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Foundation 2

Our teacher is Miss Mann.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Benger.

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Key Driver: History

Key Concepts: Empathetic understanding, interpretation, and equality.

This term our project question is: "What exactly makes you, you?". We will be exploring who we are as individuals, who our families are and how we have all changed from birth till now and the changes that have happened. We will be taking part in activities such as creating self portraits, comparing photographs and identifying how each person is different and what makes us who we are. 

Achievement assembly

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Achievement assembly 18th September

F2 have loved learning our focus story 'Owl Babies' in our Literacy lessons. They have been introduced to a new tool which is a story map and have even followed this story map to perform the story of 'Owl Babies'. Following this, F2 have learnt a new skill called 'Innovating', which means to change. They decided to innovate the story of 'Owl Babies' to the story of 'Cat Babies'. 


F2 have blown me away with their understanding of 'matching' in maths. Not only are they confident in matching different objects/pictures, but they are also able to explain very clearly why two things match, why they don't match and how you could change the objects/pictures to make them match. We followed the story of 'Monkey Puzzle' to understand the term 'matching' and F2 loved following this story by playing a game of snap! 


Look back with pride and forward with confidence