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Would you go to an area prone to natural disasters?


This question is a Geography and Science based topic and links to the theme of Natural Disasters.


In Art and Design we will be designing and making an earthquake proof structure.


In Geography we will be locating countries and continents, learning about longitude and latitude, the eight points of the compass and grid references. We will also learn about the

impact of earthquakes both on the landscape and on humans.


In Science we will be doing some more work on electricity by creating a warning siren or light. We will also investigate levers for moving rubble after an earthquake.


In Computing we will be learning how to code and will begin some work using the computer language of Python.


Try out the websites below to learn more:

Natural Disasters





 w/b 05.02.18

One of the highlights this week was creating our own class newspaper with all of our innovated newspaper articles linked to our guided reading book 'The Firework Maker's Daughter.'  In maths, we enjoyed a smartie party and cocktail party to help us understand ratio.




w/b 29.01.18

This week we have enjoyed using our inference skills to try and find out whose bag had been found at the bottom of the volcano! In Maths we have gained a deeper understanding of area and perimeter as well as improving our arithmetic skills. In grammar we enjoyed taking part in our first Grammar War - we covered our faces in different coloured face paint then tackled the 48 grammar questions that were part of the treasure hunt! 


w/b 22.01.18

This week we enjoyed a visit from 'Ant and Dec' who challenged us to a bush tucker trial (we had read about Turkish delight but we had never tried any). Then they helped us to understand how to convert between miles and kilometres. Later in the week we learned a model text for a newspaper which Oli M and Leon had created for us! 


w/b 15.01.18

We have worked really hard this week to understand algebra! Our teachers were very proud of our perseverance when working on this tricky concept! In English we have been looking at a variety of poems based on natural disasters as well as reading the next Chapter of our 'Firework Makers Daughter' book which we have used to improve our summary and prediction skills. Monday afternoon we used our knowledge of 3D shapes to create volcanoes as well as testing out Oli's parachute to help us to understand more about air resistance!


Leon's work shows how much progress we made in one lesson!



w/b 08.01.18

Happy New Year! This week we have really enjoyed the practical maths activities. Co-ordinate challenges were hidden in natural disaster materials and we created 3-D reflected models with cubes.


Look back with pride and forward with confidence