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Ice age explorers!

During our Ice Age topic we are learning all about the Ice Age environment and the animals of that time. We will be reading a range of stories including 'Cave baby,' 'Harry and the dinosaurs' and a range of non fiction texts.


Cave baby week beginning 3.10.16

The children have enjoyed reading the 'Cave baby story this week.' We have been using story maps to retell the beginning, middle and end parts of the story. The children have been busy creating cave paintings this week using sticks on the art table and exploring how painting with a stick looks different to a paint brush. The children have also enjoyed mixing colours to see what new colours they could make.


During time outside the children have been mark making using the chalks to create their own cave drawings.


Dinosaur explorers! 10.10.16

This week the children have been learning all about dinosaurs! The children have enjoyed learning about all the different types of dinosaurs and what they are called.

Whilst outside in the garden the children found a large egg! They thought that it belonged to a dinosaur and decided to make it a nest, using a range of resources they found outside.

In our Foundation unit this week we have had a range of different types of dinosaur activities. These include digging for fossils in the sand, painting their own dinosaurs in the art area and labelling a dinosaur in our writing.

The children have come up with some fantastic questions about dinosaurs this week including "what do they eat?" Or "what happened to the dinosaurs?" We have used a range of non-fiction books and the I Pads to help us find out more information.  


Dinosaur explorers continued 17/10/16

During our topic this week the children have used what they have learnt about dinosaurs to create their own non-fiction book. The children have worked together as a class to decide what kind of thing they want to include within the class non-fiction book. The children then used the books and I Pads to find some key facts. Pictures of our book coming soon!

We have also been using the dinosaurs in other areas of our learning. In our maths sessions we have been ordering different sized dinosaurs and collecting data about our favourite dinosaurs to add to a pictogram.


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