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Here at Bilsthorpe Flying High, we have a daily English lesson where we develop our reading and writing skills. Our English work is centred around high-quality texts that we choose from a range of authors and purposes. We explore a wide range of genres over the course of the year that cover fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. We follow a three-week structure to our English work.



In Week One, we immerse ourselves in the focal text for the unit. This is to gain a full understanding and appreciation of the key text. We read widely around the genre to gain valuable insight into how a writer crafts their work, how other writers use different or similar styles and to develop our reading skills.

Through immersion, we will explore things like characterisation, settings, suspense and tension. This is done through providing drama opportunities to explore these features. Drama techniques include hot seating, improvisation and stream of consciousness. We also use film clips to support the total immersion in to our chosen genre.


The second week focuses on the spelling, punctuation and grammar that is needed for that genre. The learning that happens in this week is for the children to use and apply into their final piece of writing, at the end of the unit. 


The last week of our English unit focuses on developing the drafting and editing of our children. During this week, the children craft their own independent piece of writing, using success criteria and learning gained from the unit. Once this piece of writing has been drafted, the children then edit their own work against the success criteria, teacher input and peer assessment. The final piece of written work goes into their Flying High Writes book.


Look back with pride and forward with confidence