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Welcome to Georgia O'Keeffe - Year 3!





Big well done to our class star of the week

Charlie-Mae Tomlinson


Important Class Information


Please ensure children have their reading diaries and their reading book with them everyday at school. 



Homework celebration takes place every Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child has their homework book and one piece of completed work, ready to share with their class. The homework sheet will be updated every half term with new and exciting activities. 

Spellings will be tested every Friday and a new spelling list will be stuck in your child's reading diary. 


Click on the link above for Mathletics - Lets start collecting points!

Each week the top three pupils in the class will be placed on our KS2 leadership board to show off their achievements.


Our PE days are Monday and Thursday. Please ensure your child brings their full PE kits into school on a Monday and leaves it in school until Friday, as sometimes we need to change our days due to weather. 

PE Kit includes: White t-shirts and black/navy shorts and trainers. Outdoor PE kits is the same with black/navy jogging bottoms and top for the cold weather.


The Lift Of Project 9.6.2016


              Would you rather live in the Stone Age,                           Bronze Age or Iron Age?                                  

This term we will be exploring

 The Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

We will be asking and answering questions like…


How long ago did early people live in Britain?

Did they eat the same food in the Stone Age and Iron Age?

Did the Stone Age have wars?

What type of houses did they live in?


8.6.2016 - Maths makes our head hurt!!

Our high achievers this morning, were given the task of finding out which shop was the cheapest to buy the list of items from. They had to add different units of money together to the total of each shop and then make comparisons. The quote of the lesson.."Miss Mason that really made me sweat!!"



Big Question

What happens to your food? 

During Spring 2, Year 3 was practising and performing their annual production 'Porridge'. Therefore our big question will run through Spring 2 and Summer 1, Year 3 will be learning                                                     about what happens to our food.                                                                     

Our exciting topic this term is all about What happens to our food?

We will be asking and answering questions like…

Where does our food come from?       How is our food digested?

Why do we need to eat a balanced diet?      What different food groups are there?

                           In PSHE we will be learning about the importance of keeping fit and healthy.

In Science we will be learning about how vegetables grow and the journey from field to food.


27.5.2016 - Year 3 and 4 get competitive.

With the sun shining and the children having worked extremely hard over the past few weeks, Year 3 and 4 got competitive in an afternoon of playing rounders. We had great fun!!



26.5.2016 - Final Outcome

Year 3 have invited their parents in for a class assembly, to show them what they have been learning. The class was split into different groups: farmers, nutritionists, doctors and dentist. They have all worked really hard on their presentations. 

13.05.2016 - Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones!

In topic, year year 3 have been learning about the human body. We learnt the importance of having a skeleton and the names of all the different bones we have in our body.



09.05.2016 - Getting crazy about angles!!

This morning, we have been learning about right angles. We created an angle measuring tool and went exploring around school to see how many right angles we could find.



06.05.2016 - Lift Off Project

Year 3 learnt how to mix black and white to create their own colour chart.



25.4.2016 - Where does the food we eat come from?

We have been learning about different countries around the world and their native foods. First of all we identified all the different types of foods that are associated with different countries. for example: France = snails, China = Egg noodles, Italy = Pizza and UK = Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. We then located the countries on a large map and matched the foods with the countries.




New term, new topic... In English, we immersed in our new story 'James and the Giant Peach'. To set the scene, Year 3 planted some tomato seeds and discussed what the seeds needed in order to grow into juicy big tomatoes. Then we investigated and observed insects. We looked at the characteristics of the insects and their habitats.



1.4.2016 - Lift off project

Practicing our observation skills and practicing how to enlarge an image just from trust what we can see.



30.3.2016 - Farmer John Leek writes to O'Keeffe.

The children in Georgia O'Keeffe got really excited during maths today, when they received a letter from farmer Leek. He gave use the task of measuring a group of vegetables accurately to ensure that we had enough space for his new vegetable plot. The children used their estimating skills and also their measuring skills to complete the task.



Everybody's talking about....PORRIDGE - 24.3.2016

WOW!! What a performance!! Well done year 3 and year 4, you have done yourselves and especially your teachers proud. Thank you for your support and encouragement at home, with helping your children learn their lines. It's always a tricky job but all the hard work paid off!


Easter Craft Morning 23.3.2016

A fantastic and very enjoyable morning with the parents of year 3. We created Easter cards, window decorations and we painted eggs to look like an animal. Thank you for joining us!




SCIENCE WEEK!! WC 16.3.2016

This week has been science week and what an amazing inventive week year 3 have had. Our theme was Charlie and the Chocolate factory and we were all given a task to invent a 'Wonka's wonder' or 'Roald Dahl Revolting recipe'. In Maths, year 3 took part in a food tasting session and collect data to see what their preferred tastes were - sour, sweet, bitter and salty. In English, we wrote persuasive letters to Willy Wonka persuading him to pick our recipe for his new product. Our end product was a box of mysteries containing a variety of different flavored bon bons.




7.3.2016 - Adding fractions

Year 3 have got all experimental adding fractions today!



3.3.2016 - World Book Day

Today was all about immersing ourselves with the amazing stories written by the famous author 'Roald Dahl'. the children had a great day dressing up and experiencing a variety of activities throughout the day. Year 3 have lots of amazing memories that hopefully they will sure with you back home.





26.2.2016 - Lift off project.

We were joined by Kyra Cane this morning who taught us to observe and experiment with making marks. It was really tricky as their wasn't a right or wrong answer in how to make our marks, so year 3 shown a lot of perseverance and creativity throughout the morning.


22.2.2016 - Scummy Scones.

Miss Mason wanted to do some baking, but she could find her recipe...someone had stolen it. But she didn't have to worry for long as year 3 did a fantastic job hunting down the missing recipe and was able to put it all back together again. Just in time for baking... what yummy scones they were too!




Big Question


Were the pyramids worth the effort of building them?


During the spring term, Georgia O'Keeffe are heading back in time to the 'Ancient Egyptians'. 

We will be asking and answering questions like…


                                       Who were the Egyptians?                              

      What was the significance of the River Nile?

                             How and why the pyramids were made?                    

        How has Egypt changed?


9.2.2016 - E-Safety Day

Today, we have looked at what websites, images and apps we might comment on online. We discussed as a class how comments can be positive, negative or even misinterpreted. As a class, we also had a discussion about what makes us different and what it would be like if we were all the same.


3.2.2016 - ROCKS!!

Year 3 have been investigating rock properties. We had to use scientific vocabulary to describe the properties of the rocks and to classify what type of rock we were looking at. 


1.2.2016 - Homework Celebration!

Year 3 have been rising to the challenge again with their AMAZING homework!




29.1.2016 - Skegness whales.

This afternoon, we have been reading about the sperm whales, that have been found, washed upon Skegness beach. We learnt about why the whales are called 'Sperm Whales' and where in the world they originate from. The children each presented their findings and predictions for how the whales ended up in Skegness.


22.1.2016 - Researchers in the making.

This afternoon, we have researched the different aspects to an Ancient Egyptians life and compared them to present day.



7.1.2016 - Introduction to our new question.

Year 3 have enjoyed lots of role play this morning, following a stimulus of an explorer landing on a piece of with only sand surrounding them and the hot burning sun bathing their skin. The children at the end also got the chance to hot seat some explorers about their journey and ask them questions about what they had found.



Christmas Craft Morning - 11.12.2015

Big Question


Can we stop sound from travelling? 

In year 3, lots of questions around the topic of sound has been asked. To answer our queries, we have been conducting a variety of investigations to find out how we hear and how sound travels.


2.12.2015 - This afternoon, Georgia O'Keeffe have been exploring how thunder storms happen. We observed how cold air meets the hot air, forming a thunder cloud, through a practical element.





Year 3/4/5 residential - 18th-20th Nov 2015

We have had a great time climbing, exploring, pond dipping, building and generally 'getting dirty'.  Here are some pictures!




This term our Big Question is: "Would you like to be a Roman?"

The children will generate their own questions and the lead the learning to find out what they would like to know about this era. So far we have learnt about the expansion of the Roman Empire, the significance of Julius Caesar, why the Roman army was so successful and we have even had an insight into what life was like for a Roman slave!


Want to buy a Roman Villa or a Celt Roundhouse?...That is what year 3 have been asking whilst taking on the role as an estate agent. We used persuasive language and interesting WOW words to convince others to buy our houses.





Georgia O'Keeffe have been getting creative with Roman Mosaics....






Georgia O'Keeffe visits the Harley Gallery 16.11.2015

Amazing Learners!

21.1.2016 - Gymnasts in the making!

Year 3 being competitive with their balances in PE today.



11.1.2016 - Year 3 are very lucky to have Mr Giles delivering ukulele lessons, every two weeks. We are learning about cords and rhythm.



27.11.2015 - In literacy this morning, somebody stole all of our information and scattered it all around the quad. The class had a big challenge on their hands...without that information, we couldn't find out about our new topic! Luckily the teams worked together and were successful detectives in finding out what our new topic was going to be :)



23.11.2015 - In PE we are using the story 'Giraffes can't dance' as a stimulus. This week in dance we have been learning how to rock and roll, just like the rhinos in our story. We have had lots of fun!!





20.11.2015 - Year 3/4/5 have been going shape crazy whilst their friends are on residential, creating tessellation patterns.




2.11.2015 Georgia O'Keeffe have been enjoying a fresh Autumn morning whilst observing what sounds they can hear around school.



SPOTTY DAY! 23.10.2015

Today, Year 3 have been getting all spotty to raise money for the blind and partially sighted. We learnt about Louis Braille and his invention of the Braille system and the impact it has had on helping people all around the world.



W/C 12.10.2015 - In Maths this week, year 3 have been getting creative and showing lots of perseverance, whilst making 3D shapes.

Can name some of our creations?





12.10.2015 - Sporty Georgia O'Keeffe class showing their hockey skills in PE!!




8.10.2015 - Year 3 are becoming all Shakespearean in English this week, whilst learning the story of Julius Caesar through Talk for Writing. They used a variety of actions and got into character by changing their expressions and tone of voices.



5.10.2015 - Enjoying learning different rhythms and tempos in music.

We love a challenge.






Georgia O'Keeffe love problem solving, especially when they are sharing their learning with their parents. 


Homework Celebration

Some great sound homework this half term...



Georgia O'Keeffe showing pride in their homework this week.....



Another fantastic week for homework creations...Keep up the hard work Georgia O'Keefe!



Year 3 have been getting very creative over the past few weeks with their homework tasks.



I am so excited to see what other amazing pieces of homework Georgia O'Keeffe can create.         

Look back with pride and forward with confidence