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Year 5 - Asia

Welcome to Year 5, Asia Class


Our class teacher is Miss Newman. Mrs Mckay works with us most mornings and teaches us on a Wednesday afternoon. On a Monday and Thursday afternoon, Mrs Perkin teaches us. 

Important Information

PE. We have our PE lessons on a Thursday morning and Friday afternoon. It is a good idea to send your child's PE kit into school on a Monday then leave it there for the week. Sometimes our PE lessons will take place outside so it is important to bring warm clothes.


Homework Homework tasks are set at the start of each half term and children complete the tasks in their homework book. As a class we share homework on a Thursday.


Reading Diaries are collected in every morning and children record their reading on our class reading graph. It doesn't matter what the children read at home. The important thing is that they find something they enjoy. smiley


Spellings All children have been sent home with a list of spellings for the term. There will be a weekly spelling test and children's scores will be sent home in their reading diaries. 

Week beginning 15th January


Spellings for this week are


thorough, borough, plough, bough, thoughtful, thoughtfulness, roughly, sought, tougher, toughest


Mathletics target for this week is for everyone to reach at least 1500 points by Friday.

Who will be the first to reach this target?

Will anyone be able to reach the top of the Mathletics flower?

Who will score the most points?


Week beginning 8th January


Welcome back to school and welcome to 2018. It was lovely to see everyone in school this morning and hear all their exciting Christmas news.


It was great to see so many reading diaries on my desk first thing Monday morning. The children will be collecting signatures this week which will allow them to appear on our reading window.


Update The photo shows the names of all the children who read this week. Well done to those children especially those who read every single day



We have a new Mathletics flower on the classroom window. The children move one leaf up the flower for each 1000 points they achieve during the week. The race is on to reach the top


Update  Well done to Kaysha who came top with a score of 5064 points and to Gracie who came second with a score of 3850 points 


This week in English and Guided Reading we will be studying the poems of Ted Hughes starting with the poem Pike.  


We have now moved onto read other Ted Hughes poems, Tom Cat and Hawk. 


We have started 2 new PE subjects; African Dance and netball. The children demonstrated great dancing skills with Mr Bishop. 


In maths we used our multiplication skills to find out which classroom had the biggest area        ( our class!) and to discover which room in school was the smallest.




Well done to Tyler who was in Achievement this week and Kadi for being our Star of the Week.


We topped attendance this week with 99.2%. We are aiming to reach 100% next week


Good news

Because we scored so many Mathletics points last term and were the top scoring class, we have been awarded a non-uniform day on Friday 



Week beginning 18th December


In English this week, we have been using the Michael Rosen poem, Chocolate Cake as our inspiration to write our own poem, Christmas Cake. On Tuesday, Miss Newman brought in a Christmas cake which we used to help us write impressive vocab; adjectives to describe what it looked like, verbs and adverbs to describe how it is eaten and similes and metaphors. 


The icing is as white as clouds

The icing is like a snowman

succulent, scrummy, glorious

I gulped the cake in one 

It is like a fruit bowl covered in icing 


We were due to taste the cake on Wednesday, but when we arrived at school discovered that the cake had been eaten!

Extensive detective work on the part of the children, which involved checking handwriting samples, lead us to believe that one of the teachers had opened the cake box and that other members of staff had eaten it! We wrote a polite note requesting that the cake be replaced and were delighted to discover a replacement cake Thursday morning. 

Cake tasting followed. Jake's opening verses of his poem are below.


Christmas Cake


I love fruit cake.

And when our teacher brought some in,

I was really excited.

But the next day,

The cake was gone.


But there was a note

That said...

Because it looked really fruity

And tasty,

I decided to devour it....


In our French lesson with Mrs Perkin, we designed and created our own French Christmas card. While working, we listened to French Christmas carols.  

Week beginning 11th December


Fun in the snow 


Our spellings this week are words that contain double letters 


accommodate, accompany, aggressive, appreciate,  attached, committee, communicate, community, correspond, embarrass 


This week will be our final swimming lesson. We have really enjoyed our lessons and Miss Newman has been really impressed with the progress seen and our increased confidence.

We had a lovely final swimming session. The instructor was really impressed with the progress made by all children. A special mention goes out to Keiran, Gracie and Meghan who were all still swimming lengths when everyone else had finished.


The children have all worked really hard this week during our maths lessons where we have been learning about perimeter and area. Special mentions go out to Charlie-Mae, Tyler and Casey who have especially impressed with their maths knowledge.


In English this week we have been using the poem Chocolate Cake by Micheal Rosen to learn about performance poetry. Well done to all the children who had the confidence to perform in front of the rest of the class and especially to Alice who challenged herself to know the poem off by heart. 


We have been continuing our rehearsals for the carol concert next Tuesday. All children have been giving 100% while singing. Ocean, Dominic and Ayesha really impressed with the effort shown.



Our target for this week is for each child to reach at least 1000 points. Remember that our lunchtime slot in the computer suite is Monday. 

Week beginning 4th December


Well done everyone for another great week on Mathletics. For another week, we were the top scorers in school. A BIG well done to Gracie who was top again with a score of over 10,000 points. All Mathletics scores this week will be displayed on the class Mathletics tree on our class window. Who will be the first to reach the 6000 star at the top of the tree?


Alongside our Mathletics tree, we also have a reading tree. Children can move up the tree by collecting reading signatures from home. Who will reach the top of the tree first? Update Well done to Casey and Leon for their reading signatures and to Meghan and Rosie for getting a signature every single day since the start of the term. 


Tuesday morning we welcomed parents and Grandparents into school for our end of topic event. Linked to our work on the Ancient Greeks, we did some Greek style cooking which everyone really enjoyed. It was lovely seeing the children try new foods. The Greek cheeses were a real hit. Everyone in school commented on the tempting smells coming from the Rainbow Room and the food was well received by all in the staff room at lunchtime. 

Tuesday afternoon we started our singing practices ready for our carol concert later in the term. It was lovely to hear the piano being played in school. We can't wait to share our songs with all at the church. 

Wednesday afternoon parents were again invited into class to help us make Christmas decorations and boxes to sell our mince pies in at Thursday's Christmas fair. 

A big thank you to Keiran and Meghan who ran our class stall at the fair on Thursday. It was down to their great skills that we managed to sell all pour mince pies. 

Week beginning 27th November


WOW! When Miss Newman checked our Mathletics target this week, she discovered that not only had we reached our target of 50,000, we had in fact passed it by over 2000 points!!!

What an amazing feat to have achieved. 

Our current top scores are held by

Gracie 8036

Tyler 6082

Alice 4080

We are aiming to beat 50,000 points again this week. 


Thursday update. Mrs Ingle has set us a target to reach 100,000 by the end of Sunday. A high target but we are confident we can reach it if we all work as a team. 

Our current top scores for this week are

Gracie 8000

Kai 6230

Leon 3360


Saturday update Our current total is just over 45,000 with Gracie remaining as the top scorer with 10,247 points. Well done Gracie. Can anyone beat you?


Our spellings for this week are


adorable, applicable, considerable, tolerable, changeable, noticeable, forcible, legible, dependable, reliable


English. This week we are continuing our work on letter writing linked to the class story, Street Child. Monday we read an extract showing what happens to Lizzie and Emily, Jim's sisters. We then used our inference skills to work out how she might have been feeling and what might happen next to her. We are working hard to use evidence from the text to support our views. We had a great discussion today and enjoyed sharing our different views about what had happened to Lizzie.



PE We attempted our hockey lesson this morning outside but the cold beat us and we moved into the hall for a game of bench ball. We showed off our great team playing skills, with good passing of the ball and movement around the court.


Christmas door. Our door is looking great with a Christmas tree made from our hand prints. Decorations are appearing around the classroom. Look out on Monday morning for our Christmas windows. 





Week beginning  20th November 

We have been working really hard this week to score as high as possible on Mathletics.

At the start of the week we were set the challenge to reach 20,000 points, a target we reached by Wednesday. Our new target was then 24,000 which we also passed.

When Mrs Ingle visited our class on Thursday she set us the target of reaching 50,000 by the end of the week. 

While we were all keen to reach the target, it did seem like a very long way off.....

Week beginning 13th November

Our spellings this week are;


observation, expectation, hesitation, assistance, tolerance, innocence, frequency, confidential, decency, independence. 

PE this week we continued with our hockey lessons. Dominic, Keiran, Tyler and Kai really impressed with their great team work skills and control of the ball. Mya,  Kennedee and Matthew also really impressed with their control of the ball. 




It's only Monday and our current top scorers are Chloe B with 670 and Tia with 530.

Lets see who will be the first to reach 1000 points this week.


Wednesday and our current top scorers are Mya with 1030, Meghan with 919 and Joseph with 698.

Can anyone reach 2000 points this week???


Friday WOW I have been really impressed with the children who have been on this week and their scores. Our current top scorers of the week are;

Matthew 2820

Kai 2360

Harry 2340

Can anyone beat these scores? Can anyone reach 3000?


Remember to come and speak to Miss Newman if you can't access the internet at home 

Week beginning 6th November

Our spellings this week are words that end in ant/ent 


observant, expectant, hesitant, assistant, tolerant, innocent, frequent, confident, decent, independent 


Well done to our top scorers on Mathletics this week;

Meghan 1692

Kai 1250

Leon 1010


This week we have been continuing to learn all about information texts. On Tuesday we were given a text that had been rearranged and we had to work together to put the text back together. 



In Maths we have been continuing to learn how to multiply 2 digit numbers by 3 digit numbers. The children have continued to impress not only with applying knowledge but also with how hard they have stuck at difficult problems.

Casey has really impressed the whole class with her handwriting. The difference from September to now is outstanding. 

Week beginning 30th October


Welcome back after the half term holiday. I hope that you had a lovely holiday and are recharged and ready for the half term ahead. 

In PE this week we started a new unit, hockey. All the children impressed with their control of the hockey stick and great team work showing encouragement towards each other. 

The swimming instructor was really impressed with what she saw; lots of children had made lovely progress and were helping each other out. Special mention was given to Ayesha for the support she gave to another child. 

A BIG well done to LC this week; Star of the Week and in Achievement Assembly  



Week beginning 2nd October


 We had a great PE lesson this morning on the field. Kaysha and Gracie had a special mention from the coach. Charlie Mae really impressed with her great celebration following her try. 



Meghan really impressed with her use of speech when retelling the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.


"Why do you think I look ill? You are leaving me at the age of 20. You might die and then who would be king?" Screamed the king. Just then he burst into tears again. So did Theseus.

"I...I...I want the best for our people." Theseus stammered through tears. "I think I can fight the Minotaur." 

"I KNOW you can but it's just....." The king couldn't finish his sentence so Theseus butted in.

"Well?" Theseus remarked.

"It's just, that's how your mother died." Following this he bowed his head, clearly hiding his tears and shame. 


Well done HL for his homework; a recreation of a Mayan temple in Lego.



Week beginning 25th September


Monday; Well done to Kai and Matthew who today investigated their own maths challenge. They wanted to see how many times a piece of paper could be folded. They investigated using different sized paper and were able to make predictions.

Thursday; We have just had an amazing PE session. Everyone impressed but special mentions need to be made to the following;

Chloe M, Tyler and Keira for their super speedy runs with the ball.

Rosie for her great team work and for getting stuck into the game.

Charlie Mae for her determined running

Leon for his great awareness of the game

Morgan for his movement with the ball..

Friday: We had a great swimming lesson this afternoon. It was Miss Newman's first swimming session with the class and she was very impressed with their effort and behaviour. They were a real credit to the school. Gracie and Keiran really impressed with their swimming skills. 

Well done to RWR who was in Achievement Assembly this week for her great rugby skills.


Week beginning 18th September


Tuesday. We have had a great second lesson today on Roman Numerals. After having learnt all about reading and writing numerals, we went on a mini hunt through school to find Disney film clips and their release dates. We then worked as a group to convert the dates back again. Do you know what year MCMLXXXIX is? 

We have been continuing with our work on The Highwayman. Today we acted out scenes from the poem then received a letter from the man himself, The Highwayman. In character as Bess, we had to decide if we should run away with him or remain at home with our father.


Well done to Morgan who was in Achievement Assembly this week for his great start to the school year. The whole class really impressed with their great team work and comprehension skills when answering questions on the Highwayman. The class are really looking forward to finding out what happens to the characters next week. 

We have been busy this week in PE. In tag rugby, Gracie, Tyler and Leon demonstrated great skills when moving with the ball. Our second swimming lesson went really well..


On the first day of swimming we all had our first attempt at front stroke then some people decided to try on their back. A few people said they didn't want to go on their back but when they saw other people having a go, they decided to try. The teachers then put us into groups. There are 3 groups, red, green and yellow. The yellow group is in the deepest end at the pool. In our second lesson we had to follow instructions like, put your bottom on the floor of the swimming pool and then blow bubbles. We all learnt something new and had a great time. 

Report written by KE



We look forward to welcoming parents and Grandparents into school Wednesday for our class reading afternoon. 

Week beginning 11th September

On Thursday we had our first PE session with the new sports coach. We will be learning how to play tag rugby. It was great to see all children so involved and working hard to learn new skills. Well done to all the children who attend the after school clubs on the same day. 

Friday afternoon we went on our first swimming lesson. Mrs Perkin was so impressed with the effort we all showed.

In English this week we have been continuing with lessons on The Highwayman. We have been focusing on word classes and how to use speech marks.

In Maths we have been reading and understanding BIG numbers and have used the populations of countries in Asia to help us with this. 

Well done to Katie for being the first person in Achievement Assembly and to Charlie Mae for being voted as Star of the Week 

Thank you to Tyler, Keiran and Leon for helping others with their maths this week.

Week beginning 4th September


Welcome back! I hope that you all had a great summer holiday. I really enjoyed hearing all about the children's exciting holiday news. I was met by lots of smiling, tanned children on the playground Thursday morning!

It has been lovely driving through the village during the holiday and seeing the bikes appearing along the route of the Tour of Britain and it was very exciting watching the racing bikes pass by on Wednesday. We all enjoyed making our own bikes on Friday afternoon to add to the school display outside Mrs Ingle's office. Photographing the children in their 'bike riding' poses to add to their bikes was very funnysmiley

Well done to KP for writing to David Walliams over the holiday and thank you for bringing in his response to share with the class. 



Well done DG for bringing in photos of the den he made as part of the summer holiday challenge and for his pebble animals.


I was really impressed with the beautiful handwriting I saw Thursday morning. It was clear that some children have been working on this lots over the holiday

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