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F1 - Wonder Class

Summer 1

We have had a fantastic half term. The children really enjoyed the 'Growing' theme.

We have planted and grown beans, talked  about the life cyle of a butterfly, looked at animals and their babies and of course talked about how we grow and change.

We have had so much fun in our 'Wednesday Wellies' sessions, where the children have begun to appreciate nature. We have made magic potions, collected intersting objects and made our own animal shelters.

Welcome to the F1 Wonder Page!




Mrs Elms and Mrs Atkin in F1

Miss Giles in F2

Teaching Assisstants:

Miss Monger, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Jeffrey


We hope that you have had a lovely summer and are ready for the new school year.

 We are very proud of how well the new F1 children are settling in and how the older children are being positive role models for them.



The classes at Bilsthorpe FHA are this year named after inspirational people; F1 are named after Stevie Wonder, we will spend time getting creative and expressive through music over the year.


Key Groups and Staff


The FSU is a special place where F1 and F2 children enjoy their learning alongside each other.


This year we have 5 key groups:


Ali Class F2 - Miss Giles and Miss Monger


Bee Group F1 - Mrs Jeffrey

Sunshine Group F1 - Mrs Elms and Mrs Atkin

Star Group F1 - Mrs Jackson




Important Information



Once the children have settled we will start our PE sessions. The F1 children do not need a PE kit as the lesson is all about exploring movement to music and listening carefully to instructions. 



Please make sure your child has their book bag in school every day. Your child's key group will have a 'Library Day' (to be confirmed...), this is where they can choose a school story book to take home for the week.  Please enjoy sharing this book with your child and make comments in the home/school diary. 



We send home a "learning at home activity" every week; the aim of these activities is to help improve our children's communication and language skills and so the activities will be largely focussed on talking. This could be a picture to talk about, a story map that is linked to the story we have been learning in school or a fun activity to enjoy at home.  We ask that you share the activity with your child and make comments about the things they say in their home/school diary. 


We also love to hear about the special things that your child does when they are not at school and ask you to fill in a "WOW" moment slip so that we can share those special moments.  Examples are: getting dressed by themselves, doing up fastenings on their clothes, riding their bikes without help.  We are sure that there are lots more special things that your child does that we would love to hear about. 





Our Learning Journey

See photo's from our Autumn 1 Learning Journey Here


w.b 3.10.16, 10.10.16 and 17.10.16

Ice Age Explorers

Through this topic we will explore and learn about the Ice Age Environmen and the animals of the era. We will read a range of story books including Cave Baby and we will use 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' as our first talk for writing text of the year... only, we will be going on a DINOSAUR HUNT! Watch this space...

We will be creating our own cave paintings and thinking about the marks we make and working on our pencil grip. Unfortunately some dinosaurs will be trapped in the ice and it will be our mission to free them! We have lots of exciting things planned for this topic, so make sure to check back to see what we have been doing.

10.10.16 - WOW! What a week it's been! The children learned to retell the story 'We're Going on a Dinosaur Hunt' with actions and used lots of good story language, whilst learning new vocabulary. We made our own telescopes and went on our very own dinosaur hunt in our garden only to find.... A GREAT BIG EGG! We talked about what we thought might be in the egg, the consensus being a baby dinosaur. We made a nest for the egg to keep it warm and help it hatch... which it did the next day, the dinosaur hunt continues...


w.b 19.9.16 and 26.9.16

Rainbow Fish

We introduced the lovely story 'Rainbow Fish' to the children as a means to communicate the importance of friendship, being kind and sharing. Over the two weeks the children have enjoyed hand printing; ready for our first display of the year: developing their fine motor and scissor skills to make rainbow fish collages: exploring ice melting and colour mixing with ice and cornflour:creating their own rainbow fish with a variety of materials and sparkley blue playdough... just to name a few. The children absolutely love to explore in our garden and have had the most fun building camp fires and collecting 'food' to cook, not to mention dressing up in their favourite costumes.


w.b. 5.9.16 and 12.9.16

We begin the year getting to know the children with an 'All About Me' theme. We will be focussing on developing the childrens' positive self images and finding out about their lives and interests.


Please check back to see all the exciting things that we have been doing in school.


Useful Websites


Cbeebies Stories

During our Spring term 'Winter Fantasy Land' theme we will be reading lots of storiesm here are stories to listen to and watch online.

CrickWeb Early Years

Lots of different online games that cover many areas of learning

Counting Games

We will be doing lots of number work during the Spring term - Here there are lots of counting games, many of which are tablet friendly and the children love them too!


The Official 'Letter and Sounds' website. Keep up with what your child is learning in school and support at home with games online. F1 learn Phase 1. F2 learn Phase 2 in Autumn then Phase 3 in Spring and finally Phase 4 in the Summer Term.

ICT Games

Online Literacy and Maths games to play to support learning

Stories Galore

A webpage with links to lots of story pages

Phonics Play

A great website with lots of fun games to play to support your child's learning of phonics at home. F1 learn Phase 1. F2 learn Phase 2 in Autumn then Phase 3 in Spring and finally Phase 4 in the Summer Term.

Science Experiments

Lots of ideas of simple experiments to do at home, mostly with items found in your cupboards. We will be experimenting with ice during the spring term.



Look back with pride and forward with confidence