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Choosing a Nursery

All nurseries are slightly different, some take children from the age of three whilst others, particularly private nurseries, can take children from almost any age.


Whilst we've tried to be accurate in relation to the general information provided here, it is most pertinent to Bilsthorpe Flying High Nursery. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our very best to help.


Nurseries in general


Parents have the right to apply for a place in any nursery they like. It is important, however that you find out precisely which services they offer as all are different. The private Nurseries, such as Bright Beginnings in Edwinstowe and Alphabet House at White Post tend to be much more flexible than school based Nurseries in how and when children can attend although you will usually have to generate a contract specifying precisely which days and times you want. Whilst they can be expensive, many parents can apply for financial support.


Information on finding financial support for childcare is available here:


There are advantages and disadvantage to each type of nursery education:


Private specialist Nurseries have greater flexibility and you can agree a contract for children to attend on the days you choose and from much younger age.


School based nurseries have the advantage of preparing children to work in the school based environment with policies, practice and staffing that ensure a consistent approach to learning throughout the primary school phase.


Free Entitlement


All children from the age of 3 are entitled to 15 hours a week of FREE nursery education for 39 weeks a year (i.e. school term times). You can take this allocation from any nursery you attend.

School Nurseries offer each child the core allocation of 15 hours and are therefore seen as being 'free'.


In Private nurseries you will usually pay for any time over the 15 hours as well as any weeks over the 39 weeks of free allocation although, again, all private nurseries differ so it is important to phone them and ask for their individual policies. Prices for private nurseries vary considerably.


Bilsthorpe Flying High Acadmey Nursery


At Bilsthorpe Flying High Acadamey we have a 40 place nursery, running morning sessions on a daily basis.  places are offered according to the same criteria as the primary school admissions policy, i.e. priority given to children with siblings in school, then who live in the cathchment area, with any extra spaces on a 'first come - first served' basis.


We take children from the term after their third birthday and offer 15 hours of free nursery education each week, on a daily basis 8.50am - 11.50am.


If you are interested in a place at Bilsthorpe Flying High Nursery then please phone us on 01623 870772 and arrange to come for a visit or for an application for to be sent. You can also download an application for a nursery place at the bottom of this page.


It is important to note that whilst the school controls applications for Nursery, the Local Authority arranges applications for main school. Attendance at Nursery is completely separate and does not guarantee an offer of a place in full time education in main school

30 Hours - Wrap Around Provision


All three and four year olds in England are entitled to free, part-time early learning, care and development.


Three and four year old free early year’s provision.

Child born between terms of eligible entry.


1 April – 31 August – September Intake

1 September – 31 December – January intake

1 January – 31 March – April Intake


To see if you are eligible go to


Additional to the 30 hours, we will be offering wrap around care from the 2nd September 2021 at a cost of £17.00 per session. In line with other child care providers if you decide not to send your child the fee will still be payable. However, we recognise that there are many factors that mean children cannot attend for example a family emergency so we be offering each child 5 days grace to be used for such events.


If you are interested in a paid place or believe you are eligible for 30 hours provision, bring your code and National Insurance number to the school office and we will check for you. 

To book a visit please contact the school office on 01623 870772.



BFHA Nursery Application Form

Government Choices - Free Childcare Hours - Help with Childcare Costs

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