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Welcome to Kandinsky Class - Year 5!


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Star of the Week


Well done to Ben Rose who was voted Star of the Week.


21.7.16 - Lovely cake

Pyper has made some fabulous flowers to put on this cake.  Wow!



13.7.16 - Computing Festival

Five Year 5's took part in the Computing Festival where the children learnt how to program a mechanical arm, used a coding program to move Lego made structures and created a Minecraft world.


30.6.16 - Rolls Royce

We had an amazing time visiting the Rolls Royce site where we found out about past and present engines and the history of Mr Rolls and Mr Royce.



21.6.16 - Harry Potter Day

Our day at the Dukeries was filled with magic, potions, spells, wand-making and a green screen.  



8.6.16 - morning at The Dukeries

We had a fantastic morning at The Dukeries.  We had been making sourdough gargoyles, learning about historical people and events, using Bunsen burners and different materials as well as learning about Romeo and Juliet.



20.5.16 - Maths Volume lesson



17.5.16 - Dukeries Science visit

Half of year 5 had another visit to the Dukeries and took part in a science lesson.  We looked at static electricity, light and even used 3D technology.






We have been continuing to prepare for our Science investigation.  Carefully, we have created the three sets of wings that we are going to investigate.  After that, we put a piece of dowelling along the wings to strengthen it.




We have continued to plan for our Science investigation this week.  Also, we have been finding out about the different types of media there are.  We have identified: magazines, newspapers, TV, radio and the internet.  During our Computing topic, we will be planning to report our own news report.

Here is an example of some research:



We have been looking at planning a fair test in Science.  We are investigating what the best type of wings on a plane would be.  Planning a fair test has meant we needed to agree what would stay the same and the ONE thing we would change.  Keep checking back to find out what we found out!



Welcome back everyone!  I hope you all had a good rest and ready to go this term.  As you will have seen on out newsletter, our new Big Question is - Why was the Battle of Britain important?  We have been exploring this question this week and making predictions about what it could involve.  We have been listejing to sounds that could have been heard at the Battle of Britain and were then able to work out that the Battle of Britain was to do with the RAF (Royal Air Force).



BIG QUESTION - Why was the Battle of Britain important?


Week beginning 14.3.16 - Science Week 

We had so much fun this week trying to design and create our own new chocolate bar that included popping candy.  We did some food tasting (see picture below), packaging designs and looking at adverts.  Well done to Jake Wilkinson who was voted as the winning chocolate bar.


3.3.16 - World Book Day

We dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl character and experienced lots of his books throughout the day.  Rooms were transformed into well-known books and we found out lots more about each book.  Everyone looked great and we had lots of fun!


26.2.16 - Dukeries Visit to the Science Department

Some of us visited the Science Department at Dukeries this week.  We began by investigated what cells looked like underneath a microscope.  We looked at onion cells and then we swabbed our cheeks and looked at our own cells.  After that, we investigated what happened to different elements when exposed to a flame.  We had to look at what colour each liquid turned into and find out what poison had been killing the fish in the pond.



12.2.16 - Reading Morning

Year 1 and Year 5 paired up to read to each other during the 'Kidnap the Parents' morning.


8.2.16 - Art

Kandinsky trees - We have been using a range of Art skills to create our version of a Kandinsky tree.  We used watercolours to create the background, then used black sugar paper to create a tree trunk and branches.  After that, we used 3 different colours to cut out different size circles to create the blossom on the tree.  Take a look:



This week we have been working hard in Maths.  We have been comparing fractions and ordering fractions using the method below:



In English, we have completed our instructions topic and have a great understanding of what needs to be used in a great set of instructions.  Here is just one great example:



We have continued to work hard creating our cam toys and hopefully they will be ready to share with you soon!


DT - 27.1.16

We have been looking at how things move and discussing the use of cogs.  We had a go at creating our own versions - take a look:



PE - Blind Football - 15.1.16

Welcome back everyone - 6.1.16

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you all had a great Xmas and New Year!  

Our new Big Question for this half term is. 'How do we make it move?'.  Today we have been attempting different challenges and deciding how to move things effectively.


We had lots of fun deciding on the best way to move in pairs and keep different body parts on the floor.  We also began to explore different mechanisms such as gears, pulleys and levers.


BIG QUESTION - How do we make it move?


Xmas Party - 17.12.15


Xmas Craft Morning - 11.12.15


Maths visit to The Dukeries - 2.12.15 and 4.12.15



Black Eyed Peas Ukulele - 23.11.15


We have been learning how to play the 'Black Eyed Peas' in our ukulele lessons.  Have a listen at the bottom of the page!


Year 3/4/5 residential - Nov 2015

We have had a great time climbing, exploring, pond dipping, building and generally 'getting dirty'.  Here are some pictures!



13.11.15 - Superhero Maths


9.11.15 - Coal Mining Museum 

We visited the Coal Mining Museum and had a fantastic time.  We went on an underground tour, visited the museum and found out lots about whether it was a dangerous job!




We had a great morning today taking part in a range of craft activities to celebrate the end of our Big Question. We welcomed parents and Grandparents in to work with us.





Welcome back!  We hope you have had a good half term.  We have begun our new topic and the Big Question is - What is the world's most dangerous job?

Come back soon to find out what we have been doing and see what we have done for homework!


BIG QUESTION - What is the world's most dangerous job?


23.10.15 - Braille - Spotty Day

We have been working hard on understanding the Braille system.  We created our own names and calculations.  During the morning we also walked around school to help us to understand how we use our other senses to help us if we were blind or partially sighted.



In Maths, we have been using the bar model to help us solve multi-step problems.




More super homework this week.




We have been looking the places in England that are Roman towns.  The children were so engrossed in locating these place in the map.  Get the children to tell you some of the places.  Here is the map to help! 


Click on the map to make is bigger!





Here are some of the recent homework projects.  It is so great to see all the effort Kandinsky class are putting in to their homework!





6.10.15 - Volcano Photo Story


We used the pictures from our Volcano work to create a Photo Story of what we had done! Have a look at our clips at the bottom of the page! 


2.10.15 - Roman Coins

Thank you to Ben Rose who brought in some Roman coins for us all to look at.  There were heavier than we thought and were very worn!


Volcano Eruptions - 30.9.15

Today we used our volcanoes to create a volcanic eruption.  We made predictions about what would happen when we used vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring.  Check out our video at the bottom of the page!




29th September

Today we worked with a partner to build a volcano. The photos below show us hard at work.



Ukulele session

We had our first music lesson with the ukulele's today!  We learnt how to play Batman and everyone was AMAZING at it!



Searching for Roman numerals in the quad!  

In Maths, we had to search for the Roman numerals and then work out what the number was!



What a great start to the year we have had!


We started off with an amazing Roman and Greek day!  Take a look at some of the pictures.


We explored the lives of the Romans and the Greeks.  We used our mathematical skills to look at the Greek number system, our scientific skills were tested when using the metal detectors to search for Roman coins.  Also, we tested our fitness and discipline skills during some army style drills!  We tasted different types of foods and looked at the weapons used by the two different armies!


BIG QUESTION - Are the Greeks better than the Romans?


Here are some websites (recommended by the class) to find out more about our dangers topic:


Website one

Website two

Website three


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Reading Buddies - Braille style - 2.12.15

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Charlie said, "That is amazing!"

Black Eyed Peas

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Ukulele lesson

Tia and Sophie

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Regan, Charlie and Ben

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Pyper and Kaidi

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Volcanic Eruption

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