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Welcome to the Andy Warhol Class!



Year 2 have made a great start to the new school year, and we have done lots of amazing things already. Please keep visiting this page so you can follow our Learning Journey.


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Homework Spellings will be tested every Monday and new homework will be looked at every Friday. 




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Star of the Week

w/c 11/7/2016

   Well done Elizabeth!

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Our 'Spelling Test Superstars' this week are:-

Roman, Lexi, Elizabeth, Freyr, Rosie, Joshua, Freya, Jay, Harley, Abbie and Jayla - who got a score of 10 out of 10!  

Also, well done to Archie and Nikos for getting a good score.


                  Keep up the good work!


Newsflash - Friday 8th July 2016

Andy Warhol class finish second in this week's Attendance League Table.

Our class attendance was 99.1%

Well done! We have achieved the whole school target of 96%! 



WC 4th July 2016

This week we have written our innovated recount and we are all really proud of these. We then started to invent our own recounts about our trip to Rufford Abbey which we will write next week. The children also had great fun on Wednesday meeting their new teacher! Another fantastic week smiley 


WC 27th June 2016

This Friday we had a lovely time at Rufford Abbey. We looked in the ice house, walked around the parts of the Abbey that are open to the public and had great fun in the sculpture park. The children were really excited when they saw the models they had made with clay back in school. We also had some amazing homework this week - Anastasia made a model of Rufford Abbey out of Lego.



WC 20th June 2016

Wow! What a great week we have had in Andy Warhol class. We have been doing lots of exciting things like designing a new roof for Rufford Abbey using dried pasta and marshmallows and even making clay sculptures. We have also had some AMAZING pieces of homework bought in this week. Well done everyone!


WC 6th June 2016

This week we had our final outcome for our 'How to stay fit and healthy' topic. The parents were invited in and we did some fruit tasting, baking and healthy teeth activities. Here is the recipe for the banana oaty bars as promised - they went down a treat!

100g oats 

100g plain flour

100g sultanas

1 banana

2 tablespoons honey

50g butter


Melt the butter and honey.

Mix all of the dry ingredients together.

Mash the banana.

Mix everything together in a bowl.

Bake for 25 minutes at 170 degrees C.


WC 16th May 2016

We had the chance to get arty this week. We created charcoal sketches of people doing sports and thought about how we could smudge the chalk to make it look like our people were moving. We also added some more detail to our PowerPoint presentations about how to stay fit and healthy.

The children have shown every one of our 7 school values this week. They have worked so hard and been up for any challenges! 


WC 9th May 2016

This week we have revised the properties of 2D and 3D shapes how to tell the time in maths. It would be great if the children could continue working on these at home too. We also found loads of mini beasts on our forest walk using our magnifying glasses and we even found a frog! 


WC 2nd May 2016

This week has been very busy! We have been revising fractions, shape and time in maths. Also we have written a superb diary entry pretending to be Charlie from Charlie and the chocolate factory. In topic we have started looking at what a healthy, balanced diet is and how to look after our teeth.  


WC 25th April 2016

This week we have been working really hard on our writing and maths. We have written a letter to the Queen congratulating her on her 90th birthday and recapped on our addition and subtraction skills. 


WC 18th April 2016

Welcome back to the Summer term! Our new topic is 'How do we stay fit and healthy?'

The children have asked their own questions about this which will lead the topic. 


WC 28th March 2016

We have had a fantastic last week to end the Spring term. In Maths this week we worked in pairs to solve multiplication and division problems and discussed the different ways we can tackle problems. We also invented an ending to our zoo story and we were all really proud of these! On Wednesday we held a family games night at school and the parents came to play countdown in our classroom, Well done for all of your hard work Year 2. I am very proud of you all! Have a lovely Easter break smiley.


WC 21st March 2016

This week we have enjoyed writing our innovated story. We really impressed Miss Turland with our writing! This made us feel extremely proud. We also had an Easter craft morning - it was loads of fun. Thank you to all who attended. 


WC 14th March 2016

We have had an AMAZING Science week in year 2. Our theme was 'Charlie and the chocolate factory'. We had the chance to taste test different fruits and invented our own fruity chocolate bar. We designed packaging for our product and thought of slogans too. On Friday one group was chosen to pitch their product to a judging panel. 

Abbie's slogan - Release the strawberry, release the magic.

Freyr's slogan - Taste the island, love the island.


WC 7th March 2016

We have moved on to looking at stories in our English lessons now. This week we have spent time creating toolkits for writing and learning our class text map. We then got the chance to write our stories in our brand new English books! It was very exciting! 

We have also been looking at the relationship between multiplication and division.


WC 29th February 2016

This week was WORLD BOOK WEEK! On Thursday we experienced the world of Roald Dahl and our school was transformed. We had great fun meeting the characters from the books. 









W/C 22nd February 2016

This week we have started our maths unit on money and enjoyed calculating different amounts and solving problems. We have also written our own set of instructions for how to look after Lottie (the school rabbit) as part of our instructions unit in English. Lottie visited the classroom on Wednesday. 


W/C 8th February 2016

Tuesday 9th March was E-Safety Day. We discussed how to use the SMART rules to stay safe online and spoke about how to be kind online. We had the chance to post comments (on post it notes) about pictures and discussed how these comments might make the person feel. Also, we created our own e-safety rules using what we had learnt. 

W/C 1st February 2016

We had fun this week following instructions to learn how to juggle and make an origami dog as part of our English unit. We also looked at the properties of materials and what different materials can be used for. This will help us to choose materials to make a toy out of in the following weeks. 


w/c 25th January 2016

This week we have thought about how healthcare has changed over time and we looked at the work of Florence Nightingale. We discussed the terrible conditions in the hospitals that she worked in such as: rats carrying diseases and having no beds to sleep in. We compared these conditions to our hospitals today. All of the children said they would definitely rather be a child today rather than in the past if they needed to visit a hospital! 


w/c 18th January 2016


Andy Warhol class have been working really hard this week innovating our 'Talk for Writing' poem - Naughty Toys. As the children are now experts on rhyming couplets, adjectives, alliteration and similes they could concentrate on using their imagination to add their own ideas to our text map using post-it notes. Once they had done that, the children practised reciting their innovated poem and performed it, using actions and expression, to their classmates. The adults in Andy Warhol class were really impressed with the children's confident performances and brilliant ideas.





w/c 11th January 2016


This week we started work on our new 'Big Question'


"Is it better to be a child now or in the past?"


On Friday afternoon we listened to a story called 'My Grandmother's toy box'. We compared the toys in the story to the toys we have today. We looked at toys that were around between 1900 and 1929 and then we had the chance to look at and play with toys from 20 years ago...

... did you have any of these toys at your house?




6th January 2016


This week in Maths we started a new unit - 'Measurement'.

We are learning new words, such as 'capacity' 'volume' 'celsius' and lots more. We are also practising using various equipment - thermometers, weighing scales, metre sticks, measuring jugs ...








Please encourage your child to measure lots of different things at home.



The children and adults of Andy Warhol class would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!




See you in 2016! with Miss Gregory


14th December 2015


Despite all of the Christmas festivities, Andy Warhol class still managed to do some great work in the ICT suite. We completed our 'Hour of Coding' - this involved programming a Hot Wheels game. We had to work through increasingly difficult challenges which required us to be 100% accurate with our instructions.











11th December 2015


Here are some photos from our Christmas Craft Morning ....






We had a very glittery time making cards and Christmas trees ...... and each child produced an individually designed hand-made bag to sell at the Christmas fayre.  no


Reading Buddies - 2.12.15

Still image for this video


26th November 2015


Today the children in Andy Warhol class were excited to welcome their family members into school to celebrate all the work they have completed during our 'World Records' topic. The children were very proud of their achievements. We had a fun afternoon investigating World Records and even attempting to break some!












The children and adults of Andy Warhol class would like to thank everyone who attended this event and made it a special afternoon.


w/c 16th November 2015


This week in English we have continued working on our Talk for Writing information text - 'Our Place in Space'.


We have learnt the text using pictures, symbols and actions and, in groups, we have produced text maps for the separate paragraphs. We have looked at subheadings, diagrams and discussed the subject specific vocabulary.


At the end of the week we started researching our own information text - each group was assigned a planet and we collected facts, then grouped them together under different subtitles.


Our work will continue next week ...



13th November 2015


Today the Andy Warhol class enthusiastically dressed up as Super Heroes to support Children in Need day - we also enjoyed eating the cakes we bought. During the week we all made Super Hero masks and wrote stories to support this years theme.









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5th November 2015


Andy Warhol class went to space today (the Space Centre at Leicester, to be more precise - very appropriate for Bonfire Night! surprise). We had a very busy day, saw lots of amazing sights, learnt lots and we were brilliant representatives for Bilsthorpe Flying High Academy. Here are some pictures ...












Do you like the Dog Space Suit?




October 2015


The children and adults of the Year 2 Andy Warhol class are extremely proud of all the 'Talk for Writing' work that has been done over the last few weeks during our English lessons. Our book, "Traction Man is Here", has provided us with all sorts of exciting experiences, for example - during our Immersion Day we helped Super Ted save the day, we acted out the story to the children in Foundation Stage and in the ICT suite we used a software program to produce pictures of the characters in the story....    


The children have even written their own versions of

      "Traction Man is Here"


Here are some photos of our fantastic 'Talk for Writing' display ...












Please encourage your child to tell you all about their experiences with "Traction Man".



12th October 2015


This week the Andy Warhol class are doing more super Maths work on shapes. We spent last week doing some fun activities with 2D shapes .... today we started investigating 3D shapes. We used some special shape words like faces, edges and vertices. Here are a few fantastic pictures of us making our own 3D shapes with playdough and magnetic rods.












Can you name the shapes in the pictures? Do you know how many faces, edges and vertices each shape has? We used the shapes we had made to work out the answers and we recorded them in a table in our Maths books.

We are Shape Superstars !



w/c 28.9.15


On Tuesday we continued working on our 'World Record' topic by each choosing our favourite record and deciding whether we could make a scale model of it. We had to complete a planning sheet and decide what materials we would use. On Wednesday we all worked really hard making our models - Lexi produced a model of the world's smallest monkey (4.2cm), Rebecca's is the smallest dog (7cm) and Harley's 'smallest lizard in the world' only measured 1.6cm in real life! Aren't they fantastic?






Watch out ..... the model of the world's longest snake is coming soon!  sad




w/c 21.9.15

The Greek Alphabet

Today we learned how to spell our names in Greek letters. Can you spell your name in Greek  letters, too?



Look back with pride and forward with confidence