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Welcome to Thoresby Class, where the magic begins!

Happy Easter Everybody

Here is a picture of one of our six butterflies that has hatched from an egg and we have watched it develop into a butterfly. We let it go into the wild to start it's very own life cycle!

We can’t WAIT for you to start your learning journey with us at your new school Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy. There are a few things we would like you to know before you start your new big adventure. At school we want you to have fun, we want you to grow to be as confident as you can possibly be. We will be teaching you to take pride in everything that you do at school and at home. When you come to school we want your creativity to shine out through all the great topics we will cover and all the learning we do. We will teach you to always do the best that you possibly can do, taking responsibility for your learning and not stop until you are 100% happy with it. Finally, we want you to always know that you can grow up to be whatever you want to be, fly high and dream big.

Please remember to bring your wellies for Welly Wednesday!

Dough Disco

Each morning in F1 the children participate in dough disco! This activity helps to make our fingers strong, strengthening our fine motor skills! Dough disco involves lots of different actions such as rolling the dough into a ball, pinching the dough and putting each individual finger inside! If you would like to try this at home, all you need is a ball of dough and a song! Ask a member of the F1 team for a copy of the songs or click on the link below...

Star of the week



Our star of the week this week is Megan! Well done Megan!

The children have made some amazing green collages this week! Take a look at the colour board inside F1  to see some of the wonderful designs!

During welly Wednesday this week, we went outside to play the drums! We used fences, the floor, trees, the mud kitchen and lots more as a drum! Stanley even made his very own drum kit using the kitchen pans! We spoke about the different sounds they made, which sound was our favourite and alternated between playing them very quietly and very loud! We had lots of fun!

W.B 24th September 2018 

This week is green week, keep your eyes peeled for all the wonderful green activities in F1...

As part of Welly Wednesday this week we have been exploring the garden outside creating nature faces! Take a look at some of the fabulous faces F1 have created!



To introduce the story of The Little Red Hen, F1 made a trip to the quad to visit our new neighbours! We had lots of fun and even sang a chicken song! 

F1 have made some amazing listening ears to help us on our listening walk. We went outside into the garden with them on to see what we could hear!

We heard lots of different sounds, we heard the wind, the leaves on the trees blowing in the wind, sticks, birds and much, much more! 



W.B. 17th September 2018 

This week is blue week and to celebrate everything is blue! We've had soapy blue water, blue play dough, blue paint, blue materials and much more! Take a look... 

W.B. 10th September 2018

This week is red week and to celebrate we have had a red makeover in F1! Take a look below...


Look back with pride and forward with confidence