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Would you survive…I wonder?

This question is a science based topic and links to the theme of evolution and inheritance.


In Art and Design we will be preparing a healthy, balanced meal. We will also make T-shirts detailing the circulatory system with an accompanying written explanation. Please save an old white T-shirt in preparation for this activity.


In Science we will be learning about fossils, offspring and genetics ,adaptations of animals and the circulatory system.


In RE we will link morals and the after-life belief to the class text ‘Wonder.’


In PE we will be preparing for sports day and link the skills of data handling and fair testing in to this work too.


Try out the websites below to find out more:

Adaptation, evolution and inheritance

Circulatory system



w/b 18.06.18

This week we have been learning about everything you need to know, consider and calculate to buy your own house! A few of us have now understood the importance of reading the small print that details the terms and conditions! We had a very mature attitude this week when learning about sex education and asked some excellent questions. In preparation for the Year 5/6 end of term production, we have been looking at play scripts in detail and showing our understanding through drama. We also enjoyed a D&T afternoon where we designed and planned our scarecrow for the scarecrow festival then worked together as a class to make it out of recycling! 

Here are some examples of our play scripts:



w/b 11.06.18

This week we have been learning about alcohol and smoking and the impact it has on health. We began the week with a crime scene to help us to see the impact of our choices. We used this experience to write some fantastic newspaper reports. In Maths, we have been learning about branded and non-branded foods (including blind taste testing to see if we could tell the difference!). We were shocked to learn how much everyday things like water, electricity and heating cost too! In P.E we persevered to beat our score on the beep test - and many of us absolutely smashed our previous scores from the Autumn term!


w/b 04.06.18

Wow!  Year 6 have had a great start back to the final half term.  The homework projects linked to the world cup theme blew us away: cakes, trophies, facts...well done everybody!  On Tuesday, we made predictions and inferences based on what Miss Prior looked like.  Our diary entries inspired by Titanium have been amazing.  In maths we started our own sports shop and most groups even managed to make a profit!  Well done to Leo's team because they made the most money over the 2 weeks.


w/b 21.05.18

This week was #Year6takeover where the pupils designed the week's learning around an agreed theme.  They chose to focus on the world cup and activities included creating team chants, collecting and presenting raw data linked to fitness and learning about the heart and the effects of exercise.  We really enjoyed designing T-shirts to show our circulatory system on the front and an explanation of how the heart works on the back.


w/b 14.05.18

We are incredibly proud of all the year 6 children this week- they have ALL done amazing in their SATs.  It was great to see them persevere and everyone should be feeling proud.  On Friday, we had a well deserved treat and went den building on the Southwell Trail followed by a sports afternoon on the field.




w/b 07.05.18

This week was the last week of revision before SATs next week- it involved writing on tables, having a treasure hunt outside and playing games in the hall.  We had a 'silent debate' in one maths lesson which involved us writing answers to questions on large sugar paper and responding to other people's comments but we weren't allowed to talk which was a challenge for some of us!



w/b 30.04.18

We've had lots of fun this week with our revision.  A grammar relay game outside was one of the highlights.  As part of our topic work, we set up a mouldy bread experiment.  We had to decide where we wanted to leave the bread for the week and then on Friday, we made conclusions about the conditions that grow the most mould.


w/b 23.04.18

We have continued to work hard preparing for SATs this week and have still managed to have fun playing a relay grammar game and arithmetic treasure hunt.  We have also enjoyed some science topic work learning about the different parts of a flower and their functions.

Here's Oli's sprint finish in the relay grammar game:


w/b 16.04.18

This week we have learnt about the features of living organisms and used the acronym 'Mrs Gren' to help us remember them.   We have begun revision for SATs and have focused on place value in maths and a range of different punctuation in English.  We have enjoyed listening to the opening chapters of our new class text 'Wonder' which also links to our topic.




Would you go to an area prone to natural disasters?


This question is a Geography and Science based topic and links to the theme of Natural Disasters.


In Art and Design we will be designing and making an earthquake proof structure.


In Geography we will be locating countries and continents, learning about longitude and latitude, the eight points of the compass and grid references. We will also learn about the

impact of earthquakes both on the landscape and on humans.


In Science we will be doing some more work on electricity by creating a warning siren or light. We will also investigate levers for moving rubble after an earthquake.


In Computing we will be learning how to code and will begin some work using the computer language of Python.


Try out the websites below to learn more:

Natural Disasters





w/b 26.03.18

What a great end to the term! The writing we have written based on the video Oktapodi (which can be found on the Literacy Shed if you would like to see it) has been fantastic! We are now including much more detail to create an image in the mind of the reader and we're working hard to include dialogue too! In Maths we have solved some word problems and some of us have realised that by drawing a picture we have a much deeper understanding of what we're doing. We had another 'Grammar War' this week and this time the blue team won!



w/b 19.03.18

Year 6’s reading diaries have been the BEST they have ever been! Thank you for your support with this- it has really impacted positively on the children’s reading scores this week. It was also great to see the best turnout yet at our end of term parent event on Tuesday.  The decorated plates look really effective!  Perseverance and resilience have been displayed in abundance by all children during their mock SATs week this week so well done everyone! The children enjoyed writing replies to their pen pals in Milan and they are also feeling more confident about catching a bus using timetables.


w/b 12.03.18

This week we learned about longitude and latitude to give us co-ordinates anywhere on Earth! In Maths we overcame challenges to calculate the mean and interpret different kinds of graphs, in Science we worked in teams to create the best bridge and during Reading we learned about the race to the South Pole. After learning about the expedition to the South Pole, we were excited to skype Miss Prior's cousin who visited Antarctica 9 years ago!


w/b 05.03.18

This week we learnt that Oliver has been selected to represent Mansfield Town FC U11s in an international football tournament over Easter- well done Oli!  Make sure you take lots of photos!  This week we have been immersed in topic work about volcanoes and earthquakes and have enjoyed creating some explanation texts in English.  In geography, we applied the skills learnt in English to explain why we have day and night.  We have become more confident with using protractors in maths whilst we practised drawing scale drawings of triangles and quadrilaterals.  Here some of us are on the postponed World Book Day:



w/b 26.02.18

Unfortunately we weren't in school much this week due to an INSET day and two snow days.  We managed to launch World Book Day by turning our classroom into a jungle to re-create the setting of 'The Jungle Book.'  It was a lot warmer in the classroom compared to outside!


w/b 12.02.18

This week we have all tried our best during a practice SATs week.  We know what we can do well and the areas we need to work on in order to get even better.  Despite doing tests, we had a great day on Wednesday during 'Random Act of Kindness Day' and celebrated the Chinese New Year on Friday by creating puppets to re-tell the story about how the names for the years were created.


 w/b 05.02.18

One of the highlights this week was creating our own class newspaper with all of our innovated newspaper articles linked to our guided reading book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter.'  In maths, we enjoyed a smartie party and cocktail party to help us understand ratio.




w/b 29.01.18

This week we have enjoyed using our inference skills to try and find out whose bag had been found at the bottom of the volcano! In Maths we have gained a deeper understanding of area and perimeter as well as improving our arithmetic skills. In grammar we enjoyed taking part in our first Grammar War - we covered our faces in different coloured face paint then tackled the 48 grammar questions that were part of the treasure hunt! 


w/b 22.01.18

This week we enjoyed a visit from 'Ant and Dec' who challenged us to a bush tucker trial (we had read about Turkish delight but we had never tried any). Then they helped us to understand how to convert between miles and kilometres. Later in the week we learned a model text for a newspaper which Oli M and Leon had created for us! 


w/b 15.01.18

We have worked really hard this week to understand algebra! Our teachers were very proud of our perseverance when working on this tricky concept! In English we have been looking at a variety of poems based on natural disasters as well as reading the next Chapter of our 'Firework Makers Daughter' book which we have used to improve our summary and prediction skills. Monday afternoon we used our knowledge of 3D shapes to create volcanoes as well as testing out Oli's parachute to help us to understand more about air resistance!


Leon's work shows how much progress we made in one lesson!



w/b 08.01.18

Happy New Year! This week we have really enjoyed the practical maths activities. Co-ordinate challenges were hidden in natural disaster materials and we created 3-D reflected models with cubes.


Look back with pride and forward with confidence