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Aspirations and challenges

At Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy, one of our key values is aspiration. We think it is important for children to grow and develop in a world that teaches them to never give up and embrace challenges with a proactive mindset. 

In the words of Action Jackson when he came in to see us... 

"shake it off and step up!"

Throughout the school, our corridors display inspirational messages to immerse every pupil, staff member and visitor in an aspirational environment. We believe that anyone who walks through our doors can clearly see that at Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy, we reach for the stars! 

We are determined to become the best school in the universe!

How do we show aspiration and promote challenges in Maths? 

In Maths we follow a mastery approach. This means that we give children context in their Maths and set a range of tasks which represent the learning in a variety of ways. 

Teaching maths for mastery at BFHA involves approaches that help all pupils to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of mathematics at each stage of their learning.  We believe all children can and will achieve and we enable this to happen through carefully planned lessons which draw attention to mathematical representations, detail carefully constructed questions and allow time for whole class discussions.

We have introduced anchor tasks at the beginning of each Maths lesson. These tasks promote curiosity and encourages children to discover the learning themselves. 

How do we show aspiration and promote challenges in English? 

In English, every child has a writing target that is individual to themselves. We work together to create these targets and the children take ownership for these. It is important that all children reach for the stars in their writing and explain how they will achieve their goals. 

Look back with pride and forward with confidence