the right place to make them feel at home! Well done Isaac we are very proud of you. Your hard work and enjoyment this week has made it much easier for us all to settle back into school after our two weeks off! 


01.04.2016 - Congratulations to Daisy Faulkner! Daisy got the star of the week this week for responsibility! Her attitude in class is always fantastic and this week every member of our class recognised her for how much she has been helping her peers! We are very proud of how she has been using her initiative and taking responsibility for not only her learning but also the learning of others!


18.03.2016 - This week our star of the week was given to Grace Redmond for being aspirational! Grace has been working really hard on her handwriting and aspiring to get her pen licence. This week her presentation and hard work was recognised by an outside visitor who was really impressed. By the end of the week Grace had achieved her pen licence and couldn't stop smiling! Well done Grace. Your hard work paid off! 


11.03.2016 - Well done to Chanelle Sleight who won this week for being responsible for her own learning. This week Chanelle has been working exceptionally hard to create a fantastic piece of work! 

Her handwriting and presentation is beautiful, she is consistently taking responsibility for her presentation.


04.03.2016 - Congratulations Amy Collins! Amy is always a smiley character in class who tries her best and takes ownership of her own learning. However, this week we were really proud of how Amy got involved in World Book Day! She listened to all of our actors and actresses well and participated in the activities with enthusiasm. Well done Amy!


26.02.2016 - Our wonderful new addition to the class won this week, well done Lewis Smith! Lewis started with us recently and he is a super new character in our class, he always makes us smile! It's always hard starting a new school but Lewis has shown confidence and has made lots of new friends. Congratulations Lewis!


12.02.2016 - Well done Connor Turner! Connor really deserved this award as he has is always showing enthusiasm in lessons and confidence in his ideas. His attitude is consistently fantastic and it is showing in his work! 


05.02.2016 - Congratulations to Leon Jones-Bark for being star of the week for pride. We have all been really proud of how hard he has worked in lessons and helping others. He is currently our in-house genius for maths. Well done!


22.01.2016 - Cerys Racher was our star of the week for perseverance. Even with a broken wrist she has had a go at everything, helped others and not given up even when she has faced challenges. 


15.01.2016 - Oliver Monington was our star of the week for having confidence in his work. His confidence this week was fantastic and he was always proud to show off his achievements and help others. 


08.01.2016 - Our first star of the week after the Christmas break was Korey Blower for perserverance. He always works hard and is an asset to have in the class, well done Korey! 


Congratulations to Grace who was awarded the certificate for Pride. She always takes so much care over her work and is so eager to share her success with others. Well done Grace!


6.11.15 - Congratulations to Oliver Q who was awarded a certificate for Enjoyment. He always tries his best and has a go at everything with a smile! Keep up the good work Oliver.


13.11.15 - Congratulations to Ben who was awarded a certificate for Perseverance. He has been trying so hard with his handwriting and presentation and has made loads of progress! 


27.11.15 - Congratulations to Keaton who was awarded a certificate for Pride. He is working very hard to earn his pen and wants to share his success with others. Keep up the good work Keaton!


4.12.15 - Congratulations to Leo who was awarded a certificate for Creativity. He produced a brilliant piece of Abstract Art inspired by classical music. Well done Leo!


11.12.15 - Congratulations to Abbie who was awarded a certificate for Confidence. Abbie has really been impressing us with her 'can-do' approach to everything she is asked to do! 


18.12.15 - Congratulations to Kiera who was awarded a certificate for Enjoyment. Kiera has only recently joined our class and we really enjoy having her as part of our team. 

Spectacular smoothies! - 21.07.2016

As part of our investigation in maths, we have been creating graphs and bar charts to show what the favourite fruit in Monet class is. Today we used our data and created smoothies!

"It smells like bananas" 
Keira Georgiou 

"We were all allowed to have a go at cutting up the fruit and blending the smoothie"

Oliver Monington

"The best part was blending all of the fruit together"

Amy Collins

"It looked like porridge!"

John Clark



Remarkable writing! - 11.07.2016

Well this week is off to a fantastic start already! This morning we were creating exciting sentences, I was so impressed with the participation of the whole class I wanted to share a few. 

We started with the simple sentence - I walked to the park. 

To make our writing more interesting we are practising using adjectives, exciting verbs, fronted adverbials and subordinate clauses. Here are a few examples of the different sentences we created based on our original simple sentence:
Excitedly, I sprinted to the colossal park as quickly as a lion chasing its prey. 

Happily, I skipped to the beautiful park without a care in the world.

Mysteriously, I crept to the empty, mystical park without a sound.

Also I had to share this fabulous diary entry based on what it would be like to be in a natural disaster, we were all very proud of him! 


Growing up and into Year 5! - 06.07.2016

I am very excited that I will be following this amazing class into year 5 and into the "Mandela class"! Today has been our transition day and the children have been fantastic and have been very grown up and mature when learning all about Nelson Mandela. We have learnt all about what Nelson Mandela fought for and how he aspired for a better world and made it happen! I was so proud of the amazing discussions they all had and how mature they spoke about a really challenging topic. 

We took some Nelson Mandela inspired photos to use for our display all about the famous hero of our time, I had to share! 

Our Harry Potter adventure! - 21.06.2016

Through a very special invite, we were lucky enough to experience a fantastic day at the Dukeries Academy, which had been transformed into Hogwarts for the day! 

During the day we had potions class, made our own wands, watched an owl display AND got a chance to be up close and personal with some beautiful owls and other big birds! 

Creating dinosaur enclosures - 19.05.2016

Today, as part of our perimeters work, we went outside onto the playground and marked out dinosaur enclosures. In yesterdays lesson we had specific requirements to create dinosaur enclosures based on their perimeters and measurements. 


Our trip to the National coal mining museum - 06.05.2016


Well! What a lovely day!

I was so proud of all of our children for their enthusiasm and energy on our trip! We visited the pit baths were the mucky miners would get changed after a busy and tiring day down the mines. We saw horses and ponies that would have been similar to the pit ponies that would have worked down the mine AND we went 140m underground to an actual mine and got very mucky (apologies parents)! But it was all lots of fun and we learnt lots of amazing facts about coal mines very similar to the one that used to operate in Bilsthorpe. 

Poetry slam

Today, Monet class have been singing, rehearsing and performing sections of an Ed Sheeran song as part of our poetry topic. Each group had a section of the song to learn and chant which was then performed in front of the class. The purpose of this (besides having fun!) was to learn lots of rhyming words and focus on the rhythm of a poem before we write our own next week. 


Astonishing adverbs - 26.04.2016

Today, our class made a word bank of adverbs. We have been looking at adverbs for the last two weeks and it's clearly paid off!

Adverbs make our writing more interesting and it is now a class target to include them throughout our work. 

WOW! Well done Monet! 


ICT without any computers? - 25.04.2016

This week we have been learning about flowcharts and algorithms in ICT... However we didn't actually visit the ICT suite! Instead we built various structures out of lego and other items and then created a flowchart to explain the process. I think you'll agree, the structures were pretty spectacular!

The day Monet class turned into a mine! - 20.04.2016

As a start to our new topic "What has Bilsthorpe done for the world?" we began the week by discussing the mining history of Bilsthorpe. The children had lots of fascinating stories from their families and we had a fantastic discussion! On Wednesday, Miss Hodkinson decided to recreate a mining tunnel. The tables were laid out and blankets covered any light that could come through and we made our way to the centre of the mine. We then listened to a little girl's recount of what it was like down a mine (in 1836) and then wrote about what we thought it would have been like down a mine. The work that was produced was amazing and the children had lots of fun! 


We've got some exciting visitors! - 19.04.2016

As part of our spring walk around the playground on Tuesday, we have now got two lovely ladybirds in our classroom. They are being cared for by the children with fresh leaves and water. The children love looking after them and it's caused quite a lot of excitement! Here is a picture of them, they have been called Bob and Geoff Marley. 

Everybody's talking about Porridge! - 24.03.2016

Well, I honestly don't know what to say! I was so proud of all of the children involved in our production. The children worked so hard to learn their lines and make the production fun for all. I would like to thank everyone at home for helping so much by sending in costumes and being understanding of any changes. As you can imagine it was a mammoth task and we could not have done it without the support at home. I would also like to thank you for helping your children learn their lines and the songs! I've still got them in my head now so I'm sure you have! 

A letter will go out next week concerning ordering photo's. 


Science week! 14.03.2016 - 18.03.2016

This week we have been investigating sour tastes as part of our Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed science week!

On Monday we looked at several sour foods, we investigated the appearance, the smell, how it feels and the taste of the foods. The results were very funny!


We then decided that the sourest food was the lemon. We made graphs to show our data and adverts to persuade people to buy our final product. So then we got making! 

On Thursday we made our own sour truffles, it got very messy smiley

We ended science week with a spectacular finale! 

The school had three very important and rich "dragons" who were interested in buying our creations. Leon, Keaton, Keira and Amy did a fantastic job of selling our product! Well done team! 


Wow what a week!


Swimming - I think we tired them out! - 11.03.2016

I had to share these photo's, on the bus back from swimming we had a few nodding off. I think there were a couple faking it mind you!  



World Book Day! -03.03.2016

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day, this year the theme was Roald Dahl! The children made such a fantastic effort and a big thank you must be said to all of our fantastic adults at home for their effort in making it such a special day. 

The school was transformed on Wednesday night by lots of Roald Dahl's minions. Each room became a Roald Dahl book and we immersed ourselves into each story with the help of the characters from each book!

Here are some of the things the children enjoyed: 

"The Witches room was the most scary but I still loved visiting it!" - Jessica Dennis

"My favourite character was Grandma from George's Marvellous medicine! She was very creepy and grumpy but it made us laugh!" - Keaton Key 


Discovering the Bucket's house!


Very happy with their golden tickets!



Leon enjoyed the chocolate river, I think the taste left a lot to be desired though!



Then we went to visit an old man from James and the giant peach! 



Two very lucky students got to visit inside the peach!



Grandma from George's marvellous medicine was very grouchy!



We had to crawl through the tunnel to get to fantastic Mr Fox's undergound lair!



We loved this costume! Our very own Ms Trunchball, we found her much smilier in real life!



E-safety day!

We have been learning all about how to be safe on the internet!
This morning we had an assembly and learnt the SMART rules. 






We looked at pictures around the room and left comments - we had to include our names and age.

This made us take ownership of what we write on the internet, we decided that:

  • We must only leave kind messages. 
  • We must not give away our passwords as other people may take advantage of this. 
  • If we see a nasty comment we must not reply and let an adult know. 
  • Leaving nasty or negative comments can hurt someones feelings. 


To prevent hurtful things online we must: 

  • Report the user straight away. 
  • Don't retaliate as this can get us in trouble as well. 
  • Tell an adult straight away. 
  • Block the sender. 
  • Don't delete the message, save them so we have proof. 


If you see that someone else is being bullied online or is being left nasty comments we must always report these to an adult and offer our support to that person.

Pancake day! 


On Monday, we made pancake mix as a class. We worked in groups of four and followed a recipe to create a yummy pancake batter. 

On Tuesday, Miss Hodkinson brought the end product in and we topped them with lots of goodies! For example: Nutella; sprinkles; orange juice; golden syrup; chocolate sauce and marshmallows.  

They were;

"Yummy yummy yummy" - Keaton Keys.

"Amazing!" - Connor Turner.

"Tasty" - Daisy Faulkner. 

"Delicious!"- Alfie Johnson (first time pancake taster).

(Pictures to follow). 

"Scrumptious!" - Abbie Cooper. 


Ukelele fun! 

We are lucky enough to have Mr Giles with us once every two weeks to teach us all about music and how to play the ukelele! 

This week we learnt about rhythm using a Micheal Jackson song and a very interesting game of heads, shoulders, knees and toes! We are enjoying learning all about the ukelele and practicing different songs each time! 



Measurements investigations!

As we have reached the end of our measurements topic we had a go at lots of problems involving capacity, weight, length and money. We enjoyed having a go at them all especially getting water everywhere when measuring capacity!






Changes to our classroom! 

Since the start of this term, our classroom has changed quite a bit. We have enjoyed looking round all the new displays. 

We thought we would share some pictures of these with you all.


Year 3/4/5 residential - Nov 2015

We have had a great time climbing, exploring, pond dipping, building and generally 'getting dirty'.  Here are some pictures!


22.10.15 - This week we had a great time taking part in a Roman craft morning with our parents. We made shields, mosaics, clay pottery and Roman accessories. 



This week we have been remembering the soldiers that give up their lives to fight for our country. We did our 2 minutes silence and then we created some descriptive poems. 

Poem by Jessica Dennis.

Poem by Keaton Key.

Our Autumn 2 Big Question is:

Can we stop sound from travelling?


Having fun finding clues to our new text type - BIOGRAPHIES!



We wrote a biography about a famous scientist, artist and inventor called Leonardo Da Vinci. He discovered that sound travels in waves. 


1.12.15 - This afternoon we created some pieces of abstract Art inspired by classical music.


7.12.15 This week we carried out an experiment into how thunder is made. We mixed liquid with red food colouring in with the blue coloured ice cube and watched the two colours/temperatures meet. This demonstrated how cold air and hot air meet in the sky to make thunder happen. 


14.12.15 - This week we held our Christingle service working alongside the local churches and scouts group. You can see the photos of our service in the gallery. 

Look back with pride and forward with confidence