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Our philosophy for the teaching and learning of mathematics


We are taking a mastery approach to our teaching of mathematics.  Children are supported and challenged to grasp concepts and understand them more deeply.  Differentiation occurs in the support and intervention provided to different pupils (e.g. models and images used, adult support, questioning).  Any pupils having more difficulty in grasping a particular aspect of curriculum content are identified very rapidly and provided with extra support to help them master that content before moving on to new material.  Pupils who have grasped concepts quickly, are challenged with sophisticated problems that deepen their knowledge of the same content.


We believe that deeper understanding can be achieved for all pupils by questioning that asks how and why different mathematical techniques work and to make deep mathematical connections.  These questions are accessed by pupils at different depths and are used both to support and challenge.  For children to master curriculum content, they need to be fluent (not just accurate) and this involves reasoning mathematically and solving problems.

Our aim is for pupils to experience deep, sustainable learning of increasingly sophisticated mathematical ideas as they move through their primary mathematics education.


Please see the link below which details our Maths curriculum:

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