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Star of the Week!

A big well done to Chloe C for being voted star of the week this week!


Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to the year 6 page. Our class artist is L.S Lowry


Our teachers are Miss Newman and Mrs Pavier.


Our PE days are subject to change so please ensure that PE kits are in school at all times.




Mathletics homework is set each week. Click on the link below to access the web site.


Each week the top 3 scoring pupils will appear on our Key Stage 2 leader board.


Monday is our homework celebration day where we share our work with each other


Reading diaries are checked throughout the week. Please use the note section if you have any news to share with the teacher or have any questions.


w/c 18th July

We have had a great final week this week.  The production went brilliantly- well done everyone!  We also enjoyed a Notts County speed shoot on Monday.  Well done to Tegan Baker who came first with a speed of 62 mph and to Paige Jarvis for winning a Notts County T-shirt.



w/c 11th July

We have done lots of practising for our production this week as we perform infront of the whole school and parents next week!  We have been busy organising costumes, making props and adding the final touches to the performance.  We are all looking forward to seeing the final product!



w/c 4th July

This week, most of the year 6s spent the week at their new secondary school, Dukeries.  It sounds like they had a fantastic week doing a range of lessons such as PE, Art and Science involving bunsen burners ad burning crisps.  All of the children are very excited about starting their new school in September.


w/c 27th June

We are entering a writing competition where we have to write a mini-saga based on the theme 'Historical Adventures.'  If our sage is chosen as a winner, it will be published in a book and the school will receive some prize money.  This week we planned it considering who, what, where, when and why.  It was really tricky keeping it to less than 100 words! 


w/c 20th June

We all realy enjoyed taking part in Sports Day this year.  There were field and track events and we each represented a country.  Events included, distance, sprint, obstacle, egg and spoon, long jump, triple jump and many more.  Well done to everyone who took part.


w/c 13th June

We enjoyed creating our own Maths games this week for the children in year 1.  We can't wait to play with them when they are complete.  We have continued to practise the play and everyone is doing well learning their lines.  On Wednesday, we had a visit from Mr Snowden from Dukeries who came to find out all about the new year 7s.


w/c 6th June

In English, we have been writing our own newspaper reports about the Spanish Armada.  In Maths, we began to plan a Maths related game for younger children.  We have also started to practise our production 'Shakespeare Rocks'.  There are still tickets available so speak to Mrs Pavier or Miss Newman if you would like to reserve a seat.


w/c 23rd May

We have been enjoying doing some probelm solving investigations this week in Maths.  We have been using a systematic approach to find all possibilities- did you know Henry VIII could have married all of his wives in 720 different orders?  Don't worry- we spotted a rule so we didn't have to write them all out!  We have also learnt how to think logically.


w/c 16th May

Year 6 have been running their own imaginary sports shop this week in Maths.  First they had to decide on the size of their shop, opening hours, staffing and what they would stock.  Then they calculated their total expenditure including rental, bills and staffing costs and subtracted this from their total profits from the sales.  Although the bigger shops sold more, their staffing costs and bills were much higher so they didn’t necessarily make the most profit. 

We have also been really impressed with the writing the children have produced this week- there are some brilliant conversations between characters on board a ship and the stories have started really well too.  When we took some writing to show other schools earlier this week, they were amazed at the high standard!  Well done!


w/c 9th May

Well done Year 6!  You have done us all proud this week during the SATs.  Everyone showed perseverance and it was great to see your determination to do well.  Whatever the results say in July, be proud of what you have managed to achieve because every single one of you has made a huge amount of progress and you couldn't have done any more.  Well done Team Lowry!


w/c 2nd May

This week Y6 have continued to work hard and we have done lots of revision for the SATs next week.  On Friday, we enjoyed the lovely weather whilst doing a grammar and fraction quiz in the quad.  Most of us are now really confident with calculating with fractions.  


w/c 25th April

Y6 have worked incredibly hard this week on some practice SATs papers and we are all really proud of them.  The arithmetic scores are continuing to improve so well done everyone!  Keep going...

Some children also enjoyed cross-country training with Mr. Brown in PE and managed to run nearly 2 miles!  Well done!


w/c 18th April

This week we enjoyed researching about William Shakespeare and used our facts to write an information text about him.  We were shocked to learn that his first play was performed seven years after he died so he never really saw quite how famous he was.  We are revising hard for our SATs which are in a couple of weeks- in Maths we have been working on place value this week and ensuring we are confident with the formal written methods.


Our Next Big Question is; 'Who was the greatest Tudor Monarch?'


The websites below will support your learning at home this half term:

Tudor Monarchs

Tudor Timeline

William Shakespeare

Ten Tudor Facts


w/c 28th March

On Tuesday, we had our final outcome.  Thank you to Max's mum and Justin's Nan who judged the competition for us and well done to everyone who made a vehicle and brought an egg in.  I think the highlight was definitely Emma's vehicle that miraculously protected the egg....because it was polystyrene!  Have a great Easter everybody and we'll see some of you next week for the holiday SATs club!


w/c 21st March

We have all been really impressed this week with everybody's fantastic positive attitude towards the mock SATs.  Well done and keep going!  Despite mock SATs week, we still managed to have some fun making our egg transporters.  Unfortunately, we did run out of time so we are finishing them over the weekend ready for the competition on Tuesday.  Our parents have been invited in to judge the competition so we can't wait!






w/c 14th March

This week was Science week and we had great fun!  One of the highlights was investigating the effect of popping candy in different liquids.  We really enjoyed the explosion it created when it was put into coffee.  This led to a further investigation about the effect of heat on popping candy.  We have also learnt about reversible and irreversible changes and enjoyed going outside where we pretended to be particles in a solid, liquid and gas.  Back in the classroom, we created models of this using playdough and match sticks.  We're excited to make our own flavoured chocolate with popping candy tomorrow.


w/c 7th March

Today we investigated the effect of friction and planned a Science investigation.  We were secret agents and had to help James Bond catch the villains.  Unfortunately, on his last attempt, he couldn't keep up with them due to the lack of friction between his shoes and the surface.  We had to decide what the best surface would be in order for him to catch them next time.





w/c 29th February

The highlight this week was World Book Day on Thursday.  We enjoyed dressing up as characters from a Roald Dahl book and spent the day travelling around school to visit different books.  The teachers all did an amazing job at turning various rooms into different story settings- there was a giant peach in a classroom, an underground tunnel in the zoom room, an enormous crocodile in the art room and we even had a chocoloate river in one of the rooms!  The corner room had been transformed into a witches house and was rather creepy! What a great day!


w/c 22nd February

We have been interpreting data in Maths this week and really enjoyed our lesson today.  We had a range of questions on different coloured paper depending on the amount of challenge.  Once we gained confidence, we chose a different coloured challenge and learnt lots about interpreting data in the process.


Our Next Big Question is; 'Can you make an egg transporter?'


w/c 8th February

We had great fun this week making kinaesthetic life cycle models for Roman in Y2 who is partially sighted.  When we had finshed, we invited him up to our class to see what he thought- "I thought they were really good and I really liked the way everyone had done different ones and chosen their own.  The arrows they made were really impressive."




w/c 1st February

We had our first SATs cafe after school today and it was great fun!  This we week we had a Maths focus.  We invited parents in too for a cup of tea and a few biscuits- it made their heads hurt as well as ours!



w/c 25th January

This week we enjoyed doing some Art work.  We sketched different animals for a display we want to create after half term- keep looking out on our website for the finished product.

As part of our big question work, we also learnt about how plants re-produce and enjoyed investigating the different parts of a plant.    



w/c 18th January

As part of our Big Question work this week we measured our head circumference using string and compared the class average to the size of a baby's.  We also created a line graph to show how a person's height changes from birth to 18 years of age and interpreted the graph.


Earlier in the week, members of our school council visited the local company 'Oakwood Fuels' to see what goes on there.  It was quite amazing and we even had chance to sit in one of the lorries!  


w/c 11th January

Wow!  What an exciting week we have had- Sammy Stag from Mansfield Town visited us in assembly.  He presented Dylan Goodman with an invitation to be a mascot at next Saturday's game against Luton.  Dylan was chosen from a huge number of applications from different schools in the area as one of the best sports personalities.  Well done Dylan- we are all really proud of you and are just a bit jealous!


This week, we also started work on our big question and thought about the question "what is a life cycle?"  We compared different life cycles and drew the human life cycle. 


w/c 4th January

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back!  Our new entrance is now open and looks amazing.  All the staff have been extremely busy tidying the school and making it look like one of the best schools in the universe so lets make sure we all work together to keep it like that.



Our Third Big Question is; 'Where does a life cycle begin?'

  • The websites below will support your learning at home this half term:

  • Myths


    Read some Greek Myths


    Life Cycles


    Life Cycle Games

  • w/c 14th December

  • The Carol service on Wednesday was fantastic; the church was packed full of people and the singing was excellent.  Also, a huge well done to the children who did readings because they all spoke very clearly and fluently.  

  • We are all looking forward to our Christmas party tomorrow which will include lots of party food and games. 



Xmas Party - 17.12.15


Before we broke up for Christmas, we did our hot write for an adventure story.  Our teachers were really impressed with the progress we  made.

  • w/c 7th December

  • This week we have been preparing for our Christmas Fair.  We made Christmas cards, gift tags and Christmas tree decorations to see at the fair on Friday night.  We also held a chocolate raffle.  We managed to raise approximately £80 which we are really pleased with.  In English, we learnt how to include action and dialogue to move a story forward:


  • w/c 30th November

  • We started rehearsing for our Carol service this week.  Mr. Reeney from St Margaret's church very kindly volunteered to come and play the piano for us so that we could practise.  We are looking forward to singing with the organ at church in a couple of weeks.


  • w/c 23rd November

  • We continued to enjoy our music lessons with Adam this week and we can now really confidently play a few different songs plus we all even managed to stop at the same time!  Basketball with Mr. Brown was great fun because we put all our skills we have learnt so far into a mini game.  In Science, we learnt about forces and the effect of these on stationary and moving objects.
  • w/c 16th November

This week was anti-bullying week.  We learnt more about what bullying is and had good discussions about how to prevent it from happening.  After looking at a cartoon sketch, we discussed the different roles of the people in the picture and decided there are no innocent bystanders; everyone can help to stop it.  In another lesson, we discussed some statements related to bullying and decided whether they were true or false.


As part of our Big Question work, we did some map work looking at where the most dangerous places in the world are.


9th- 11th November: Residential to Kingswood Peak Venture


Wow!  What an amazing few days we have had.  It started off with a trip to the coal mining museum where we experienced what it would be like to work in a mine.  Then we headed to Kingswood.  Here we did all sorts of adventurous activities and really used our school's 7 values (perseverance, enjoyment, pride, aspiration, confidence, creativity and responsibility).  We participated in nightline, a camp fire, jungle vines, problem solving, leap of faith, 3G swing, fencing, shelter building and bouldering.  We also enjoyed a disco on the last night.  It was action packed and we all loved it; including the teachers who are still recovering from the leap of faith!  Have a look in the Gallery for all the photos.





4th November craft morning

This morning we welcomed parents in to join us with our Roman and Greek crafts. We had a great morning and got to take home lots of fantastic art work.



3rd November


After school today, some year 6 pupils attended braille club which is being run by Roman and Mrs Boaler.





  • Our second Big Question is; 'What is the most dangerous job?'

The websites below will support your learning at home this half term:

Dangerous jobs


National Coal Mining Museum


Story Writing




21st October

We really enjoyed creating our own Mosaics today.  We considered colour and pattern and tried our best to make them look symmetrical.  Have a look in the Gallery section of this website for some more of our brilliant designs.




20th October

We worked with Roman today to learn a little more about living with a visual impairment. The photos below show the great fun we had.



w/c 12th October


We were all trying to beat Maisie's Mathletics score this week and some of us had a really good go but didn't quite make it as Maisie managed to get over 10,000 points in a week!  Wow!  Well done Maisie.


We really enjoyed our rugby lesson with Mr. Brown this week and continued to learn about the Holocaust with Mrs. Butt.  We are looking forward to watching the film 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' next week.


Music lesson

 The photos below show us hard at work learning how to play Batman and We Will Rock You.



w/c 5th October

This week we continued with our work on writing a Roman diary. We had to write our own version in role as the Commander. We thought about how he would feel, move and act in different situations.

In PE we had to design our own exercise routine which we then tried out with a partner.

In maths, we worked hard to learn how to solve division problems using the bus stop method.  We were able to convert remainders to decimals.

In English, we created a word bank to describe a volcano.


Our Mathletics star this week was Maisie; she scored over 6000 points! Well done Maisie, top place for the second week running. Who can beat Maisie?


Volcano Eruptions - 30.9.15

Today we used our volcanoes to create a volcanic eruption.  We made predictions about what would happen when we used vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring.  Check out our video at the bottom of the page!






29th September

Today we worked with a partner to build our own volcano. The photos below show us hard at work. Photos will follow next week to show how we use our volcanoes.



w/c 21st September


We learnt about the different types of volcanoes (dormant, extinct and active) and played 'Quick on the Draw.'  Using the information gathered, we wrote a report.


We were posed the question "Can volcanoes be good?"  At first we thought not but then discovered that they can produce fertile soils, have beautiful scenery which attracts tourists and enable new scientific discoveries to be made. 


In Maths, we had to problem solve in order to open a safe which revealed chocolate money. Luckily, as a team, we cracked the code and enjoyed the chocolate!


In English, we boxed up our own plans for a Roman soldier's diary.  We're looking forward to writing it next week. 


21st September


We need empty bottles and newspapers for a mystery experiment next week. More details to follow......


Experience Day




We had a great day dressing up as Romans. whilst the year 5s were dressed as Greeks. During the day we worked with a partner to solve Roman numeral problems. We also hunted for buried coins using metal detectors. We marched like Roman soldiers and practised our throwing skills with 'spears'. We tasted different foods and ended the morning with a fashion show. In the afternoon we learnt about fighting styles and made our own weapons which helped us decide who had the best army.


Our first Big Question is, 'Were the Ancient Greeks better than the Ancient Romans?'


The websites below will help you to answer the question and with your homework







Still image for this video

Y6 Mid-Term Topic plan

Look back with pride and forward with confidence