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Forest Schools

Forest Schools

Foundation 2 will be doing Forest School every Friday morning.

If your child could bring in a pair of wellies to wear during their Forest School, that would be greatly helpful. Any questions, or concerns please come and see us.

Digging and planting!

We had so much fun digging outside and finding lots of suitable soil for the plants. We used different spades, and rakes to collect the mud. We then put the plants into new plant pots with the soil we collected. It was so much fun and we really showed how well our gross motor skills are! 


Getting messy!

Who knew making slimy mud would be so fun?! We mixed lots of water with mud, down in the garden. We used saucepans from the mud kitchen to put the water and mud in, then we used sticks to stir it all together. We worked in teams, and spent a long time taking it in turns to mix the mud and water together until it was slimy. Then, using our sticks as a writing tool we put them into the mud and then did lots of marks on the path. Some marks were phonemes we had been learning, some of us wrote numbers and some of us wrote our names! It was so much fun - but we had to do lots of hand washing afterwards! 

Mud self-portraits! 

F2 had great fun during Forest Schools, at creating and making their very own mud self-portraits. They explored in the garden and selected a variety of natural objects, and used them for the different parts of their face. 


Look back with pride and forward with confidence